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Sunday Sermon: Apocalypse??? William Rivers Pitt "Yup, Still Here" & Anti-Gay Christian Dominionists Bradlee Deen Invocation Prayer Minnesota State legislature

The Apocalypse that wasn't- william Rivers Pitt
Dominionist Christian Bradlee Dean gives invocation prayer at Minnesota Legislature offending just about everyone
Some of those who denouced Mr. Dean are a bit hypocritical and disingenuous in their criticisms of Mr. Deen
Most members of the Christian Dominionists movement are themselves anti-gay and believe non-Christians should not have the same rights as Christians.
Though many defend Judaism but this is because it serves their agenda and their interpretation of the coming Apocalypse in which Jews have a role to play before being converted or incinerated by God.
Christian Martyrs or Christian Terrorists-rivers of blood
Christian Dominionists

First a funny bit about those who were hoping that the world had ended yesterday and that they the righteous one' have been beamed up by their God.

William Rivers Pitt responds to's Christian preacher 's  insistence the world was ending on May 21, 2011.         

Yup, Still Here
by: William Rivers Pitt, Truthout
But of that day and hour no one knoweth, no, not the Angels of Heaven, but the Father alone.
- Jesus of Nazareth

...Well, guess what? It was already Sunday in Australia when the alleged Biggest Saturday Ever dawned across Eastern Standard Time, and that whole continent remained obstinately Down Under instead of rapturously Up Above. Maybe every single living person there is a blasphemous sinner, but the sun has been crawling across the northern hemisphere for long enough to convince even the most fervently devout that, mmmmmm, maybe they've had their pockets picked once again by yet another wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

Forgive this leap to judgment, but I have a sneaking suspicion I know just exactly what type of person goes in for this breed of apocalyptic nonsense. Let me guess: you're a Christian of the evangelical stripe, white, and your ears are forever attuned to the dog-whistles of social conservatism. You voted for George W. Bush twice, and would have happily done it a third time if given the chance. It's almost certain your whole life is caving in around your ears, and you are utterly unable to cope. You can't make the mortgage payments, your job got outsourced to somewhere, and you seethe at the presence of non-English-speaking brown people around you, even when they mow your lawn and empty your trash and serve your food. You think Rush and Beck sit at the right hand of God, and you've been voting Republican ever since Ronald Reagan invited Jerry Falwell to the White House. You are a follower, an adorer of authority in all its permutations. You smell like fear.

Your life is caving in around your ears, to an incredibly large degree, because you have supported - with your time, your money, and your badly-spelled signs at Tea Party rallies - the very politicians, corporations and power-brokers who have savaged your future. You believe in the demigod of free-market capitalism (because Rush and Beck tell you so) even as that system steals from you, your children and their children to come. You see the writing on the wall and perceive it as runes carved there by devils and socialists and Muslim fellow-travelers, because you have been well-trained to do so. You would not know the truth of your life if it voided its bladder in your face, because you are inculcated with a world-view that is sustained by hatred, distrust, fear, and the clannish bonding of the cult-bound who think as you do, and so are "saved."

Yours is the church of cognitive dissonance - the more truth is presented to you, the more vigorously you reject it in favor of the pain-cave of your dilapidated ideals. This day of doom is your best option, and your greatest hope, because the spiraling dissolution of your stunted follower's faith leaves you no other options save the blessed simplicity of oblivion. You are thoroughly suicidal, at bottom, and when that end does not come for you (and, psssst, it's not coming), you will be forced to cope with the truth of Sunday's rising dawn, and the sad fact of your continuing existence.

I think you might live your whole life and die without taking responsibility for the pernicious nature of your influence on our culture, but I hold out hope for you. Jesus did not ring your bell today, and maybe that means it's time to re-evaluate your role in things.

I am a baptized Christian, and I have faith, insofar as I very much believe that within the first four books of the New Testament can be found a superior blueprint for living a good, moral life. I am educated, insofar as I know the Book of Revelation is coded language to the faithful under the shadow of ancient Roman repression, and not a literal roadmap charting the end of the world. I am not afraid of the dark. I am still here. So are you.

So I guess we still have to deal with the world as we find it.
Christian Taliban at it again

And now more from the intolerant anti-gay American Christian Taliban Dominionists here represented by Pastor Bradley Deen who is guilty of saying things outloud and in public which other Evangelicals believe  but tone down when in public.
Most Evangelical Christians of the American Brand have no tolerance for non-Christians or for any so called Liberal Christians who to them are not real Christians .

Once again we get to see a Christian pastor who appears to lack compassion or tolerance for any other religion besides Christianity and who preaches that Jesus hated Gay people and anyone who didn't conform to a set of Christians norms, rules and laws ala the Taliban Christian Fundamentalist Dominionist who beleieve America is a Christian nation and should implement the Biblical Laws of God from banning abortion to killing Gays and heretics and adulterers and those who have sex outside of marriage or even for Blaphemy '
 Yeah sounds a lot like the Afghanistan Taliban or the Islamic extreme as practiced & implemented into law in Saudi Arabia and Iran .

