Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in London (kingsberry) (UK) attacked by Susp...

So Muslims are being attacked these days by anti-Muslim racist xenophobic, bigoted, anti-immigrant in the USA, Canada, Britain & Australia and elsewhere.
These attacks in the case of Muslims is fueled by the erroneous notion that all Muslims are potential terrorists and are out to make the countries they have immigrated to into Islamic nations governed by Islamic theocrats according to a strict medieval form of Sharia as practiced by the Saudis and the Taliban.

But some Christians , Muslims & Hindus are attacking Buddhist not just in Korea, Malaysia , Thailand, Sri Lanka but they are also being targeted by xenophobic racist and anti-immigrant groups in Canada, the United States, Britain and Australia and so on.

Australia :Vietnamese Buddhist Monk dies after being beaten.

WA Buddhist community shock re Bibra Lake attack on monk: sick racial ha...

Vietnamese Immigrant in Australia beaten for being different , for being Buddhist, for being Vietnamese???

The chairman of the Jade Buddha project in Melbourne, Ian Green, told Mr Lieu arrived in Australia from Vietnam when he was a young boy and they could not believe what had happened to him.

"He has been living in Perth for a very long time," he said. "We're all shocked over here. It's unbelievable.....

Family describe Bibra Lake victim as 'loving' and 'peaceful' - "Paul is a loving man. A peaceful and optimistic person," he said. "He lends his helping hands to anyone in need. "He worked tirelessly as a volunteer and with charity groups. He is a son, brother and uncle.

"This incident has had an extreme impact on the family. It is very hard for us to comprehend why such a gentle person could've been harmed to such a terrible extent. "We are still in a state of horrified shock, and cannot believe something like this is happening to us. "Our family deserves to know the answers to the questions surrounding what happened to Paul.....

Police seek information over Bibra Lake bashing

Bashed Buddhist monk died in Perth in january 2010

and in the UK:

Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in London (kingsberry) (UK) attacked by Suspected Tamil Tigers LTTE

Anyway it seems that Part of the problem is that many cynical politicians and Media outlets have for years been fueling the hate of immigrants of non-whites, non-Christians anyone who doesn't fit their narrow minded image of what a "Real American or real Canadian or Real Brit is supposed to look like and how they are supposed to dress or speak or what religion they follow. etc.

The racist anti-immigrant crowd are upset that these new immigrants are not white, not European and not Christian etc. It isn't as they argue that they just want these new immigrants to fit in but they want them to be completely assimilated meaning these immigrants should dress, talk, eat and pray just like the people in their new country do. IE act like real Americans or real Canadians or real Brits.

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