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Obama's Hypocrisy : Why is the USA & Its Lackeys interfering in Libya but not Syria , Yemen, Saudi Arabia ,Bahrain , Iraq etc.

Why is the USA interfering in Libya but not Syria , Yemen, Saudi Arabia ,Bahrain , Iraq

Are the peoples of these nations not as important as the people of Libya.
In one way or another these brutal authoritarian regimes whether ruled by a dictator or the military have denied their people basic human rights and freedom and yet the International Community does nothing.

These nations from Egypt to Tunisia Yemen, Libya, Syria , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain have had to live under the brutal authoritarian Regimes which were put in power and supported by the United States .

If Obama is to be taken seriously firstly he would not have had Bradley Manning arrested
secondly if arrested he should make sure Manning is treated properly
If Obama is defending Manning's detention then he should personally visit Bradley Manning at the Quantico prison.
President Obama makes great speeches but his actions are not much better than the actions of the BUSH/Cheney/Rumsfeld
While defending Manning's incarceration Obama after all that has gone on over the last ten years he and this is unbelievable he actually trusts the Pentagon and the US military to be honest with him about Manning or anything else.
These are the same people who defended the torture and abuse and denial of due process to thousands of so called"Detainees : who should have been treated as POWs re the Geneva Conventions.
But as an American Obama like Bush and Company believes that international law has no jurisdiction over the USA or its citizens .

Obama's Promises Just Empty Rhetoric

To many people Bradley Manning as a Whistleblower is seen as a hero
He leaked information to Wikileaks.
This information helps the American people and other nations to better understand how these people in power work behind the scenes.

This is Obama's Reply to Those Who want The US government ToStop Torturing Bradley Manning .
In America doing what's right is discouraged Under the Obama Regime
To many people Bradley Manning as a Whistleblower is seen as a hero

This what Freedom is like in Saudi Arabia America's Best Friend
in Saudi Arabia And In Bahrain President Obama and US Allies Support Saudi Massacre Of Protesters

But the international community after decades of supporting Qaddafi have decided Qaddafi is no longer an asset so they are bombing the crap out of Libya to topple Qaddafi .
But what are the motives of the USA and its lackeys -well to get at the oil of course.

If the United States and Obama were so concerned about the rights and freedom of the people in these nations then why would they allow Saudi Arabia to invade Bahrain and slaughter those protesting against the Bahrain Regime.

Saudi Arabia claims the protesters in Bahrain do not represent the majority of the people but is rather a "Shiite insurgency" engineered by Iran.

But observers on the ground in Bahrain argue that it is a popular uprising including Sunni and Shia and other groups in Bahrain.

The contradictory stories coming out of Libya suggest on the one hand a popular uprising and on the other an uprising which is not that popular but which has been engineered by the CIA and other outside forces.

This is not much of a stretch of the imagination since the CIA and USA have engineered uprisings, coup d'etat or the assassination of leaders in the Middle East and Africa and in Central and South America.

The US and CIA overthrew the governments of Guatemala, Iran in 1953 and took out President Allende in Chile in 1973 (the other 9/11)

The USA and other Western Nations also backed the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union.

By deciding to back the more extremist Islamists The Americans and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia helped to create the Taliban and AlQaeda in Afghanistan

The USA used the people of Afghanistan and Islamic Jihadists volunteers from a number of other countries in their proxy war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Some observers and experts on the region claim that the CIA and Pakistan's ISI -Inter-services Intelligence deliberately created a series of events which they hoped would force the Soviet Union to take military action against Afghanistan. Well it seems to have worked since the Soviets did invade Afghanistan and were bogged down in Afganistan for a decade.

Once the Soviet Union pulled out of Afghanistan the USA and its allies did nothing to help to rebuild Afghanistan and instead left the region even more unstable than it was before the Soviet invasion.
This instability was used by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to put the Taliban into power in Afghanistan. The Taliban was made up primarily of students (Talibs) from the extremist Wahhabi Madrassas (Islamic religious schools)in Pakistan.

The Madrassas and military training camps were financed and supported by the Saudis who are still striving for the Wahhabi movement to spread and become the dominant sect throughout the Muslim world.

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