( But didn't Jesus say "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and so Jesus was essentially against such punishments - since no one but Christ is afterall without sin.
Bradlee Dean during an opening prayer for the Minesota legislature suggest that President Obama is the first non-Christian president of the United States.
Did he not pay attention on Obama's innauguration day the sentiments officially voiced by pastor Rick Warren and others paying tribute the Judeo-Christian religion and its God.
Dean is also anti-gay

Bradlee Dean delivers opening prayer in Minnesota House Chamber
Uploaded by hdfltube on May 20, 2011
Bradlee Dean, who has said he "approves the death penalty for gays" is invited by House GOP to give opening prayer on the Minnesota House floor.
At the conclusion of the prayer, Speaker of the House Zellers notes Dean as the "House chaplain of the day."

GOP’s Zellers on Bradlee Dean: ‘That type of person will never ever be allowed on this House floor again’ By Andy Birkey at Minnesota Independent  05.20.11
Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers told members of the Minnesota House that he would never allow Bradlee Dean or anyone like him to give a prayer before the chamber again so long as he is speaker. Dean’s prayer insinuated that President Obama was not a Christian and his past statements about incarcerating gays and lesbians sparked a firestorm of criticism on both sides of the aisle.

“Earlier today there was a prayer given by a man I personally denounce. The decorum and dignity of this body is my responsibility. I did not live up to that responsibility today. For that, I apologize. This is the people’s House. Each member deserves the dignity and respect of all of us,” he said. “Members I can only ask for your forgiveness. That type of person will never ever be allowed on this House floor again as long as I have the honor of serving as speaker.”
Kudos to Andy Birkey at The Minnesota Independent  for this follow up on Badlee Deen exposing how radical his views are though I myself think given the evidence over the last thirtyr years or so that his views fit in well with what most Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist Dominionist s including the Seven Mountains sect and those of Lou Engel et al.

GOP invites preacher who advocates jailing gays to give House prayer
By Andy Birkey | 05.20.11 at Minnesota Independent

Minnesota House Republicans invited anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide to give the morning prayer. The prayer was so offensive to many legislators that House leadership brought in the chaplain to redo the prayer.

Dean has made many controversial statements as pastor of You Can Run, including advocating the incarceration of gays and lesbians, that the LGBT community is trying to usher in Sharia law in Minnesota, that gay men molest an average of 117 children “before they get caught,” and that Muslim nations that execute gays are more moral than American Christians. His prayer on Friday touched off a firestorm at the Capitol as the LGBT community was rallying outside the House chambers against a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment.

Dean said during his prayer, “I know this is a nondenominational chamber,” he said listing off a litany of Christian denominations and leaving off any mention of Judaism.

Then he took a dig at President Obama, insinuating that he is not a Christian. “The head of the denomination is Jesus as every president up until 2008 has acknowledged, in Jesus name.”

Rep. Terry Morrow, DFL-St. Peter, rose to speak out against the prayer. At first he was at a loss for words.

“I want to express a deep level of concern about what occurred in this chamber this morning,” he said.

He said the fact that the House restarted the prayer was an indication that something went wrong. “I take that as an acknowledgment that there is legitimate cause for deep concern among the members and the staff and among the people of Minnesota.”

Today hope was crushed by the words of a single speaker,” he said. “Mr. Speaker, I do trust and hope that we understand the gravity and the severity of the prayer that has been given to the people within this chamber and out.”

“I’m shaking right now because I’m mad,” he concluded. “This cannot happen again.”

Already this year, in the Minnesota Senate, Republicans invited a pastor who gave a sectarian prayer that caused concern among that chamber’s non-Christian members.

Here are some examples of Dean’s previous comments:


Bradlee Deen like other Uberconservative Evangelicals laments the fact that laws against sodomy in the various states have either been thrown out or just not enforced.
In this clip he sees nothing wrong with putting Gays in prison for 14 years or more just for being homosexual.

Bradlee Deen Praises Uganda & Rwanda for their anti-gay anti-sodomy laws claiming the people of these countries are "Real Christians" who know the Bible is against those who commit what he calls "Crimes Against Nature". So for him it homosexuality is both anti-biblical and against "Natural Law"


3. |

Lou Engle's Anti-Gay tirade-kill em all!!! He among other American Evangelicals have been stirring up hatred against homosexuals and pro-abortionists not just in America but has spread these irrational fears to foreign nations including Uganda which has passed anti-homosexuality laws.
Lou Engle believes in "gay demons"

Rev? Lou Engle calls for "Martyrdom" & "Civil War" & Timothy McVeigh - Rachel Maddow

Lou Engle fear mongering just before the 2008 US election - He is anti-Gay, anti-abortion anti-secualism anti-humanism anti-liberal , anti-pluralism, anti-feminism and on and on.

Wants God's Law to rule in Washington DC

CBN News Interview with Lou Engle

Lou Engle disingenuously claims he's not anti-gay just anti-gay marriage.
But we know from what he has said publicly that He believes in a literal innerrant interpretation of the Bible.
So he has said that he accepts the Biblical intolerance towards homosexuality , abortion, birth control, blasphemy & Non-biblical religions, pagans, heretics & idolators & atheists.
Though like most Evangelical Dominionists he does not include Islam as being a Biblically based religion even though Islam has its roots in Judaism and the Old testament and even the teachings of Jesus- though for Islam Jesus was not the son of god but rather a great prophet in the line of Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Isiah, John The Baptist and other Biblical prophets.
Lou Engle on CNN Newsroom

and so it goes,

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