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Glenn Beck God Guns & Gold And American Islamophobia Anime

As for Islamophobia spreading in the USA here's a Brilliant anime/ CGI video from Next Media of Taiwan

They reduce the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque and American Islamophobia to a less than one minute thirty second clip. -

'Mosque' Debate, Taxi Stabbing Get Animated: Taiwanese Video Covers Anti-Muslim Events, Obama's Religion at Huffinton Post, August 26,2010

The Taiwanese have done it again.

Next Media Animation has released a CGI recreation of all the recent events surrounding the Park51 controversy and anti-Muslim incidents with immaculate detail.

The video covers the heated confrontation between anti-Park51 protesters and a random African American construction worker.

Then it moves on to the protests over a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, TN and a Florida church's plans to burn Korans to honor 9/11 victims.

The video also covers President Obama's support for the center and finishes off with the stabbing of a Muslim cab driver and a reference to the not-so-sacred buildings near Ground Zero.

This isn't the first time Next Media has animated a gripping American news story. They did a brilliant job of recreating the drama surrounding flight attendant Steven Slater's meltdown and Tiger Woods' marital woes.

See all the CGI mosque madness in the video below:


and now a few words from Glenn Beck followers
"Armed riding on their horses guns a blazing chasing out the illegal-immigrants "-
and kick out all those Muslims and let the poor starve while the rich do get richer
Yeah that sounds like King no not really but on "Planet Beck anything's possibe" Olberman/Maddow

Dr. King's March on Washington vs. Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

stopgunviolence | August 28, 2010

August 28, 1963 vs. August 28, 2010

re-posting the time-line of Beck's "Restoring America"

Glenn Beck wants new "Christian Nation!" forget separation of church & state - Countdown

goog2k | February 10, 2010
Keith Olbermann & Rob Boston discuss Glenn Beck's new American Revival Tour to reestablish the USA as a "Christian" nation. Separation of church & state? Duhh??? From Countdown, MSNBC & msnbc.com

Just when I've been considering options for Park51/Cultural Center /Community Center/Gym/Aquatic Center /Ground Zero Mosque in new York such as some Christians build a Church or and the Jewish Americans could build a temple or other religious groups who are concerned with there being a Mosque at ground Zero. nearby then what's the harm- exercising their Freedom Of Religion seemed reasonable but no such luck. A Christian Extremist is going to locate his Islamophobic/homophobic/bigoted gun toting Christian Fundamentalist Right wing Church of hate. And if he is allowed to then other extremist hate-filled, racist, hate mongering or Apocalyptic Obsessed religious groups could also build their houses of worship there.

If we defend the one as I do then we must defend the others as well - "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" 1st year law school for heaven's sake-

9/11 Christians' Plan Their Own Church Near Ground Zero by Jason LinkinsVia Huffington Post Aug. 30, 2010

So, what if, in addition to the Park51 interfaith cultural center and basketball courts that are not at Ground Zero, we had a bigoted kook-church for people who believe Islam is a "religion of 'hate and death'" that's also not at Ground Zero? Then, everything would be even-Steven, right? Well, good news, then, from the Salon War Room:

A bigoted pastor who has assailed gays and Muslims is launching the "9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero" a mere two blocks from the World Trade Center site this Sunday but so far the project hasn't drawn a peep of protest from those who are outraged by the "ground zero mosque."

Pastor Bill Keller of Florida said today he will begin preaching this Sunday at the Marriott at 85 West Street . A weekly service is planned at the hotel until the $8 million 9/11 Christian Center finds a permanent space.

I also think we may as well bite the bullet and recognize "9/11 Christians" as its own cult denomination.

and so it goes,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck's "Jesus Was a Free-Market Capitalist Rally " dishonors Martin Luther King Jr. And all Who Favor A More Just Society: " Social Justice"

The question is no longer "What Would Jesus Do ???" but rather " What Would The Beck Do???"

In what sense is Glenn Beck the multimillionaire anti-Social Justice Professional Agitator/ entertainer Rodeo Clown spewer of hate on a daily basis Gold-shiling ( Goldline inc.)Con Man anything like Martin Luther King Jr.
Besides is Glenn Beck aware Fox News is owned in part by Saudi interests.
Are rich people and or white Americans being told to go to the back of the bus or refused to even step onto the bus as blacks were.
Are rich kids and white kids not allowed to attend public schools with poor and lower class kids.
Are many white Americans discriminated against and even prevented from voting as Blacks once were.
Are rich folk and white folk prevented from eating in Walmart
Are rich folk and white folk told where they can and cannot live.
Are rich Folk and White Folk harrassed by the local police, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security etc.

Are rich people & white being hunted down by some death squads sort of like a leftist version of the KKK. as hunting blacks "Coon Hunting" was a pass time for White Americans like a fox hunt is for upper class white Brits.
( This innovation occurred when the rich were no longer permitted to hunt down peasants and could no longer rape peasant women or use their right to rape a newly married peasant before her new husband-ah yes we are told those were the good old daywhen child labor and poor houses and the tread mill never stopped when the poor new their place .
Then as now the rich or well off say they are the chosen one's of destiny, of God of Karma so they deserve to be rich and do as they please and the peasants are left to suffer and die because God Hates the Poor, the aflicted etc.

Sinnerman (MLK remix)
jimmydoe | January 20, 2008

Video honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nina Simone with a remix version of her classic Sinnerman.

"Social Justice is a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus " Glenn Beck- all Hail the Beck!!!

OMG Jesus was a socialist, a communist and therefore according to Glenn Beck Jesus was a Nazi, a collectivist, a believer in eugenics -What Would the Beck Do-
As for Beck he hates the idea of Social Justice and Economic Justice.
God Beck says loves the rich, the powerful, the successful and punishes all others as lazy and lacking in Christian Faith. The more faith the more money.

