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Christian Nationalist' Pat Robertson " Muslims Are The The New Nazis"

First a word from Charlie Chaplin on "Machine Men with Machine Minds "
those in power who find it easy to justify injustice, inequality, greed, oppression, torture and slaughter in the name of freedom and democracy in order to gain more territory to gain more power and wealth.

So we get these "Machine Men with Machine Minds who refer to the wrongful deaths of innocent civilians as merely "Collateral Damage" is that what other people are to them and to argue against this corrupt & cynical view makes one a traitor to one's own nation or to the very concept of Western Civilization.

Western Civilization must conquer the whole of the world they tell us and every day we are expected to join in with the mob and take part in our five minutes of hate against those whom we call "enemies".

Once Saddam was our enemy now it is Gaddafi once it was the Soviet Union now it is the Muslims or the Arabs & The Taliban and Al Qaeda.
Once the West supported the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviets but now the Mujahideen are our enemies.

We are it seems always in need of some larger than life enemy and when that enemy is defeated or turns out to be a "paper tiger" or a lot of Sound and fury signifying nothing we move on to create a new enemy and each time we are told that once this enemy is vanguished the world would be rid of evil but it doesn't last long before those in power invent a new "enemy".

Pat Robertson's comparing Islam to Nazis should be highlighted because so many other American leaders of the Christian Right and the GOP also make similar comparisons such as Newt Gingrich , Sara Palin , Fox News et al
There is a large segment of the American public who have little or no knowledge of Islam except what they are told by these Islamophobes of the Christian right, the GOP , Tea Party loons and Sean Hannity and the gang at Fox News.
So we get the likes of Newt Gingrich pushing the erroneous notion and conspiracy theory that the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero in New York is a matter of Islamic Triumphalism that is Islam is celebrating the 9/11 attack and the creeping take over of America by Muslim Americans.

These hate mongers are promulgating hatred of Islam that all Muslims are secret or stealth Jihadists out to destroy traditional America . They also join forces with the professional Islamophobes such as Pam Geller, Robert Spencer , Andrew McCarthy, Daniel Pipes , Robert Bauer filling the air waves via the Media with their ignorance and bigotry .
Some of course are merely using this bogus cause as a means to increase their book sales, Media appearances and their viability on the lecture circuit or their political careers.

Robertson: Fighting Muslims Is Just Like Fighting Nazis |at Right Wing Watch , May 31, 2011 & Mother

On the 700 Club today, Pat Robertson once again spoke out against American Muslims, singling out the construction of mosques and the purported threat of creeping Sharia law. Robertson likened critics of Muslims to opponents of Nazis and rejected claims that his opposition to rights for Muslims is bigotry, asking, “I wonder what were people who opposed the Nazis, were they bigots?”
“Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?” Robertson said. “But oh it’s bigoted if we speak out against a force that slowly but surely is trying to exercise domination over the world.”

And from the article at mother Jones re Pat Robertson and the Nazis :

