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Thom Hartmann :The Herbert Hoover Guide to the Economy, Debts, and Depression | Common Dreams

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By playing "Nice Guy " with the Tea Party he forgets the saying "Nice Guys Finish Last".
And for some reason he doesn't notice the gloating of the Tea Party Gang and its Media defenders who now see Obama as a weakling , a push over who seems to not know what he's doing so they are going to continue their strategies and tactics to take advantage of this character flaw which is undermining his leadership and is becoming embarrassing to a large portion of his Progressive supporters who worked so hard to get Obama elected. So they feel betrayed every time he cuts a deal with the Republicans who do not represent all Americans but rather are defenders of corporations and the status quo.

Government turns its back on average American citizens in order to supposedly protect the US economy to take on the debt.
We The People replaced by " We the Corporate interests ". Corporations were bailed out by over a trillion dollars but no such help is offered to the the American people.
Meanwhile The Tea Party lunatics who now control the Republican Party have forced President Obama into making a Faustian deal ignoring the fate of the people.
The people as such overwhelmingly voted President Obama into office but their concerns are ignored as Obama guts the government spending which will lead to underfunding of various social services such as education while the already bloated budget of the US military is increased .
Those tens of millions of Americans who voted for Obama gave him a mandate to change the game in Washington so that it would no longer be the same old business as usual.
During the Bush Regime Corporations made out like bandits defrauding the government of Billions of dollars while Bush entered into to a costly and deadly unnecessary War in Iraq. The War that Bush said would last weeks or moths is still going on in Iraq even though the US media refuses to cover the violence in Iraq or the protest by hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens who want all foreign troops removed from their soil. Of course those in power in the US and the Media and the Tea Party gang still refuse to accept the mess they engineered by accident or design in Iraq.
The US government and US media and corporations as usual refuse to honor or respect the people of Iraq or Iraq's sovereignty.
To compound this Obama has spread and expanded the so called War on Terror to Afghanistan ( surge & Drone attacks), Pakistan (drones & targeted assassinations ), Yemen (US attacks on so called terrorists or are they a legitimate anti-government rebels as in Libya???), Libya (supporting the dubious freedom fighters who themselves are more akin to terrorists than being the vanguard of pro-democracy movement in Libya) etc.
While the Obama administration defends its actions in Libya on Humanitarian grounds it ignores the brutal crackdowns on peaceful protesters in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia , Uzbekistan , Syria, Egypt ,Turkey etc. and in Gaza and the Israeli illegally Occupied Palestinian territories.
While condemning Qaddafi in Libya the US defends Israel's use of naked brutal force against peaceful protesters or its draconian inhumane blockade of Gaza and its immoral evictions from their homes of Palestinians or Arabs from parts of Jerusalem and in towns and villages adjacent to the illegal Jewish Settlements which are defended by the Extremists anti-Arab anti-Muslim ultra Extremist setters Movement.

The Obama administration has even colluded with the Israelis to stop the Free Gaza Flotilla from even setting sail for Gaza. The US warned other countries in the region such as Greece that they must help to stop the Flotilla otherwise there might repercussions from Israel or the US.

Once again the US cherry-picks whom it will support or defend and who it will not. Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton ignore the peaceful uprising in Bahrain and even go further by encouraging the brutal crackdown on citizens peacefully protesting in Bahrain because it is not in America's interest to criticize the Bahrain/Saudi etc, brutality and kangaroo courts and the killing and torture of doctors and other protesters because the fifth fleet is stationed in Bahrain and Bahrain is a Regime is a client state of America's bestest friend Saudi Arabia.

Obama could for instance begin by reducing its number of military bases and or cutting down on troop presence in countries where there is little or no rational reason for having stationed so many troops ie in Europe etc.
Once again Obama colludes with the Tea Party Gang to not increase taxes on corporations or the wealthy who are now making more money than they were before the initial Stimulus package begun under the Bush Regime.
Is Obama just appeasing these ultraconservatives because he so wants everyone even the lunatics to like him or is he just preparing for his re-election in 2012.
If anything it appears he just emboldening the extreme right to make even more demands in the future.

Why is President Obama trying to make deals and virtually cave in to the demands of the lunatic fringe of the GOP who are at the moment calling the shots for the Republican Party.

Obama once again has fallen into their trap and in the end only emboldens them: the more they succeed in getting their way the more they will demand .

The Herbert Hoover Guide to the Economy, Debts, and Depression | Common Dreams

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Progressives Complain Obama's Debt Deal 'Trades People's Livelihoods for the Votes of a Few Unappeasable Right-Wing Radicals'
by John Nichols, The Nation, August 1, 2011

Faced with the threat that Tea Party–pressured Republicans in the House really would steer the United States toward default, and in so doing steer the US economy over the cliff, Obama had to do something. But instead of bold action—borrowing a page from Ronald Reagan to demand a straight up-or-down vote on raising the debt ceiling; borrowing a page from Franklin Roosevelt to pledge to use the authority afforded him by the Constitution to defend the full faith and credit of the United States—the president engaged in inside-the-Beltway bargaining of the most dysfunctional sort.

In cutting a deal with Congressional Republicans that places Democratic legacy programs—Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid—at risk while cutting essential programs for working families and the poor, Obama has positioned himself and his administration to the right of where mainstream Republicans such as Howard Baker, Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush used to stand in fights with the fringe elements of their party.

Now, the fringe is in charge of the GOP. And Obama is cutting deals to satisfy Republicans that Britain’s banking minister describes as “right-wing nutters.’”

Obama and Democratic Congressional leaders are claiming that they have done everything in their power to avert deep cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And it is true that they have given the Republicans (and their paymasters) less than House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan was demanding with a budget proposal that turned Medicare into a voucher program and began the process of privatizing Social Security.

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