Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

Unfortunately The USA is still waging its Imperial Wars.
And sad to say President Obama is keeping to America's militarized traditions of perpetual war . And the political, economic & media elites are still at war with the people.

War is over if you want it- but no Christians love a good war???

President Obama and the American Media act as if the Iraqi War was a great success and is now over.

If these Christians were sincere they would pay Iraq War Reparations-a hundred billion or more.
If these Christians were sincere they would stop attacking Julian Assange and Wikileaks.
If these Christians were sincere they would stop their hate propaganda against Muslims and Islam.
If these Christians over the centuries had been sincere in their love of peace and goodness they wouldn't be in a perpetual state of war.
If these Christians were sincere they like Jesus would preach in favor of justice for all not just for the rich and the powerful.
If these Christians were sincere they would abide by the Sermon on the mount and not the narrow mindedness and bigotry of the Early Christian Church Fathers.
John Lennon War Is Over

Anyway just a reminder the War is not over.

The video is a short version of Wikileaks Collateral Murder a video leaked to them.
This is just callous barbarous murderous actions.
What is most disturbing is the chatter of the helicopter crews
They are looking for targets. They see a bunch of men and jump to the conclusion they must be insurgents or terrorists to be outside in a group near a parking lot with cars on it what did they expect camels are they just making stuff up for back up their dubious and murderous actions.
They give different numbers of persons engaged 20 then 8 .
At first they say there is one weapon then three and then they say all of the men are armed.
They even say one of the men has fired a gun but there is no evidence of this.
They open fire and then shoot at those who dare move .
They kill a wounded man crawling on the ground.
Good Samaritans arrive in a van and help one of the wounded and so the Americans rip them to shreds.
One of the US pilots changes the wording from one body to bodies giving a false impression of the scene.

So what's Obama's reaction to the video and other evidence of American war crimes he takes on the Pentagon , he goes after Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld-well no- instead he goes after Julian Assange .
Obama and other politicians treat Assange as if he were already found guilty in a court of law.
They appear to be treating him as an enemy combatant or terrorists.Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are probably quite amused. Or cackling like Dr. Evil and his henchmen.
So committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity is not as bad as reporting them. The US stands accused and guilty of War crimes including massacres, destroying whole towns and cities destroying a society , committing murders, assassinations, renditions, kidnappings, incarcerating tens of thousands based upon little or no evidence physically, sexually and psychologically abusing and torturing a large percentage of these prisoners, refusing to take live up to their responsibility for the people of Iraq as the invading nation or occupier or conqueror .

Baghdad Massacre by US Crusaders

And a few more clips:

Murder INC. Militarized Macho USA

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