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Obama Executive Order On Miranda Rights & Obama's Righteous Intervention In Libya or Just Another Imperialist War ???

President Obama uses Executive Order to take away Miranda Warnings for suspected "enemy Combatants " or Terrorists.
So this another right of American citizens being taken away so why are they disingenuously trying to teach their like minded dictators/Monarchs and Generals about "Democracy" and "Human Rights.

Once incarcerated for being a terrorists or giving aid or comfort to so called terrorist front organizations the individual can kiss all their rights away . They in fact have to sign a waiver so they will not publicly criticize their captors ie physical and mental abuse amounting to torture and they are not permitted to take the government to court over these issues.
According to Obama and president Bush "human rights" are not guaranteed but can be withdrawn on the whim of a president or the Pentagon or the CIA or FBI or military commanders in the field or even by the average rank and file American soldiers or mercenaries/Private Contractors working for the US government or an American corporation can decide what is or what is not a "Right"- In the New Improved America even CEO's can deny someone their "Human Rights" and civil rights cause that's how America now rolls???

Another blow to the rights of America- Obama continuing the Bush Regime's slide against human rights.

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Obama Weakens Miranda Rights

Is it a humanitarian intervention in Libya or just another American Imperialist war.
For instance one wonders how pure America's motives are in Libya when at the same time Obama and Hillary Clinton defend Saudi Arabia's use of brute force on pro-democracy demonstrators in Saudi Arabia and also has invaded the sovereign nation of Bahrain to slaughter civilians who are part of a non-violent uprising in Bahrain.
Again at the same time the US under Obama or Bush is all too willing to publicly condemn similar actions taken by the government in Iran.
When Iranians shoot protesters this is a horrible tragedy-when the House of Saud kills protesters this is seen as their right as a sovereign nation.

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25, 2011
Fireside: Libya, Just Call it a War

Rachel Maddow's take on Obama's intervention/war in Libya

Maddow argues that President Obama's way of handling intervention in Libya is different from the way George W. Bush & CO. handled intervention into Iraq.

Part of the difference is to do with procedure and process-

Obama she argues made sure other counries were on board with intervention in Libya
Obama waited til the UN would also back action against the Libyan government
Obama has also outlined the parameters of the military attacks and their goals
But Maddow doesn't answer the question why intervene in Libya and not in other nations where popular uprisings have been met with brute force ie Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Morocco, the Ivory Coast etc.

Rachel Maddow - Obama's War in Libya is a Justifiable War

Rachel Maddow dissects the Anti-American Narrative which says that America only acts with its own self-interest as its concern .
Obama she argues is trying to change the American narrative to a more positive one of not being a colonial -imperialist power.

America Has Lost So Much Credibility No One Believes Action In Libya Is Not For Imperialist Reasons-Rachel Maddow

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