Glenn Beck attacks 'social justice' Christians as Nazi's & Communists - Countdown goog2k | March 12, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell & Rev. Jim Wallis discuss Glenn Beck's recent WACKO attacks on Christian churches that advocate "social justice." Duhh??? From MSNBC & msnbc.com

Preaching hate against any Christians who believe that Jesus was concerned about Social Justice. and many Christians interpret Jesus' words as not just giving some loose change /a few alms to the poor but to actually work towards improving their lot by encouraging economic justice .ie regulate interests on loans (Usury old Testament )


MoxNewsDotCom | March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010 ABC News

A couple of examples of people at Glenn Beck's Rally
several people compared him to Martin Luther King and the Messiah or Jesus of Nazareth and one preacher referred to Glenn Beck as The Son Of God????

Death Camps Arabs X

Impeach Obama Treason

The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming.
Fox News and Ground Zero Mosque both financed by Saudi Prince
Imam planning Mosque worked with President George W. Bush as well as the current Obama administration as an ambassador of good will in Muslim Countries.

GOP releases Anti-Muslim Attack Ad -The Young Turks

In case you missed it re-posting:

Glenn Beck Is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.
bravenewfoundation | August 25, 2010

http://bit.ly/8Z23FC Sign our pledge and leave a comment to commit to stand with Martin Luther King Jr's vision, and against Glenn Beck's hate, on August 28th. Forty seven-years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream Speech". This year on that date, Glenn Beck will hold a rally in the very same location. The hate-filled tenor of Beck is in direct contrast to Dr. King's noble and unifying vision.

and so it goes,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck , Islamophobia & Mosques & Plight of the Roma In Europe

Muslims..." are here to kill us. If you are a good Muslim then your duty is to kill all non-Muslims"(Attendee at Beck's religious Revival in DC.

California Mosque Targeted With Anti-Muslim Sign: ‘No Temple For The God Of Terrorism At Ground Zero’
Posted by Faiz Shakir

and another anti-mosque anti-Muslim sign in Kentucky

And Glenn Beck's "Crazy train"

Far from being a civil rights icon, Glenn Beck has built his empire and fame in part by being a master divider along racial lines. Especially since the inauguration of Barack Obama on the eve of his Fox News debut, Beck has emerged as the media’s boldest manipulator of white racial anxieties, fears and prejudice. His willingness “to go there” has even earned him grudging respect from hardcore white nationalists who usually have little patience for major media.

Quote from article at Southern Poverty Law Center via AlterNet.org Glenn Beck Has a Long History of Racial Mockery on the Radio -- His Civil Rights Talk Is Pure Fraud
Despite his lame efforts to try to capitalize on the MLK legacy at an upcoming DC rally, Glenn Beck cannot hide his deep-seated racism. by Alexander Zaitchik Aug. 24, 2010

and : Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor and taking back America for God - so it is a Religious Right & anti-Muslim anti-Obama rally

What We Saw at the Glenn Beck Rally in DC-Reason TV

On August 28, 2010, Fox News host Glenn Beck held his "Restoring Honor" rally at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The aim of the event, explained the lachrymose TV personality, was to "come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future."

As the Washington Post reports,

"For too long, this country has wandered in darkness, and we have wandered in darkness in periods from the beginning," Beck said, at times pacing at the memorial. "We have had moments of brilliance and moments of darkness. But this country has spent far too long worried about scars and thinking about the scars and concentrating on the scars.

"Today," he continued, "we are going to concentrate on the good things in America, the things that we have accomplished - and the things that we can do tomorrow. The story of America is the story of humankind."

Despite the presence of former Gov. Sarah Palin and many Tea Party trappings, the event was not political, or at least not in any conventional sense. Rather, the speakers called for bringing religion into the public square and using it as the guiding force in all aspects of American life.

Glenn Beck's D.C. Rally Stirs Debate CBSNewsOnline | August 27, 2010

Television and radio personality Glenn Beck claims his rally on the Mall in Washington is not politically driven. But critics say Tea Party activist Sarah Palin's scheduled speech indicates otherwise. Wyatt Andrews reports.

also see video Political Rally or Religious Revival? CBS Aug. 28, 2010

MSNBC: Glenn Beck Ground Zero Ban Cenk Uygur The Young Turks insights of Beck

Also see;
Glenn Beck Goes Messianic at America's Divine Destiny Event Before 2,500 Screaming Fans Beck madness continues as he tries to launch another religious Great Awakening to shape American history. by Peter Mongomery at AlterNet.org,August 28, 2010

About 2,500 screaming, adoring Glenn Beck fans packed the concert hall of Washington's Kennedy Center on Friday night to shower affection on their hero. Beck used the event, dubbed “America’s Divine Destiny,” to portray himself as an instrument of God prepared to lead America out of its spiritual darkness.

Beck, who seems to view himself in increasingly messianic terms,says he is helping to launch another religious “Great Awakening” that will shape American history and promised attendees that on Saturday they would be “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Divine Destiny was a three-hour mix of gospel music and patriotic songs from an “all-star” choir of local singers and dancers, inspirational exhortations for people and churches to do good work in their communities, and speeches by Religious Right figures about America’s need to repent for the nation’s sins and turn back to God.

(Read more of this article about the cast of characters who spoke at this rally)

California Mosque Targeted With Anti-Muslim Sign: ‘No Temple For The God Of Terrorism At Ground Zero’ by Faiz Shakir at ThinkProgress Via AlterNet.org, August 26,2010

But in addition to acts of bodily harm against Muslims, the ugly and emotional Ground Zero debate has generated hate crimes against a mosque in California. The Fresno Bee reports that a brick was thrown through a window of the Madera Islamic center last Friday. There have been repeated instances of hate directed against this particular mosque. Signs have been left at the Islamic center carrying inflammatory messages, like this one:

The other signs left at the Madera mosque read: “Wake up America, the Enemy is here. ANB” and “American Nationalist Brotherhood.”

