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US Planned Libyan Regime Change 10 Years Ago: Information Clearing House: ICH & Obama's Bid For Perpetual War

Obama's Makes bid for Perpetual War & State of Emergency  Patriot Act Redux.
Anyway it appears plans to take down Qaddafi and invade Libya has been in the works by US administration and the Pentagon for at least 10 years.
Netanyahu still pissed off at Obama - does this mean Obama is doing the right thing???
Egypt opens border to Gaza.
Obama losing support for escalating war in Libya
Obama forced to reduce military presence in Pakistan
Iraqi leader vows to restart insurgency against US troops if not gone by 2012.

So it appears Obama the agent of change is just another agent of continuing the Neoconservative and Neoliberal agenda to further expand the American Empire under the guise of spreading democracy and ending tyranny .
If so why are Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for instance not mentioned.
So Obama has duped the NATO alliance into doing America's dirty work in Libya while ignoring the oppression in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia .

If so does the United Nations or the International community of nations have it in their power to put a stop to America's self-aggrandizing acts of aggression.
America backs armed rebels in Libya but throws more peaceful protesters in Bahrain to the wolves .

US Planned Libyan Regime Change 10 Years Ago : Information Clearing House: ICH

U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explains that the Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran.

According to another article it appears Qaddafi was willing to agree to a ceasefire and negotiations with all parties involved but the US intent on another War of Aggression ignored this offer .

and more headlines from Information Clearing House :

The New Face Of War
"We don't need no stinkin' badges"
By Conn Hallinan
The assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden did more than knock off America's Public Enemy Number One, it formalized a new kind of warfare, where sovereignty is irrelevant, armies tangential, and decisions are secret.

Welcome to the Violent World of Mr. Hopey Changey
By John Pilger
The Nato attack on Libya, is strikingly similar to the final destruction of Yugoslavia in 1999.
Managing Public Perception: Murdering Libya
Obama Subtly Shifts War Aims in Libya
"The goal is to make sure that the Libyan people can make a determination about how they want to proceed, and that they'll be finally free of 40 years of tyranny and they can start creating the institutions required for self-determination." That is quite parallel to the objective the United States set in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.
Nato Rejects Libya Truce Offer
By Agence France-Press
According to a letter seen by the newspaper, Qadhafi's regime was ready to enter unconditional talks with rebels, declare an amnesty for both sides and draft a new constitution.

AU leaders seek end to Nato strikes in Libya:
African leaders on Thursday called for an end to Nato airstrikes on Libya to pave the way for a political solution to the conflict.
Libya effort is called violation of war act:
Several lawmakers from both parties on Wednesday accused President Obama of violating the War Powers Resolution by continuing American participation in NATO's air war in Libya without Congressional authorization, but they struggled with the question of what Congress can or should do about it.
House bars ground troops in Libya:
The U.S. House voted 416-5 Thursday to bar the Obama administration from placing ground troops in Libya. The vote was the latest indication of congressional concern the administration might be thinking about expanding the role of the U.S. military in North Africa, The Hill newspaper reported.
Saudi troops sent to crush Bahrain protests 'had British training':
The revelation is likely to renew allegations that the Coalition is sending mixed messages on democracy in the Middle East.


and from

Saturday 28 May 2011
Netanyahu’s Border War
Shlomo Ben-Ami, Project Syndicate: "Binyamin Netanyahu’s furious rejection of US President Barack Obama’s proposal to use the 1967 borders as the basis for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute - frontiers that he called 'utterly indefensible' - reflects not only the Israeli prime minister’s poor statesmanship, but also his antiquated military philosophy."
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After 4 Years, Egypt Reopens Its Border With Gaza
David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times News Service: "Hundreds of Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip arrived here by the busload Saturday to pass through the reopened border into Egypt, taking the first tangible steps out of the Israeli occupation after years of deadlocked peace talks... While a gradual loosening of the border controls over the last year had already allowed some Gaza residents to cross ... many of those making the trip on Saturday said they felt a new stirring of hope at Egypt’s announcement that it was breaking the blockade imposed on Gaza five years ago when the militant group Hamas took over."
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Awakening to the Limits of the Obama Presidency
Antonia Darder, Truthout: "There are folks who seem to keep hoping that Obama has a 'progressive' side which we will all soon see emerge - reminiscent of the transformation of Clark Kent to Superman in the phone booth. Yet, I can't help wondering if all that progressivism was merely projected upon the handsome black man with the charming discourse style because folks were all feeling so desperate; we were are still seeking a political savior or messiah in Obama."
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