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President Obama Defends Yemen Government As it Continues to Kill Protesters

caption"Controversy has built around a proposal to bring dozens of Saudi pilots to an Idaho training facility to learn how to pilot F-15E Strike Eagles, 84 of which Saudi Arabia is purchasing in a new arms deal"[GALLO/GETTY]from article in AlJazeera  below. 

Unbelievable but true the USA as part of its insensitivity to the Arab street is helping out poor little Saudi  Arabia- it is a rich country populated by the oppressed and hungry. Trillions spent on USA weapons and trips to France to drink gamble and womanize-fun guys

US providing more high tech weaponry and technical training to the Pro-Wahhabi Saudi Arabian Regime.
This is just quid pro quo for the Saudis for allowing the American Empire to have permanent military bases in Saudi Arabia.

Wasn't that one of Ossam Bin Laden's excuses for his terrorist attacks that the infidel /Kafir Americans were permitted to set up military bases in the Islamic holy land that is after all where Mecca and Medina the wo holiest cities in Islam apart from Jerusalem.

according to some observers the Saudis don't use most of the weapons they have bought from the US because they are afraid if their milirary and airforce had access to all of these weapons they could pose a threat to the Monarchy

Others are also concerned that the Saudis will use their knowledge, technical training with such powerful armaments on their own people especially the Shiite minority and any dissidents.
The Saudis the last couple of weeks have been using their military training and American made hardware in Bahrain to crush the popular uprising there with US & Israeli approval .
So is that part of the US/Saudi deal that the Saudis will help remove any regimes which are not pro-American including those who actually do want democratic reform and to have governments which will protect the country's assets to ensure the country as a whole gets some benefits from its assets and not just a super-wealthy anti-democratic corrupt elite.

America's Saudi air war
A plan to train Saudi air force pilots in Idaho is turning former allies into bitter enemies. by Nick Turse at AlJazeera, March 19, 2011

...Last December, amid the holiday rush, the US air force quietly announced that it had selected Mountain Home Air Force Base as the preferred location for the long-term training of a contingent of pilots and flight crews from the Saudi Royal Air Force as part of a $60bn arms deal between the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that autumn.
Under the mammoth military package, Saudi Arabia is set to receive 84 new F-15E Strike Eagles - advanced fighter aircraft designed for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat missions. Capable of flying day or night in all weather conditions and reaching speeds in excess of twice the speed of sound, each F-15, packing missiles, bombs and a 20mm cannon, is a formidable weapon.
Under the air force's proposal, Saudi pilots will learn how to fly the advanced fighters at Mountain Home Air Force Base for five years, from 2014 to 2019, with the possibility of a longer commitment left open.
"Facilitating the modernisation of Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft, as well as providing enhanced air crew and maintenance training, would build partner capacity and contribute to the stability of the [Middle East] region," said Heidi Grant, the deputy undersecretary of the air force for international affairs.
While the arrangement has yet to be finalised - the local community, including the Shoshone-Paiute tribes, have yet to weigh in and an environmental impact assessment has to be carried out - the rough plan is for the first Saudis to arrive in the US in late 2013, with their ranks growing over the next year.
And unfortunately this is another example of Obama just continuing with USA gunboat diplomacy though often made through a proxy -Saddam, the Shah, King Abdullah ( and he keeps women in their place Sharia Wahhabi Style -brutal merciless) Pervez Musharaff , or the Bhutto Family dynasty-
( its easy to see why the elite liked her corrupt, rarely spoke the truth stole $ 1.5 Billion - 

President Obama and Hillary Clinton are backing the Yemen government and the Bahrain government and others to ensure their their friendly dictators , mobsters and torturers stay loyal to the trinity of terror USA., Saudi Arabia and Israel.

We should ask each and every day why is the USA concerned about the people of Libya.
And if they cared about human suffering why have they allowed the Israeli army IDF to slaughter so many Palestinians in Gaza. Why do they not speak up when Palestinians or even Israeli Jewish citizens who dare speak out are arrested and beaten and tortured .

Yemen government uses the AlQaeda /Terrorists card in order to brutally crush peaceful protesters

Yemen we are told is a trustworthy partner in the Orwellian or Kafaesque "War on Terror" and therefore they can do what they want-This is just hypocrisy masquerading as policy.

Tragedy strikes amid Yemen lawlessness

March 28, 2011.

Yemen 18 Killed Sanaa

President Obama and his war mongering crowd are up in arms over Qaddafi while in other Middle Eastern and North African nations protesters are being intimidated, beaten and killed-The USA doesn't want to criticize those countries which have invented imaginary AlQaeda terrorists that they hunt down and kill.

Most of their victims are peaceful dissidents but these days they are all put under the umbrella term "Terrorists" as not long ago any who dared threaten authority were deemed to be "Communists" no matter how justified their cause might be.

While the Saudi arrests, beat, torture and kill protesters or any and all critics of the Royal Family the US says "Tut Tut" and makes more arms deals with these thugs dressed up as Kings.
And now the USA finally has in its pocket the United Nations itself no wonder Hillary Clinton appears a bit giddy as she gives a wink and a nod to the Saudis and other illegitimate rulers to fill their streets with the blood of any who dare question the status quo.

And their decision to take out Qaddafi is just part of a bigger game they are setting into action. It is quite comparable to how in the end they betrayed Saddam who for years was one of their loyal tyrants who kept reform and democracy at bay.

The USA and this seems to have been forgotten did nothing well actually they even defended the brutality of Saddam against his own citizens when he was still America's friend.
The CIA had no problem sitting in on torture sessions in Iraq or standing by as Chemical Ali gassed thousands of Kurds.-

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