ThinkProgress has previously noted that there has been a spate of hate crimes against mosques in America. For instance, a mosque in South Arlington, Texas, was vandalized earlier this month. “The vandals also cut a pipe, allegedly thinking that it was a natural gas line.” Also, the Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Nashville, Tennessee was vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti. And in a Jacksonville mosque this year, a pipe bomb was set off and a “tissue stuffed inside with white powder” was sent in the mail to one of the community’s local religious leaders.

Near Ground Zero, a Shameful Intolerance by: Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.August 26, 2010

The biggest problem dogging American politics and media isn’t a deficiency of expertise or a lack of good intentions. It’s a lack of courage. But there is courage out there — and it should be honored.

Kudos should go to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, who amid fierce criticism publicly defended Muslims who were looking to build a community center in lower Manhattan. Also to Fareed Zakaria, the Newsweek columnist and CNN host, for making a case for tolerance by returning an award given to him five years ago by the Anti-Defamation League. He did so after the Jewish organization released a statement on July 30 maintaining that the planned Islamic center, which includes a mosque, should be relocated because it is too close to the site of the World Trade Center.

The Anti-Defamation League’s reasoning for its stance was truly shocking. The organization argued, “Proponents of the Islamic Center may have every right to build at this site, and may even have chosen the site to send a positive message about Islam. The bigotry some have expressed in attacking them is unfair, and wrong. But ultimately this is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right. In our judgment, building an Islamic Center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain — unnecessarily — and that is not right.”

Translation: Some people will feel bad if this center is built, and we need to take these feelings into account, even though Muslims have every right to build there.
“Your own statements subsequently, asserting that we must honor the feelings of victims even if irrational or bigoted, made matters worse,” Mr. Zakaria said in a letter addressed to Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

Their awful decision to call for banning the Islamic center was shameful. Let’s look at some comparable cases using the Anti-Defamation League’s logic: It causes some people pain to see Jews operating small businesses in non-Jewish neighborhoods; it causes some people pain to see Jews writing for national publications (I frequently receive letters to this effect); it causes some people pain to see Jews on the Supreme Court.

So would the organization agree that we should ban Jews from these activities, so as to spare other people pain? No? What’s the difference?


The Europeans Xenophobia is spreading and the governments and those in positions of power and authority including the Media are pandering to the European bigots and racists. They are as mean spirited as many Americans -against refugees, immigrants, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, Hispanics.
For a moment two weeks ago Obama stood up and took a stand against intolerance and reminded Americans about their cherished freedoms including the Freedom of Religion.
Obama told the American people that Muslim Americans have the same rights as all other Americans.
So Obama decided to speak his mind concerning the building of a Mosque in New York near so called "Ground Zero"- so he talked about the importance of religious freedom in America.
The Islamophobes and cynical politicians and some in the media immediately attacked Obama who instead of standing his ground backed-down.
Reminds one of President John F. Kennedy and his attorney general and brother Robert Kennedy giving great speeches but then folding when pressured by the Southern and Northern bigots and their best friend J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI who was a racist with ties to the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizens (counsels)
Then he undermined a moment in which he no longer was a partisan politician worried about political expediency but rather about what is right.
Being too fearful Obama back-tracked for political expediency. If the pressure is raised enough what other laws and principles will he willingly trample on to appease the GOP and the Far Right .

First they came for anyone who might be a Muslim or an Arab or Middle Eastern then those who protest against the immoral genocidal wars or those who are against torture and truly believe in human rights, civil rights etc all those things Government always seems to be against
Governments begrudgingly granted equal rights to various groups only after an extended campaign of protest and combating misinformation , propaganda, lies , embedded prejudices and bigotry and hate.

Now they go after the Muslims and the Roma and immigrants and refugees.
Once again the Aryan Myth and white supremacy and Eurocentric and supremacy is taking hold as it did in the 1920s and thirties when the majority of white Christian Europeans mistrusted or disliked and feared all who might be different Blacks, Jews, Roma, Asians the Yellow Peril and the Communists, the socialist, liberals , Unions etc.
First it creating dubious laws about women wearing head scarfs and then where Mosques can be built and which places that Muslims can live-meanwhile Germany and France are going after the Roma (Gypsies

So its not just Muslims that the European Right are concerned about but all those who are deemed in some way different than the "Real Europeans" as those on the right in the USA deem all those who are different as being Not "Real Americans"

Anti-Rom Measures in Europe Need to be Stopped Rene Wadlow Via Toward Freedom.com,Aug. 24, 2010

Wandering now from land to land

Who is there here to feel my pain?”

-- Younous Emre, Thirteeth Century Turkish dervish

In early August, the French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux announced that more than 40 Gypsy camps had been dismantled around France since President Nicolas Sarkozy had called earlier this summer for a crackdown on the camps calling them “sources of illegal trafficking, profoundly shocking living standards, exploitation of children for begging, prostitution and crime.” Some 300 Roma camps not on municipal sites organized for Gypsy or “Travellers” are to be demolished and some — the criteria for expulsion is not clear — expelled mostly to Romania and Bulgaria. The political motivations of Mr. Sarkozy are clear: to pander to the anti-immigration Right — basically the voters of the National Front — who have long had an anti-immigrant platform.

However, there have been anti-Rom measures in Germany where some 12,000 Rom are to be deported to Kosovo, in Italy where a “state of emergency” had been declared on the basis of fear of Rom immigrants, as well as in Belgium.

These measures come in the middle of a European Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015) called by European Union officials as “an unprecedented commitment by European governments to improve the socio-economic status and social inclusion of Roma” although public awareness of the Decade is probably not high.

...The Rom face a wide range of often interrelated problems: citizenship, political participation, racially-motivated violence, poverty, unemployment, and an image which arouses ancestral fears of Gypsies. Governments and Rom NGOs need to work together to provide decent living conditions based on non-discrimination and fundamental rights.

A major difficulty is that the states with large concentrations of Rom such as Romania and Bulgaria have limited financial resources, and the Rom have little political influence in order to get their share. In Western Europe, the Rom are the easily identified “tip of the iceberg” of the larger issue of migration and integration as globalization has made the barriers separating different countries ever more permeable.

