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Insanity of Bill O'Reilly Twisting Facts To Shred Media for Calling Norway Terrorist 'Christian' - Norway - Fox Nation

UPDATE: 11:31 July 28, 2011

O'Reilly Shreds Media for Calling Norway Terrorist 'Christian' - Norway - Fox Nation


Fox News and Bill O'Reilly delude themselves and erroneously claim the Media other than Fox hates Christians and so stress the religion of Anders Breivik who massacred some 63 people in Oslo.

O'reilly adhere's to the belief that Christians can not be killers or terrorist why because they are True Christians only a fake Christian could be a terrorists.
But O'Reilly refuses to use similar logic to differentiate between Muslim Terrorists and the wider community of Muslims.
Of course O'Reilly is unable to make this distinction among Muslims because as he and others insist Islam itself is a violent ideology  unlike in his view Christianity.
Further the Islamophobes characterize Islam as not even qualifying as a religion and therefore discussions about religious freedom and such does not apply to Islam and Muslims.

Besides as Bill O'Reilly and other Islamophobes believe Christianity is under attack in America and in Europe so they believe Christians are some sort of oppressed minority. Utter nonsense like the fictitious War on Christmas .

What O'Reillyis himself doing is denying the existence of Christian Terrorists while wanting to downplay any form of Domestic terrorism except that committed by Muslim Americans.

Any other acts of violence those committed by Non-Muslims are merely those who are mentally unstable and act on their own and are not the victims of the Hate Mongering of Bill O'Reilly and Fox News and Pam Geller and others -the usual suspects. O'Reilly , Glenn Beck et al take no responsibility for someone taking action against all those whom they vilify .

Indeed they are trying to preemptively undermine those in the media and in government who might begin considering an investigation into Fox News for its Hate Speech and whether or not Fox News or News Corp may have crossed the line with their incendiary extremist violent rhetoric.

They that is Bill O'Reilly and his gang of racist Islamophobes should be taught a lesson that words heard by millions of people can have deadly consequences.

Like others on the right O'Reilly makes fun of the Nation of Norway as he says: "Norwegian authorities couldn't get to the island because they didn't have a helicopter, if you can believe it."

and he goes on to argue that Christian Domestic Terrorist don't exist and yet he applies a different set of standards for other religious groups ie if a Muslim goes on a killing spree this proves that all Muslims are violent Jihadists waiting for their moment to pounce.

Once upon a time and even today there are those who are anti-semitic and use the same language and rhetoric about Jews. The anti-semite believes all Jews are part of an ongoing conspiracy to control most of the world -for O'Reilly and the gang just change the word to Jews and see how it sounds.

Oslo Massacre

Olbermann: What's behind Beck's "Hitler Youth" comment? by Natasha Lennard at, July 27,2011
The Current TV host discusses hateful conservative reactions to the Norway terror attacks
In a move a Norwegian official called a "new low" for Glenn Beck, the firebrand talk show host compared the shooting victims of the Norway youth camp to the "Hitler Youth" on his Monday show.
           Speaking with Democratic strategist and syndicated columnist Karl Frisch, Keith Olbermann on Tuesday asked what was behind Beck's comment: "Is this ignorance? Is he obtuse? Is he insane?"
Frisch noted that the youth camp -- organized by Norway's ruling Labor party -- where Anders Behring Breivik murdered 68 people actually seemed more reminiscent of the YMCA camps scattered around America.

Olbermann went on to criticize Bill O'Reilly's troubling analysis that Breivik -- a self-identifying Christian -- could not really be a Christian because Christians do not commit acts of terror (the preserve, in some conservative eyes, of Muslims).
"There is no logic. You will never hear the words 'respected theologian' and 'Bill O'Reilly' in any other sentence than the one I just said," Frisch noted.
Watch the clip below:

According to Glenn Beck the Oslo Massacre might have been justified because it included the killing of youth at Labor Party camp whom Beck compares to the Hitler Youth.

Because the killing was done by a Christian and not a Muslim Glenn Beck is determined to downplay the massacre and by comparing the young people to Hitler's Youth Beck is offering an excuse or justification for the massacre.
Is Beck arguing that since these young people were like Hitler's Youth they deserved what they got or that these deaths are not all that tragic.

Meanwhile O'Reilly says the person who committed these attrocious acts by definition could not be a "Real Christian".

And why because Christians do not commit "Terrorists acts" WTF- Tautology !!! 

Glenn Beck compares Norway shooting victims to Hitler Youth, July 26, 2011

 - videoSpeaking on his US radio show, rightwing broadcaster and Tea Party favourite Glenn Beck likens the young people massacred on the Norwegian island of Utøya to the Nazi party's youth wing.

Anders Behring Breivik murdered 68 people attending the ruling Labour party's youth camp on Utøya and eight in a bomb attack in Oslo

and so it goes,

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