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#OWS Week Four Alan Grayson Defends Protesters & Police Target U.S. Veterans at #Occupyboston

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Live Feed from Freedom Square Washington DC

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More Police violence  as the Boston Police show their disdain for Vietnam and Iraq War veterans .
The Boston Police singled out members Veterans For peace for arrests and beatings.

#OccupyBoston 10/11 - Police push through Veterans For Peace

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Boston PD attacking veterans at OWS protest

Occupy Boston: Police beat war veterans, 100 arrested

From: RussiaToday | Oct 11, 2011 | 36,600 views
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There have been reports of police beating war veterans during a peaceful protest in the U.S. city of Boston. The demonstration was part of the movement, which is aimed at big business and banks. The protests which started in New York are now countrywide.

They basically want to roll back the legislation to before the passing of that legislation and thereby turn the clock back to the pre-Brown v The Board of Education Supreme Court decision in 1954.
The radical right wing and the Religious Right argue that in making their ruling in this case was the beginning of The Supreme Court of the United States going beyond its jurisdiction of strictly applying the constitution to a legal question to in fact in their view re-interpreting the constitution and thereby going beyond the principles of the constitution .The conservatives also argued that the rulings of the Supreme Court over the next 60 years favored federal government's over State's Rights thereby undermining the US Constitution.
The conservatives for instance had done their best to for instance to oppose and defeat the anti-lynching laws which they saw as another attack on State's Rights . But what really bothered conservatives was that these Supreme Court ruling and federal legislation were an on going attack on racial segregation and the "jim Crow "laws of   the Southern States. So it is no surprise that they objected to the federal government's passing of laws defending the  civil rights of all US citizens including African Americans Hispanic Americans and other minorities.They are also upset about legislation giving more rights and protections for women such as Roe V Wade on reproductive rights and more rights and protections given to America's Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual and transgender individuals and community.

The Religious Right and their conservative allies are still upset about Supreme Court rulings removing the trappings and influence of the Christian Religion or any other religion in the public square ie banning mandatory prayer or the teaching of the Bible in the public schools and so on.

Even now in 2011 various Uberconservatives in the Republican Party as in the case of Governor Rick Perry of Texas and others have at times threatened succession from the Union. So their grievances with the federal government one could argue go back to before the American Civil War when states rights concerning slavery and other issues were being trampled upon.
They believe that the US constitution should be treated as if written in stone and only be viewed in the context of its time as being unalterable in specifics or intention while the more liberal view is to treat the Constitution as a living document which is to be interpreted according more to its spirit as opposed to being taken literally.If the U.S. were to interpret the Constitution in the way Conservative believe it should be then African-Americans would still be enslaved or treated as mere chattel or as not deserving of equal rights and full citizenship. Women for instance would not have been given equal rights as in the right to vote and to participate in American society as equals to male citizens.               

Glenn Beck says the Occupywallstreet protesters eventually will drag rich people from their homes and kill them.
Sean Hannity continues along with his vicious attacks on the Occupy portraying them as dirty doped up over sexed low life lazy hippies.

GOP and tea Party enthusiast disingenuously condemn #Occupywallstreet as dividing Americans. So these uberconservatives suffering from amnesia have overlooked the loud over the top rhetoric of the Tea party protests in which President Obama was compared to Hitler , Stalin, Lennin , Mao . Pol Pott and that he was setting up re-education camps for those opposed to Obama's policies. They also claim as Dick Cheney has that the Obama administration has made America less secure for not being more hawkish against Arab and Muslim countries.

P. J. O'rouke dismisses the protesters as dirty hippies or Beatniks playing bongo drums and going to the bathroom in the streets of New York to which Alan Grayson steps in and steps up defending the protesters by listing the human costs of this corrupt financial system which has led to the financial meltdown in America. The other issue is that the very people who caused this financial crisis using their wealth have bought themselves most of America's politicians and legislators.

Alan Grayson "There's No Accountability On Wall Street! They Wrecked Our Economy!"
From: MOXNEWSd0tCOM | Oct 10, 2011

Olbermann Interviews Protester Pepper Sprayed At Air & Space Museum
From: MOXNEWSd0tCOM | Oct 10, 2011

The Obama administration is disengenuously trying to co-opt the . Obama has shown himself to be on the side of the rich with his bail-outs and pandering to the right and the GOP and the elites.
Obama has also given into the Neo-con Neo-liberal perpetual war party and the Military National Security Intelligence Industrial Complex.
The hope is that the current movement will not allow themselves to be co-opted by President Obama and his conservative anti-progressive Democratic Party as happened in the 2008 election.
Obama has thrown individuals such as Van Jones and NGOs community based organizations such as ACORN under the bus to win the approval of the Republican Party and the rich and powerful elites.
The only reason anyone would vote in 2012 for Obama is out of a misguided unappreciated loyalty or if the alternative in the GOP is so extreme that people will vote for Obama because the alternative is even worse and too horrifying to contemplate.

'Absolute Joke' Dems try to co-opt OWS

Protesters to stay in Washington for at least the next four months
plus #Occupytampa & #occupygrandrapids, #occupywashington, #occupywashington

Boston protesters busted; N.Y. activists plan march on homes

and citizens in other countries such as Canada and Ireland etc. are copying the non-violent peaceful Occupywallstreet protests movement.

Occupy Dame Street: Irish bank protesters stage well-mannered sit-in by Henry McDonald at The , October 12, 2011

Campaigners at the central bank in Dublin, who were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, are angry but decidedly polite

They may be filled with rage against the capitalist machine, but the demonstrators outside Ireland's central bank are a polite bunch of radicals.

The protesters are under strict instruction not to harass or even say a cross word to the bank officials filing past their camp each morning.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the US in the past month, the Occupy Dame Street protesters have been camped out in front of Ireland's central bank since Saturday.

But the activists stress that their protest is entirely peaceful.

Modern protest: A song of angry men by Yamini Lohia, Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2011

Over the past 12-18 months, governments across the world have been blindsided by the depth of opposition they have encountered from their people

Over the past week, the perception of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests in the United States has shifted from most considering it an inconsequential sideshow to a movement that has the potential to affect the race for the presidency in 2012.

Commentators have not hesitated to draw parallels between this popular outpouring of anger against banks and corporations and the Tea Party movement, which was also initially dismissed as irrelevant to actual politics and policymaking before it came to be taken seriously as an entity that exercised real political power, most notably in the 2010 midterm elections.

As protestors have demonstrated staying power and a willingness to engage the police, interest in OWS has increased. Local labor unions in New York have joined forces with the protestors and satellite protests are being organized across the US. Less-than-nimble crowd control mechanisms employed by the police has only stimulated media attention.

Established progressive organizations are no doubt evaluating ways in which to tap into the discontent that is driving these protests.

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