As Hannah Arendt has written “The individual who has lost his place in the political community risks to drop out of the boundaries of humanity.” The confrontation between nomad and sedentary peoples is an old one, always present in different forms and in different places. Compassion and political imagination are needed. Managing migration in a changing global environment is a crucial issue. The Gypsy camps are a text of a society’s ability to mediate between the universal nature of human rights and the protection of the cultural traits of a people.

Ultraright, Neo-Nazis, Nativist are on the rise in Europe turning the clock back to the 1920s & 1930's prejudice and fears of anyone who is different.
Inside Story - Deporting France's Roma
AlJazeera August 29, 2010

and so it goes,

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Glenn Beck & Tea Party Taking Their Hate To The Streets, Brown Shirts And & Jon Stewart Beck Spoof

And first a video for Glenn beck on his special day in Washington proclaiming himself as The Leader Der Fuehrer, Savior of the Fatherland or a (Delusional) Prophet warning the people about those evil Jews or Catholics, or Irish or Commies this time its the Muslims and the Socialists ,immigrants Latinos, Hispanics, blacks. liberals, secularists, atheists, Evil Evolutionists and Gays and environmentalists, and Public School Teachers , government employees , and lawyers who represent the bad guys or those who claim torture or just beating POWS or even prisoners in US jails is illegal and immoral who are all part of the anti-American anti-white anti-Christian- Secular Humanist/ Liberal/ Muslim/ Socialist conspiracy. -like the War On Xmas, the war on marriage the war on big business war on gun owner
Beck may seem a rodeo clown or snake oil salesman but what he's selling is not as benign as snake oil because he's not just selling Gold and books and Xmas sweaters but is rather a potent And Dangerous mix of hate and fear .
It appears in America hate and fear are hot commodities- a growing concern as they say.
To make the mix even more toxic he also adds his revisionist history in which African Americans had a good deal as slaves or that America was founded as an exclusively Christian Nation , all the founding fathers were Christians -he includes Mormons of course -others will have to be investigated
It is such talk which has led to Pogroms , massacres, lynchings in the past

Jon Stewart Rips Glenn Beck
imaginaryuniverse | March 20, 2010

Jon Stewart spoofs Glenn Beck and rips his world apart. A must see! Don't forget to Rate! (first few seconds garbled and then the rest is fine)

Fun video from the Democratic Party Uber conservatives
some sounding like the old racist & fascist Bircher Society
GOP Tea Party: These People Could be in Charge

Demagogue Glenn Beck & Tea Party Nut-jobs invented to stoke hate -racism, Islamophobia, anti-Civil Rights, anti-pluralism, anti-multiculturalism, anti-liberalism, anti-progressivism
Conservatives & GOP promoting fear

Pap & Ed Schultz Expose Glenn Beck's Racist Tea Party

golefttv | August 25, 2010

Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Schultz Show to discuss the real intentions behind Glenn Beck's upcoming Tea Party rally, to be held at the same site (and on the anniversary of) Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Bomb Mecca Inc.= America or Bombs R Us

So will this Islamophobia become more prevalent and more dangerous. These are the people who cling to their Bibles and their guns- their God is a Rambo style God.
Will they be able to strip the rights away of Muslim Americans and others.
They talk about various groups in america and have characterized these groups as "Other" as different as somewhat Alien - a massive fifth-column which needs to be dealt with.
If the government and those in authority refuse to take decisive action they seem to be encouraging their constituency of white right-wing radical Evangelicals to take action themselves against these groups-
Such as those whoare now protesting at various Mosques in America-insulting Muslims as they enter or leave using bull horns to interupt the Muslims praying or tossing a bomb or two or just rocks into Mosques in America.
Or shooting and killing Muslims in france for instance the government began its campain against its Muslim citizens by outlawing the head scarf in the public schools- why the only reason was based upon hate and fear and thereby limiting the freedoms of Muslim citizens. We are talking about a simple headscarf not a full Burqa.
For many critics the headscarfs are symbolic of the second class status of women in Islam which is not true about all Islamic countries- things differ in the various countries due to differnt cultures, traditions, world view different histories
What next you tell them they cannot do the call to prayer its annoying, intrusive and offensive since it is a call for people not to go to Jesus but to go to honor Allah to hear the words of the Qur'an which the Christians call Blasphemy
Put restrictions on where mosques cannot be built or how big or the way it is designed -
That a mosque should not stand taller than a church steeple and should be built close to the ground
make Muslims carry special ID- see Arizona law Latinos and Muslims next what the Atheists ,or heretics and withces and demons see Sarah Palin being give special protection from those nasty demons and yet they want her as President

Telling Muslims where they can live or what professions they cannot enter
This is how Christian nations treated Muslims in the Middle Ages before expelling all Muslims

It's getting scary out there. Americans once hated and feared the Irish, Catholics, Jews, Asians,Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans and now Muslim-Americans.

Media Matters details the spread of Islamophobia in the right wing media and now catching on among the population at large . They show that the issue is not just about a Mosque or Community Center being built at "Ground Zero" but about Islam and Muslim Americans whom they describe as taking part in a Stealth Jihad - infiltration - Anchor Babies

Religious freedom? Right-wing's anti-Muslim assault echoed in nationwide mosque protests

Despite the right-wing media's claim that their opposition to Park51 -- the planned Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan -- is not about restricting religious freedom, protests have sprung up nationwide in opposition to local mosques and Islamic community centers in the wake of the manufactured controversy. These protests follow the right-wing's relentless assault on not just Park51, but Islam in general.
Right-wing media repeatedly claim that Park51 protests not about restricting religious freedom

Numerous conservative media figures have claimed opponents of the project have not talked about restricting Muslim's religious freedom, such as Fox News' Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Steve Hayes, and Peter Johnson Jr., as well as National Review Online, blogger Pam Geller, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Protests follow relentless right-wing attacks on Park 51 and Islam

Gingrich compares Islamic center to Nazis erecting sign near Holocaust museum, Japanese site near Pearl Harbor. On the August 16 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Newt Gingrich said, "Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington. We would never accept the Japanese putting up a site next to Pearl Harbor. There's no reason for us to accept a mosque next to the World Trade Center."

