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Wikileaks More Evidence of Sri Lanka's Government Policy of Genocide ??? & US War Crimes TV Ratings Fail

US government still trying to break Bradley Manning through the means of extended solitary confinement which is tantamount to torture. He has been held in solitary confinement 23 out of every 24 hours for some six months .
Another proud moment in American history according to the Mainstream Media .
While the rest of the world daily reads about new revelations in the released diplomatic cables by Wikileaks the US goes into a media blackout shutting down criticisms of the US military and government.

Petition to protect Bradley Manning at Demand Progress

And so the Diplomatic Cables released by Wikileaks do not just uncover the War Crimes and Crimes against humanity perpetuated by the USA but also those of other countries such as Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lanka government and military are accused of killing thousands of innocent civilians in their policy of Ethnic Cleansing of the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

It would be hypocritical of the US government to make such allegations against Sri Lanka when the USA under Bush and Obama has committed various atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan which also amount to War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.
Sri Lanka's government like the US government and the Israeli and British etc. claims that International human rights agencies and the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over Sri Lanka.

Besides this is not surprising since the US and its allies not merely stood passively by for instance during the Ethnic Cleansing in Serbia by the Serbian Christian Nationalists who killed tens of thousands of Muslim Serbs while the US and others kept the Serbian butchers well supplied with arms and ammunition while slaughtering unarmed Muslim Serbs /Bosnians . Nor did they try to stop the killing of Gypsies/Roma in the former Yugoslavian territory in the 1990s.
It was not a civil war but rather a matter of Ethnic Cleansing.

So the International agreements on torture and on the conduct of a war treatment of civilians, infrastructure and POWs and enemy combatants do not apply to the USA or any of its allies. Isn't this similar to what the Soviet Union also arguedfor over fifty years or so.

So the United States and its allies are permitted to torture, execute, assassinate and bomb civilian targets as it sees fit with impunity.
The Hope was that when Obama became president he wouldn't hide behind shady, dubious, questionable legal arguments but would be more transparent and would insist the US abide by the same rules of engagement and treatment of POWs as other nations ideally are supposed to.
Instead Obama is also a "True Believer" in American superiority and exceptionalism and so above the rules, laws or morality as applied to other members of the United Nations.
America's Will to Power is therefore all that matters since like the Taliban or Al Qaeda they too are on a Holy Mission from GOD???

Is Ethnic Cleansing just a political correct term for a failed Genocide Policy

Wikileaks Colombo Sri Lankan government Committed War Crimes & crimes Against Humanity
Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide.

Sri Lanka execution video: new war crimes claims

According to cables released by Wikileaks Sri Lanka has allegedly committed War Crimes. It is a serious allegation and if there is any evidence of such a Crime if there is any justice the Sri Lankan government or individuals would go to trial before the International Criminal Court. There a judgement would be made as was done in the Nuremberg Trials.It may turn out that the evidence doesn't hold up in court.

Kohana is Sri lanka's permanent representative to United Nations.

Note he makes the same argument as the USA that the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over its country.
Whether a government is guilty or not of War Crimes is to be decided in the end by the ICC.

What the ICC 's agenda is to investigate allegations of War Crimes. So why wouldn't Sri lanka or the USA or Israel allow investigators in if they are innocent. Is it just a matter of nationalistic pride. Americans are always saying they believe in honest and open or transparent government and yet they want no outsider /foreigner having the GALL to judge America or Britain or Israel, or Sri Lanka . How many more nations are going to reject the jurisdiction of the ICC.

Sri Lanka "No Way" to Int'nl Criminal Court - Kohana - 18 January 2010

Anyway here are some bits about the War Crimes and Crimes Against humanity committed by the USA and its military and its hired mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most Americans and the propagandist Mainstream Media working on behalf of the US government deny any crimes committed in these wars or claim it is permitted to do as it pleases with impunity.
Besides the public has been over the last ten years more concerned over the affairs of Tiger Woods or the appearance on live TV of Janet Jackson's nipple or the ongoing saga of other media personalities such as Charlie Sheen or they are too caught up in the overarching importance of which media personality will perform best on "Dancing with the Stars" etc. These events they tell us are more pertinent than the wholesale slaughter of Iraqi, Afghan or Pakistani civilians who according to the US media are all subhuman anyway.

Torture & Execution Widespread In Iraq While U.S. & U.K. Military Officials Look The Other Way

Background Wikileaks & War crimes v Superficial American culture of the Inane the trivial

American-British war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan - spsyed analysis

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