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Joy Behar & Carl Bernstein calls Assange a Hero & Liz Cheney Calls Assange a Criminal & Anti-American Canadian TV A Threat To U.S. Security

Link to Guardian .co UK while documents are still there before Interpol, British or

UPDATE: 2:24 PM. Dec. 04, 2010
Is it a crime to read this post in the Freedom Loving USA???
American shut it down-will they arrest or just assassinate the Guardian Newspaper's staff???

Link to Guardian at Guardian Wikileaks Documents
Palin's call for the arrest and execution or rendition or assassination of Julian Assange a week ago sounded extreme and whacky - Now the same calls are being made by the US government, the Mainstream Media and politicians and including Interpol.

Interpol and Obama declare Julian Assange Public Enemy No. 1 and say he is more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden??? Have the Western nations all gone over to the darkside that is on the side of Karl Rove,Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice et al. Obama is in this case as bad as George W. Bush and his thugs.

So who's crazy Now???

UPDATE: 12:58 PM, Dec. 4, 2010

according to US authorities writing about Wikileaks documents or linking to them on line is a crime???
Will they shut down the New York Times and other newspapers publishing excerpts from these recently leaked gov't cables etc. ???

Welcome to the American Empire as it strikes back at anyone in favor of government transparency or responsibility or culpability.
The people the citizens of America Must do as they are told or they will be investigated, incarcerated under laws regarding "SEDITION" and or "TREASON".
They could be dragged out of bed at 3am and sent to prison stripped of all of their rights.

US government tells employees and prospective employees of US gov't NOT TO READ or Link to Wikileaks if they do they will not be hired. Those individuals working for the US federal Gov't or state government will be investigated if they read these documents they could be fired and imprisoned.

Democracy Now!
Is WikiLeaks' Julian Assange A Hero? Glenn Greenwald vs. Steven Aftergood of Secrecy

The Young Turks
The death of Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech , Freedom of association
Wikileaks and other leakers or Whistleblowers are equated to Al Qaeda and must be hunted down.

O'Reilly & Palin WikiLeaks Outrage

Joy Behar interviews Carl Bernstein concerning wikileaks.
Julian Assange & WikiLeaks Are Doing The Right Thing! Carl Bernstein

Liz Cheney calls on Obama to shut down WikiLeaks.flv
She says Wikileaks has blood on their hands
responsible for some or all of the attacks on US troops
She is in the process of demonizing Julian Assange by characterizing him as anti-American with a specific agenda .

Mike Rogers talks with Fox and Friends about danger of WikiLeaks August 09, 2010.
The documents were redacted edited to protect those who might be in danger if their names were released. As for those further up the chain of command and the politicians are public figures who must obey the will of the people instead they are in it for themselves.

Laura Ingraham discusses the revelations brought to light by Wikileaks last July
Now these characters are damning Wikileaks after its latest document release.
If as someone asked if these documents are unimportant then why all the fuss.

This seems strange two talking head conservative Americans using Wikileaks documents to attack the Obama administration and then switches gears and moves on to call for the execution of Julian Assange and others who leak secret documents . Maybe he and Laura Ingraham have put themselves in a bit of a predicament. If they believe it is wrong to leak documents to the media then they shouldn't be using these documents to attack the Obama administration.

US calls TV programs Little Mosque on the Prairie and the show Borders anti-American. We Canadians are now on the CIA/ Homeland Security Watch list as persons of interest & possible terrorists.And still PM Harper loves all things American especially policies by the former Bush administration and those of the Neoconservatives and the Americanized form of Evangelical Talibanesque Christian Theocrats and their media outlet Fox News. Soon we too shall have a Canadian version of the right wing extremist Fox News .
If we Canadians don't soon mend our socialist ways the US will have to create a black ops program to undermine our current system of commie policies such as Health Care and allowing Quebecers to speak French in public and allowing those immigrants from non-english nations to speak their native language not just at home but in public .

Unfortunately Canada is not as progressive as it tries to sell itself as for instance we have refused to accept a significant number of European Roma who are being persecuted throughout Europe as the Europeans begin Ethnic Cleansing starting with the most vulnerable people in their nations- after the Roma who's next - Well Canada and America both couldn't care less. They didn't care about such issue prior to WWII and they don't really care now. This is the prejudice , bigotry and fear at the root of Western Civilization.

Tucker Carlson calls Canadians retarded and Canada is like America's little buddy
He calls Canadians cute and he says if a Canadian is ambitious they move to the USA.

Tucker Carlson interviewed on CBC's the Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

The Young Turks - Fox News making fun of Canada

and so it goes,

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