Nugent: "The mosque will attract extremists and radicals who will try to harm America."

Staten Island, NY: "Muslim groups have encountered unexpectedly intense opposition to their plans for opening mosques in Lower Manhattan, in Brooklyn and most recently in an empty convent on Staten Island." A June 10 New York Times article reported on opposition to a proposed mosque in Staten Island, New York that "have focused overwhelmingly on more intangible and volatile issues: fear of terrorism, distrust of Islam and a linkage of the two in opponents' minds." From the New York Times article:

''Wouldn't you agree that every terrorist, past and present, has come out of a mosque?'' asked one woman who stood up Wednesday night during a civic association meeting on Staten Island to address representatives of a group that wants to convert a Roman Catholic convent into a mosque in the Midland Beach neighborhood.

''No,'' began Ayman Hammous, president of the Staten Island branch of the group, the Muslim American Society -- though the rest of his answer was drowned out by catcalls and boos from among the 400 people who packed the gymnasium of a community center.

Murfreesboro, TN: Mosque opponents are afraid the mosque "will be turned into a terrorist training ground."

Florence, KY: "Stop the Mosque," and "the takeover of our country."

Protests follow relentless right-wing attacks on Park 51 and Islam

Gingrich said, "Nazis don't have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington. We would never accept the Japanese putting up a site next to Pearl Harbor. There's no reason for us to accept a mosque next to the World Trade Center."

Nugent: "The mosque will attract extremists and radicals who will try to harm America." "If additional American blood is spilled in the Big Apple, the politicians who supported this mosque will be as guilty as the Muslim voodoo kooks who love death and destruction in the name of Allah."

Cal Thomas: "Ask yourself: if you wanted to infiltrate a country, wouldn't a grand strategy be to rapidly build mosques from Ground Zero in New York, to Temecula, Calif., and establish beachheads so fanatics could plan and advance their strategies under the cover of religious freedom and that great American virtue known as 'tolerance,' which is being used against us?" In a July 21 post on The Washington Post's On Faith blog, Thomas wrote:

A mosque near Ground Zero is not about tolerance, but triumphalism. It isn't about honoring the dead, but celebrating their deaths.


Don't we know why our enemies desire a beachhead in America? They wish to launch new terror attacks and forcibly convert Americans to their way of thinking and believing. What will we gain by allowing this to happen?

Morris: Park 51 will be used to "train and recruit Sharia law advocates who become terrorists."

Morris: "[T]hese Sharia mosques...have become the command center for terrorists" and Park51 "would be too."

Bolling: Park51 "may be a meeting place for some of the scariest minds -- some of the biggest terrorist minds."

Kilmeade: "The next Hamburg cell could be right downtown."

Limbaugh suggests Park51 would be a "recruiting tool for domestic extremists."

and so it goes,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Is NOT Martin Luther King Jr. " I Have A Dream" VS Beck's Nightmare & Bloomberg Defending "Ground Zero Mosque"

Glenn Beck Is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.
bravenewfoundation | August 25, 2010

Sign our pledge and leave a comment to commit to stand with Martin Luther King Jr's vision, and against Glenn Beck's hate, on August 28th. Forty seven-years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream Speech". This year on that date, Glenn Beck will hold a rally in the very same location. The hate-filled tenor of Beck is in direct contrast to Dr. King's noble and unifying vision.

If anything given Beck's statements and actions is if any thing anti-Civil Rights movement of Martin Luther King Jr.
He is POD that a black man is president. So he conjures up various Nativist and racist conspiracy theories about President Obama- ie Manchurian Candidate, Terrorists in waiting anchor baby, or part of the Chicago Mobsters, an evil socialist , Communist , Fascist, Nazi ,collectivist and a hater of white People or White culture- doesn't sound like MLK - sounds more like the Grand Dragon of the New Friendlier Ku Klux Klan .

Beck’s racially tinged tirades did not disappear after he switched formats in 1999. During his first talk radio stint in Tampa, he often referred to the Rev. Jesse Jackson as “the stinking king of the race lords.” Most recently, Beck has worked to resuscitate the names of famously anti-civil rights figures from the history of his adopted Mormon faith. He has respectfully played tapes of Ezra Taft Benson, who thought Martin Luther King was a communist agent out to destroy the Mormon Church (and who once wrote the foreward to a book of race hate whose cover illustration featured the severed, bloody head of an African American). Beck has also implored his viewers to read the “divinely inspired” books of W. Cleon Skousen, another John Birch Society fantasist who believed that the civil rights movement was part of a worldwide Communist (and, later, “New World Order”) conspiracy.

Above quote from:
Glenn Beck's Racism Is an Affront to MLK's "I Have a Dream" Vision by Alexander Zaitchik SPLC via AlterNet.org August 24, 2010

TheYoungTurks | August 20, 2010-takes on Glenn Beck's Nightmare vs MLKs Dream

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC mocks Glenn Beck's planned MLK rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

This speech by Bloomberg is more in line with Martin Luther King Jr.
Awesome Bloomberg 'Mosque' Speech -Cenk Uygur The Toung Turks TYT

Ed Schultz: Glenn Beck is Distorting Dr. King's Dream

golefttv | August 26, 2010

Glenn Beck is distorting Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream. On top of that, he's endangering elected officials by allowing bloggers to post elected Democrat politicians' home addresses. Ed Schultz addresses this and more in last nights "Fired Up" segment.

and on Glenn Beck's racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Homophobia, hyper-patriotism, ubernationalism and Nativist views are at the center of Glenn Beck's call for American renewal. That is he wants to return America to the pre-Civil Rights era when minorities in America knew their place and the White Christian Americans rightfully in Glenn's view ruled as being superior to all other hyphenated Americans.

