Friday, May 20, 2011

Mass sackings in Bahrain crackdown

freedom الحرية


nakba day يوم النكبة

إن شاء الله God Willing

Americans and Israelis have rights but everybody else out in " WalMart Land " forget about it!!!
Different day same old same old!!!

Shiites and anyone who took part in protest or took part in General Strike in Bahrain now being punished by being fired from their jobs.

No point telling Obama he believes in the tired old Bahrain conspiracy theory that the hand of the Evil Iranians are behind any protests in Bahrain and thusly Obama and the regime defends the arrests, beatings, torture and loss of jobs and the destruction of Shiite Mosques and community centers.

When Americans talk about freedom it appears they mean the "Free Market Place" and no restrictions on big business or multinationals and that any government is free to brutally crack down of protesters and other trouble makers.

Heaven forbid the Shiites ask for equal rights next thing you know women and children will want their rights protected- There are several US state legislatures which are proposing over turning "Child Labor Laws" so that 12 year olds can work in factories or in coal mines or even be Chimney Sweeps just like in what Americans believe to be the good old days before all this talk of equality and rights and other leftist Commie BS.

and so it goes

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