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Pamela Gorman Typical Conservative Christian Running For Congress & The American Taliban

Republican Pamela Gorman Campaign ad - & its for real not SNL

Driving The Left Nuts!

and she's proud of the Video!

"AZ Congressional candidate, Pamela Gorman, is the tough real conservative we need... and a pretty fair shot."

(This is a fun video put together by some volunteers. If you want information about me or my candidacy for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 3rd district, you can find it at my website. As much fun as this video is, you should know that I am very serious about the future of America. I do hope you will take a closer look at my work record in public policy and my conservative positions on key issues. If not, I hope you at least enjoyed the video these fine folks put together and will share it with others!)

I Can't top that.

Markos argues that their are a number of things in common , their goals agenda, their love of guns and violence.

The Young Turks
Daily Kos Founder Markos Moulitsas - The American Taliban

And here's another example of evangelical Christians in the US military ignoring the Separation of Church and State and the establishment of a state sanctioned religion.
As we have discussed before that over the last thirty years beginning with the Reagan administration the US military 's chaplaincy and its top brass have become more militant in the proselytizing of Conservative or fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity through out the military. The infiltration of the US military by Evangelical Christians was considerably ratcheted up during George W. Bush's tenure.
Prayer and worship services which also includes the proselytizing of US troops who are a captive audience. Those soldiers who are not evangelical Christians are often shunned, discriminated against and even harassed and bullied by the Evangelical Christians. This form of discrimination in fact is encouraged or at least ignored by the top brass who are merely acting in accordance with the Pentagon and military academies which are now for the most part under the control of the Religious Right Evangelical Christians. Even the Obama administration is unwilling to take on the issue as it has become so prevalent throughout the military from "Boot-Camp" to Pentagon to the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan and to the over 700 US military bases around the globe. And those who dare speak out against this proselytizing at the very least will find their military career stalled and jeopardized. Others will be harassed to the extent that they will leave the military which is just what these Evangelic Christians want which is to rid the military of all non-Christian believers . These Uber-Evangelical Christians believe that if an individual is not going to convert then they should leave the US forces .

These evangelical Christians are acting upon their belief that the United States of America is officially a Christian nation. This is understandable as the Uber -conservatives and the Christian Religious Right backed by a pro-Christian media ie Fox News, right wing talk radio and the GOP insists that those who favor church and state separation are misreading the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They argue the founding fathers were only insisting that the government not interfere with religious observance.

Army Must Cancel Evangelistic Event at Fort Bragg, Says Americans United
Church-State Watchdog Group Demands Military Officials Drop ‘Rock The Fort’ Event Featuring Franklin Graham Ministry

WASHINGTON - September 23 - An evangelistic rally jointly sponsored by U.S. military personnel and evangelical Christian churches and ministries violates the U.S. Constitution and must be canceled, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The “Rock the Fort” event at Fort Bragg this weekend targets both military personnel and adults and children in the surrounding community for conversion to Christianity. This clearly violates the separation of church and state, attorneys with Americans United informed Army officials in a letter today.

“It’s not the Army’s job to convert Americans to Christianity,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United. “This event is totally unacceptable and must be canceled.

“It is particularly shocking that the military would join forces with Franklin Graham,” Lynn continued. “Graham has expressed utter contempt for Islam, Hinduism and other faiths. When our military joins hands with him, it sends exactly the wrong message to the world. Our military defends a nation that includes people of many different faiths and some who follow no faith at all.”

“Rock the Fort” is being sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in conjunction with Fort Bragg chaplains and local churches. The current CEO of the Graham Association is Franklin Graham.

In addition to evangelizing soldiers, officials at Fort Bragg have invited members of the surrounding community to attend the Sept. 25 event, which will feature Christian music and sermonizing. Special emphasis will be placed on evangelizing children.

The Graham Web site contains a quote from Fort Bragg Chaplain Antonio McElroy who said, “I think we are trailblazing here in many ways. I don’t think there has been an outside concert of this magnitude with an organization like BGEA and our chaplains partnering with local churches to come together for one purpose – and that is to glorify God and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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