Glenn Beck's Racism Is an Affront to MLK's "I Have a Dream" Vision by Alexander Zaitchik SPLC via AlterNet.org August 24, 2010

Despite his lame efforts to try to capitalize on the MLK legacy at an upcoming DC rally, Glen Beck can not hide his deep seated racism.

America, the first step in your spiritual and political redemption is finally at hand.

Or so Glenn Beck would have us believe. After an eight-month build-up that began at an Orlando retirement community last November, Beck is now making the final preparations for his “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall, scheduled to begin early on Saturday morning with a salute and a prayer in front of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of the Fox News host’s loyal fans.

On a stage at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, Beck will headline a bevy of conservative guest speakers familiar to his radio and television audiences. Most notable among them will be Sarah Palin, whose political career received early and enthusiastic support from Beck. Despite the event’s sponsorship by the NRA, the host maintains the rally will be a “non-political” event, meant to honor American troops overseas and grounded in the nonpartisan themes of “faith, hope, and charity.”

...Far from being a civil rights icon, Glenn Beck has built his empire and fame in part by being a master divider along racial lines. Especially since the inauguration of Barack Obama on the eve of his Fox News debut, Beck has emerged as the media’s boldest manipulator of white racial anxieties, fears and prejudice. His willingness “to go there” has even earned him grudging respect from hardcore white nationalists who usually have little patience for major media.

and his racist tirades span his Media career:

Throughout his career in Top 40 radio, Beck was known for his imitations of “black guy” characters and racist tropes. According to Beck’s former colleagues in the late 90s, this included mocking unarmed blacks shot and killed by white police officers. Such was the case of Malik Jones, the victim of a controversial killing that took place in 1997.

“After the shooting, Beck sometimes did a racist shtick,” remembers Paul Bass, a former radio host and Beck colleague at a Clear Channel station cluster in New Haven. “Glenn did routines about Jones’ grandmother being on crack. Generally he made fun of his family and the loss of life -- as joke routines.”

Beck’s racially tinged tirades did not disappear after he switched formats in 1999. During his first talk radio stint in Tampa, he often referred to the Rev. Jesse Jackson as “the stinking king of the race lords.” Most recently, Beck has worked to resuscitate the names of famously anti-civil rights figures from the history of his adopted Mormon faith. He has respectfully played tapes of Ezra Taft Benson, who thought Martin Luther King was a communist agent out to destroy the Mormon Church (and who once wrote the foreward to a book of race hate whose cover illustration featured the severed, bloody head of an African American). Beck has also implored his viewers to read the “divinely inspired” books of W. Cleon Skousen, another John Birch Society fantasist who believed that the civil rights movement was part of a worldwide Communist (and, later, “New World Order”) conspiracy.

and so it goes,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bombing Mecca And other Atrocities - Islamophobes Envisage & Canada's Move To The Racist Right???

Bob Beers suggests bombing Mecca to teach the Muslims and Arabs etc. a lesson.

Some have posited that if something happened to the idol, the world’s Muslims would riot, throwing the world into gory chaos. They may be partially right, but not all would do this and if the world’s armies were diligent, it would be a good way of clearing out the villains. Even with that, I think the world would be better off because the Islamofascists would no longer have any hope of making it to their 72 virgins, regardless of how many school children they slaughtered. You cannot sacrifice to an idol that doesn’t exist.

If I were President this is what I would tell the Saudis, If one more terrorist incident happens in the US by any sect of your religion, even if you didn’t order it, say goodbye to your temple. Do you think there would be a few orders sent out to the training camps?

Well, at least I can dream.

Quote of Bob Beers from article :Bob Beers: How About We Bomb Mecca by Garibaldi at loonwatch.com january 4, 2010

"The Koran makes it very clear. If you see an infidel, you are to kill him" Pat Robertson

"a concept of nonviolence is absent from Muslim doctrine and practice"
Samuel Huntington
Know that God is with those who exercise restraint Qur'an 2:194

"There is no compulsion in matters of faith"
and if unbelievers "send you guarantees of peace, know that God has not given a license (to fight them)" (Qur'an 4:90; 4:94) (Qur'an 2:256; 10;99; 19.29)

( see" The Clash of Civilization: Samuel P. Huntington, Bernard Lewis , and the Remaking of Post-Cold War World Order " by John Trumpbour pp. 101-102 in The new Crusades Constructing The Muslim Enemy Emran Qureshi & Michael A. Sells pub. 2003.)

So is there really a Clash of Civilizations or a clash between the American and Western Imperialism and the rest of the world ???

Given the propaganda pouring out of the Pentagon and the Media we should not be surprised by this suggestion or threat by Bob Beers (or below as Tom Tancredo also argues in 2005) that Bombing Mecca would send a strong message to the Muslim world.
It is not surprising since again and again the American public are told that Islam is either an "Evil Religion" or that it is being used by Satanic forces to destroy Western Civilization and Christianity and Judaism.
Or we are informed that Islam is not a religion at all but rather a political ideology of totalitarianism -it is anti-democracy, anti-human rights, anti-individual freedom and is anti-pluralism and anti-multiculturalism .
By referring to it as Totalitarian in nature this is handy as a way to extend the clash between the West and Totalitarian Communism of the Soviet Union ( The Mongolian Hoardes/ Rus/Huns /Barbarians ) and the People's Republic of China ( the Yellow Peril/ )

Islam we are told is a backward religion stuck in the 7th century while The West is a more enlightened civilization.

So they tell us that most of the wars fought by the West were wars in fact instigated by the Islamic countries .
The Crusades were a response to Muslim attacks on Christians in the Middle East or those on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and that Muslim armies had destroyed Christian churches.
The Islamophobes ' propagandists perpetuate the myth that the West has always acted justly to all of its own peoples and also treated justly and fairly the Islamic dominated nations .
So did the Muslims force the West to take part in the slave trade or did they force the West in its conquest of foreign lands to indulge in wholesale slaughter of the Indigenous people in the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and so on.
Did the Christians divided into the Protestants and Catholics slaughter one another over the centuries due to the diabolical conspiracies hatched by the Mullahs and Emirs of Islam.

