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Occupy Wall Street - a revolution? Is Growing & More NYPD Police Brutality

Update: 2:15 PM, October 1, 2011.

Real grassroots protest especially that are seen to tilt towards real liberalism or to the left are ignored, downplayed made fun of while protests financed by Rupert Murdoch and Fox News and the Koch Brothers and other billionaires are treated as "the real thing" and therefore are taken seriously.
And I and many others would like to know where Obama is and what his take is on these protests.
If the NYPD or undercover agents aren't able to break up this protests will the National Guard or Black Water type mercenaries be called in like the government of Bahrain did .

My suggestion is that to get more notoriety the protesters should take part in more peaceful civil disobedience -sit-ins etc. to up the ante and to force the police to act . But the protesters should remain non-violent and I would suggest they not even hurl verbal insults at the police except to ask the police to not take part in violent activities and to encourage police and others to join them as was done in Egypt and elsewhere.

continue and are growing and still the mainstream media in US still trying to ignore protest while British Press and other news media such as RT Russian Television Middle East Press ie Al Jazeera are covering the story.
We should remember the US and Western media ignored some of the Arab uprising as in Bahrain because Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are Western allies.

VIEWpress : New York "Occupy Wall Street" Protest day 13th

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The "Occupy Wall Street" movement, while they continued for an 13th day to hold peaceful protests against the economic system around Wall Street in Zuccotti Park New York September 29 , 2011

Unions Join -The Young Turks

And a follow up commentary by Lawrence O'Donnelle on NYPD police brutality
NYPD is expected to have a white washed investigation to clear police of any wrongdoing.
As many Canadians know this is par for the course as we learned watching the G20/G8 summit in Toronto last year when the police were given carte blanche to do as they thought fit.
In Toronto last year with over 50,000 protesters some 300 committed various crimes and yet the police cracked down more on peaceful protesters and passers by.
What was sad about these incidents was that most Canadians as usual came to the defense of the police and the governments draconian crack down on demonstrators who are depicted as Un Canadian and that these people should not have been permitted to protest at all .

Lawrence O'Donnell - NYPD will do everything to protect Bologna [9-28-2011]
ItsLikeMOXNEWSd0tCOM 5,724 videos

Note the reason the crowd is repeating everything side by a speaker is because the NYPD and New York City government have denied the protesters the right to use bull horns or other forms of loudspeakers -microphones etc.

I don't remember the Tea Party gangs being refused the use of Bull Horns etc. Nor were they intimidated or manhandled by the police anywhere in America. So we can assume that the Tea Party movement is acceptable to the Mainstream Media and Wall Street . As seen on Fox News the so called journalists are in favor of the wealthiest Americans over the average American who is being hit hard by this on-going economic crisis.
But for Wall Street insiders and their friends are making more money than ever because of the recession/depression financial collapse.

Keith Olbermann Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests Media Blackout

GOP & Tea Party in denial about the reality of the economic crisis in America and how unjust the economic system really is as average people lose jobs, homes etc. while those on Wall Street are making record profits.

Rachel Maddow Attention to Wall Street malfeasance overdue Part1 1/2
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Police violence at the Occupy Wall Street protests
By Linda LeTendre Waging Peace at
Thursday, September 29, 2011

The occupation of Wall Street is now in its 13th day on Sept. 29 and on the 11th day of the protest, NBC Nightly News didn't see fit to cover it. Brian Williams did see fit to cover the cracks in America's favorite phallic symbol (a.k.a. the Washington Monument), who was nominated for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and a touching story of a high school band playing for a dying grandmother. While the aforementioned stories are interesting, they are not news.
I happened to have NPR on while working at my desk on Tuesday the 27th and they covered it, saying that the protesters are from all across the country, it does not appear to be going away, and in fact the protest is spreading to other financial districts across the country, including Chicago and Los Angeles
I only watched NBC to see if they were finally going to cover it. I guess when your television station is owned by a large corporation that does not pay federal income taxes you're not inclined to risk your paycheck to cover a group of citizens who think said station owner should pay the taxes that they're required to pay.
The level of NYPD police brutality against people exercising their First Amendment rights is also a cause of concern and, I must say for me, personal sadness. I've been arrested four times in NYC and each time the officers were for the most part respectful and well, downright kind.

More evidence of law enforcement abuse of prisoners
FBI Official "LA Prisons Guards Worst Case Of Institutionalized Violence I've Ever Seen"

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