Pat Robertson: Muslims are the New Nazis By Tim Murphy June 1, 2011

...Not to nitpick here, but people who opposed the Nazis were not "looked down upon and frowned upon" as bigots. This was a few decades ago, so it's understandably a little obscure, but the United States actually went to war with Nazi Germany. There was a movie about it and everything.
As you'd probably guess, this is hardly the first time Robertson has compared a large and diverse group of people to Nazis:
Here's Robertson in 1995:
"Since the advent of the head of the Justice Department, Janet Reno, things have gotten out of control. Something is going on that is just very unwholesome in this nation....this is a shocking abuse of federal power. It is reminiscent of the Nazis. Something has got to be done."
And in 1993:
"Just like what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, so liberal America is now doing to the evangelical Christians. It's no different. It is the same thing. It is happening all over again. It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-based media and the homosexuals who want to destroy the Christians."
Also in 1993:
"When lawlessness is abroad in the land, the same thing will happen here that happened in Nazi Germany. Many of those people involved in Adolph Hitler were Satanists. Many of them were homosexuals. The two things seem to go together."
And in 1990:
"[T]he liberal media and the screenwriters...are the spiritual descendants of Goebbels and the Nazis. They're not just talking about kikes and Jews; they're not talking about, quote, 'n-----s.' They're talking about Christians now."
And in 1984:
"The state is steadily attempting to do something that a few states other than the Soviets and the Nazis have attempted to do, namely, to take the children away from the parents and educate them in a philosophy that is amoral, anti-Christian and humanistic and to show them a collectivist philosophy that will ultimately lead to Marxism, socialism, and a communistic type of ideology."
So as you can see, Muslims are the new gays are the new Clinton Justice Department are the new gays (again) are the new screenwriters are the new public schools are the new Nazis; it's worse than we thought.
Tim Murphy is a reporter at Mother Jones. Email him with tips and insights at tmurphy [at] motherjones [dot] com. Get Tim Murphy's RSS feed.

Meanwhile Religious Right leaders in the United States are pushing their political and social agenda attacking Gays, Muslims and women's reproductive rights. These Christian dominionist believe that America should be governed only by Christians like themselves and that the laws of the land should reflect the Biblical law.

So abortion should be made illegal and that there be no exceptions that Gays should be denied the same rights as other Americans and that the old "sodomy laws" should be reinstated and that Muslims in America should be denied the same rights as Christian Americans.

Like Pat Robertson they believe that Islam is not a religion per se but an ideology which is out to destroy Christianity and to create a world wide Caliphate .

This is a bit odd coming from Christian Nationalists who believe that all other religions are misguided or fraudulent at best and at worst are of the Devil .

So it is acceptable that the Christians control all facets of the lives of Americans and eventually the lives of the entire population world wide but it is evil if Muslims did the same thing.

The notion of an Islamic world wide Caliphate as little if any traction among Muslims.

And these Christians praying over Mosques in America is if anything an insult to Muslim Americans because these Christian Nationalists believe Islam is evil and that they are hoping through prayer that Muslims will leave Islam and become Christians and by extension "Real Americans". So much for Christian tolerance and acceptance of those with differing views on religion or faith.

So Lou Engle shares his bizarre bit of Christian wisdom in which he says Black Americans should forgive white Americans and not still be holding in his view an outdated grudge against white Americans concerning slavery and injustice.

Like much of the Religious Right and the Tea Party GOP he pushes his notion that America today is not at all racist and that Blacks and other non-whites are treated the same as whites which is blatant nonsense. But these groups ignore the current reality in America where African Americans and Hispanics still get stopped while driving by the police at a higher rate than white people and that the prisons are due to racial profiling are overflowing with blacks and Hispanics .

Engle: Black Leaders Must Forgive White People Or Else "You Are Actually Holding Us As Slaves" at Right Wing Watch May 31, 2011

Last week we stumbled upon the website for an organization called Transformation Michigan, which appears to be one of those New Apostolic Reformation prayer networks dedicated to transforming the nation via intercessory prayer.
The website had posted several recent conference calls hosted by Transformation Michigan with the likes of Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Jerry Boykin, and Janet Porter. And while the calls were mostly rather dull, they did contain some revelations ... such as the fact that there is a prayer team in Michigan that is dedicated to praying over every mosque in the state; an idea Boykin would like to see spread all over the country...
Janet Porter spent her conference call arguing with supporters of the radical "personhood amendments" who were intent on attacking Porter's own "Heartbeat Bill" for not going far enough, to which Porter responded by comparing her effort to that of Oskar Schindler...
For her part, Cindy Jacobs declared that were it not for abortion, "our housing industry would be stellar [and] the economy would be booming"...
Lou Engle declared that the next The Call rally to be held in Detroit on 11/11/11 would be an opportunity where "Whites must repent for any racism" while "Blacks must forgive [white people]" because, if they don't, "you are actually holding us as slaves" ...

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