The Islamophobes are now trying to convince a naive and ignorant public that there was little or no anti-Semitism in Western Civilization.
They argue that it was the Muslims who tutored Hitler about the evils of the Jewish people and gave him the idea for oppressing the Jews of Europe culminating in the Final Solution.(see Pam Geller, Robert Spencer et al)
( Note they refuse to accept that Hitler's anti-Semitism. his notions about race , anti-liberalism, anti-pluralism, anti-homosexuality anti-Feminism , Eugenics, Hyper-Nationalism were products of so called superior Western Civilization)
Or why was it that so many Christian European Nations France, Poland, Croatia, Serbia were all too willing to send the Jews in their countries into the Nazis Modernized Assembly line of death.(and now we get neo-nazis such Geert Wilders & the BNP who want marginalize if not expel all the foreign elements/ peoples ie Muslims in Europe to purify European Christian Civilization.

Did the Muslims also have such an influence in the West that they were able to convince the English to oust all Jews from its land in 1215 or from other European countries.
The Islamophobes tell us that the Jews in Europe were treated fairly and justly whereas the Jews were treated unfairly and unjustly in Muslim dominated countries.

In European countries it was common practice to limit the rights of all Jews , to prevent their entrance into certain professions and to insist the Jews lived together in Ghettos in the cities of Europe or only in certain sections of a country and the Jews were often at the mercy of the ruling class and the Christian Mobs who would slaughter Jewish citizens on the slightest pretext or will rumor.

It should be obvious to anyone who knows even a little about European History that this is all nonsense .
Comparatively Jews in Muslim nations in fact fared much better in those countries than they did in the countries of Christendom.
One can argue that anti-Semitism was embedded in Christianity from its very beginnings back to the Early Church Fathers and even to the Gospels themselves.
Whereas Islam had no such competing hatred and suspicion of all Jews.
Even when Muhammad executed a number of Jewish Arabs at Medina he did so not because they were Jews but because their particular tribe made up of Jews broke their word to Muhammad and his followers and betrayed them in order to help Muhammad's enemies who amassed an army from Mecca to attack Muhammad and his followers and his allies .
It should be noted that in fact included among Muhammad's allies at Medina were a number of Tribes made up entirely of Jews who kept their word and either joined the Prophet Muhammad or kept neutral and did not betray Muhammad.

The Islamophobe & their media propagandists are rewriting history even now claiming the Final Solution & the Holocaust/Shoah came from Islamic leaders who influenced Hitler and the Nazis.
Now they claim that the Communism of the Soviet Union and of China are merely extensions of Islamic totalitarianism.

Didn't people at one time blame the Jews for all the ills of humankind.
Yes they did the Anti-Semites in the Christian Churches preached against the Jews for over a thousand years but now the new Pro-Zionist Evangelical Christians are out to rewrite history by expunging any hint of anti-Semitism in Christian Europe or the New World of the Americas.
Before World War II anti-Semitism was the norm throughout Western Civilization or Christendom and the Americas.
Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Anarchism, liberalism, collectivism, is now seen as the creations of the sneaky Muslims and their 1400 year old stealth campaign to destroy the West.
The Muslims as the all-encompassing all powerful enemy who are conspiring to destroy the supposedly superior and enlightened Civilization of the West have replaced the once all encompassing all powerful and secretive Jews who had supposedly infiltrated the West to control it for their own agenda.

How dreams become nightmares
How About We Bomb Mecca? By Bob Beers Canada Free Press Via Loonwatch.com November 6, 2010

Major Malik Hassan, after being transferred from Walter Reed Hospital to Fort Hood decided to celebrate his promotion and transfer by shouting “God is great” in Arabic while gunning down a dozen of his fellow soldiers.
How many more innocents must be killed by islamofascists before that glorified cult is recognized for what it is? Adherents of the world’s most violent and intolerant religion flew terrified passengers into the World Trade Center’s towers screaming the same line Hassan yelled out as the coward machine-gunned down his fellow soldiers. Nearly every day we read about some innocent young girl being killed by her own relatives because she “dishonored” her family by doing something non-Islamic. I have come to believe that a devout Muslim is incapable of anything close to real love. A loving father would die to save his daughter’s life, not the honor of a phony religion. In reality they more closely resemble trained beasts rather than people. People simply do not act in that fashion on a regular basis. People have aberrations and in some cases will act stupidly or violently, but unless there is a real problem with their mental/emotional makeup they do not act as an Islamist does.

Before you come out of the woodwork to accuse me of not knowing what I’m writing about, let me assure you that I do. I spent a number of years studying comparative religion, including the one started by an Arab thief/con man/thug/pedophile named Muhammad. The worship of the Babylonian Moon God Allah was at one time a minor religion among hundreds in the Babylonian Empire. The followers of that religion had to make a pilgrimage to the temple each year and touch the idol of Allah in order to keep their ticket to heaven active. When Muhammad fanatically decided to revitalize his fading religion, the remnant of the idol was placed in Mecca where it still rests as the so-called “black rock”. Followers of Islam still must pay homage to that idol in order to fulfill their religious duty. If that duty is unfulfilled, they are out. So, what if the rock no longer exists? Hmmm? An interesting thought.

Some have posited that if something happened to the idol, the world’s Muslims would riot, throwing the world into gory chaos. They may be partially right, but not all would do this and if the world’s armies were diligent, it would be a good way of clearing out the villains. Even with that, I think the world would be better off because the Islamofascists would no longer have any hope of making it to their 72 virgins, regardless of how many school children they slaughtered. You cannot sacrifice to an idol that doesn’t exist.

