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#ows #we Are The 99% & Pro-Life's Death Cult & " Chimes of Freedom " for #OWS

A song for Occupy Wall Street

Bob Dylan's Chimes Of Freedom

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Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Peter Gabriel & Youssou N´Dour - Chimes Of Freedom

Before we go to Wall Street protests first a bit of a Sunday Sermon on the lack of love or sympathy or empathy on the part of UberConservative Evangelical Christians who believe in the Bible literally as true therefore they believe if its in the Bible or to put it another way is that they will hunt through the Bible to find parts which support their own view .
So if the Bible can be interpreted by them as being against abortion then they believe it their duty to not just stop their fellow Christians from having abortions but everyone including Christians who interpret the Bible quite differently.

Protect Life Act Explained at The Young Turks Cenk Uygur
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The Protect Life Act, legislation proposed by House Representatives, which would allow publicly funded hospitals to deny women abortions even if they're in grave danger. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss this inhumaine legislation.

And here's a bit more background on Zuccotti Park that it is not private property it is by law open to the public 24/7. The company which provided the Park to the public in an agreement with New York City is an $8 billion dollar corporation which has misappropriated funds from the City has ties to the NY Mayors young girl friend.

We Want To Be Free ( Everywhere)part2

Fox News channel again and again claims to be a real News Network and not just a
propaganda machine for the Tea Party, the Radical Right GOP & Wall Street .
Here's a video below  of how the Fox News channel in this case Meagan Kelly and others re-interpret and cut and paste video to show the NYPD as being the Good Guys and the protesters as being the bad guys.

But first i'll give my two cents on what appears to the facts on the ground which of course don't fit with the Fox News narrative on these protesters. If the Tea Party protesters did the same thing and the NYPD over-reacted Sean Hannity & Meagan Kelly et al would be going after the mayor or even blaming President Obama.
For the sake of those protesting they must ensure that the people taking part remain non-violent but also be vigilant of any sort of "Agent Provocateurs" whether sent in by the GOP or the Tea Party or by radical anarchist on the left who at times infiltrate peaceful groups in order to create violent confrontations which undermine the goals of the majority of those protesting.
As I have mentioned before this is part of what happened in 2010 in Toronto ,Canada as some 3-400 out of control Anarchist went on a rampage which then appeared to give the police the excuse they wanted to crack some heads.
I believe the police in Toronto who came from other parts of Canada were looking forward to roughing up some protesters. This is understandable since even here in Quaint Canada the Mainstream Media is quite hostile or dismissive of protesters especially those leaning to the left.
The CBC for instance did a miserable job of reporting on the various incidents creating the impression that not just a group of several hundred were doing damage but rather thousands of protesters were out of control and extremely violent which was not the case.
Other protesters on numerous occasions during the protests reported to the police about this rogue group of anarchists and yet the police instead of going after the violent anarchists went after those who were still protesting peacefully. There have also been questions raised about the police infiltrated the protests to stir up more confrontations and violence. This has in fact occurred before in Canada in the last couple of years but this part of the Narrative does not get exposure in the Mainstream Media who like the Mainstream in America are on the side of the Status Quo and the rich and powerful and their Quislings or Toadies.

I still remember in the 1980s at the height of the world wide anti-Nuclear  movement during which the CBC were dismissive of the protesters and organizers saying they were just disgruntled dirty hippies or lazy college students or that they were in the pay of the Soviet Union which is what President Reagan said publicly. Yet the majority of Christian and Jewish and other religious groups in Canada supported the anti-nuclear movement. And yet across the country the numbers of people protesting was unprecedented in Canadian history.

But the Mainstream Media still claimed the protesters were Know Nothings & Commies who were anti-American and were if anything taking part in treasonous actions against the Canadian government..

Fox News shows an short edited version of the three women who were kettled and of no threat to the NYPD and an officer goes over to them and without warning pepper-sprays them. Another man for no apparent reason is thrown to the ground cuffed and taken away.
As for the 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge these people were not being violent and they could not exit the bridge in either direction since they were surrounded by NYPD.
Fox News without any evidence tries to create impression that the protesters had somehow forced their way through police lines and onto the bridge. This is not the case.
Later video released shows protesters marching onto the bridge with police leading them . The police don't interfere at this point and according protesters and those just watching they say the police did not in any way indicate that the protesters should stop and join those on the pedestrian level.

When watching further video of the incident it appears that the NYPD knew what they were doing as a number of Paddy wagons suddenly appeared and a few hundred more police on either side of the crowd who were then told to disperse.
Firstly if you listen it is very difficult to make out what the police are saying and they make no attempt to ensure that all of those on the bridge know that they are being told to leave the bridge.
For those who fully understand the orders from the police are as said blocked at both ends of the bridge.
Also it is the police who keep the protesters on the bridge for several hours as they arrest them one by one.

FOX News, Propaganda In Action on Occupy Wall Street, 3 to show "fair and balanced"
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Sequence of what FOX could have show to the general public, and then 2 examples of what they decided to go with... keeping it all fair and balanced as expected of course.

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