Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saudi bakri Tearing And Kicking Pictures of Imam Hussain shrine

USA Support religious bigotry in Saudi Arabia in which the Sunni rulers are oppressing Saudi Shiites -the government troops and its religious thugs attack and destroy Shia shrines , posters, meeting halls community centers and Mosques.
And not a peep from Mr. Hope and audacity Obama and his neo-liberal anti-democracy thugs.
Hillary Clinton and Obama are (as George W. Bush was) all a flutter when they are around these obscenely wealthy National leaders from Hosni Mubarak to the Junta leaders in Honduras to King Abdullah or other members of Royal Families in the mid-east and elsewhere calling them all her best friends-Best friends for life-

Their attitude is like that of Doug Coe's religious cult of the Superwealthy known as The Family or "C" Street gang where the superwealthy and national leaders are told they are superior to the rest of human kind and so act according to a very different set of moral values because they are the Chosen of God. They therefore are told they operate on a different spiritual plane than the rest of humankind.
And this dove tails nicely with the Prosperity Gospel , the Faith Movement and Sun Myung Moon's beliefs as put forth by his Divine Principle -the rich deserve their wealth and lavish life style while the lesser souls work to increase the wealth of their "betters".

and so it goes,

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