If I were President this is what I would tell the Saudis, If one more terrorist incident happens in the US by any sect of your religion, even if you didn’t order it, say goodbye to your temple. Do you think there would be a few orders sent out to the training camps?
Well, at least I can dream.
And his dream and that of other Islamophobes have turned into a nightmare for the Muslim world especially for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. which includes 1,400,ooo dead Iraqis and now these enlightened Christians and Jews want to Bomb Iran and even make jokes about it on Fox News-you see according to Fox, Beck, Palin, Gingrich killing Muslims is somehow funny and besides they claim it is not the same as killing people in the West.
Remember they believe all Muslims are soulless Zombies who must be wiped out or at least contained and that each government in the West must be vigilant in rooting out any Muslims from positions of authority and those who defend them and who are "Fellow Travelers" .

But Bob beers was not the first to suggest bombing Mecca to teach the Muslims a lesson Tom Tancredo made the same suggestion in 2005 :

Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca AP July 18,2005

DENVER — A Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (search) made his remarks Friday on WFLA-AM in Orlando, Fla. His spokesman stressed he was only speaking hypothetically.

Talk show host Pat Campbell (search) asked the Littleton Republican how the country should respond if terrorists struck several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons.

"Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites," Tancredo answered.

"You're talking about bombing Mecca," Campbell said.

"Yeah," Tancredo responded.

The congressman later said he was "just throwing out some ideas" and that an "ultimate threat" might have to be met with an "ultimate response."

And yes in Canada not only Islamophobia is on the rise but also a more negative and xenophobic views on immigrants and refugees. The ship MV Sun Sea which wants to dock in Canada is carrying 492 refugees from war torn Sri Lanka and most Canadians are against allowing these people in as refugees before they even consider what these refugees motives are. These are not economic refugees but refugees from a war torn country caught between an oppressive draconian corrupt regime and The Tamil Tigers who are themselves somewhat ruthless who according to their critics are more like the murderous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia in their fanaticism.
see the very intense and disturbing film about this period in CambodiaThe Killing Fields

So not such a nice place to live at the moment . And whichever version one prefers the prognosis is not good.

Has Canada now decided to be as unwelcome to refugees as it was from 1933 to 1958 when the Jews of Germany were trying to escape the oppression of the Nazi state. At that time the head of Canadian Immigration was asked how many Jews would Canada allow in as refugees and the distinguished department head proclaimed infamously "None is Too Many " ( read the book or CBC Doc.)

So the author who is a conservative American style celebrates Canadians becoming more Xenophobic more racist & Nativist-Under Mr. Harper this is where the country is headed. Is his party or fellow travelers trying to fuel the fires of racism. Or have Canadians just changed or has Canada always had its fair share of bigotry and xenophobia .

In Canada, the times they are a changin’ By Arthur Weinreb at Canada Free Press Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Or at least they appear to be. If three recent events are any indication, Canadians seem to be moving to the right. Perhaps this is an aberration; it’s too early to tell. On the other hand it could be a preview of things to come.

In early August, as the MV Sun Sea was making its way to the west coast carrying 492 Tamil “refugees”, a poll was conducted by Leger Marketing. Fifteen hundred Canadians were asked whether the Tamils should be allowed to come into Canada or whether the ship should be turned away. In Canada, where tolerance and diversity is worshipped as a deity, 60% of respondents told the pollster that the ship should be kept from reaching Canadian shores.

What was shocking about the poll was the fact that over half (52%) of those who were in favour of not allowing the Tamils to come to Canada identified themselves as NDP supporters. Even a significant amount of dippers seem to be moving to the right. Seventy-four per cent of respondents who thought the ship should be turned back said they support the Conservatives while less than half (49%) of Liberals were in favour of not letting the Tamils reach Canada’s shore.

The poll is an indication that a majority of Canadians are fed up with the country being such a soft touch for those who seek a quick entry into Canada. They are sick of Liberal Party politicians appearing at Tamil rallies, where flags of the Tamil Tigers, an organization that has been declared a terrorist group in Canada, are proudly flown. While not all of the 492 passengers on the ship will be found to be terrorists, there is no doubt that some of them are. They are coming to Canada because we’re an easy mark and they will have years to remain in the country and raise funds for their terrorist group.

and so it goes,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Islamophobia in Canada & "Canada Free Press" & Armed Christians At Qur'an Burning

Islamophobia Racism in Canada

At Islamophobia Watch.com
see more entries on Islamophobia in Canada at Islamophobia Watch

OTTAWA — Racist graffiti has marred a sign marking the future site of a mosque in Barrhaven. The messages – "F*** Muslims," "Ragheads Go" – and a swastika were spray painted onto the sign at 3020 Woodroffe Ave., near Claridge Drive, between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Anyway Islamophobia is not exclusive to the United States it is apparent in many other countries and as the defaced sign shows Canada is not immune to harboring large groups Islamophobes .
And one should take note that not all Islamophobes are on the political right or belong to a right-wing Evangelical or Pentecostal sect.
Though millions of Christians are convinced Islam is a violent religion which is anti-democratic anti-human rights.
They are also convinced President Obama is not an American citizen and that he is a secret Muslim who is waging a stealth Jihad against America.
But not all Christians believe this nonsense and hopefully know better.
Unfortunate these more reasonable Christians have mostly been silent since 911 attacks.
But their voices are especially neede now to help stem the tide Islamophobia bigotry which could lead to MuslimAmericans or even Muslim Canadians to lose their basic rights to be insulted in public with impunity to beat up Muslims and getting a light sentence.
As the saying goes We have seen the enemy and it is us.
By remaining unaffected by Muslim bashing and remaining silent we all become tacitly complicit in these crimes.

Some who adhere to at least some of the negative stereotyping are in fact individuals who otherwise would be labeled "liberal". or "progressive" or even far left.
Liberals and progressive get lured into this sort of ideology through their concern over human rights including women's rights . They hear these true-life horror stories and then extrapolate from these incidences to be indicative of how all Muslim men treat women and that this comes directly from Muhammad's Teachings The Qur'an and Hadith sayings .

aside :(And this is not justified since the Prophet Muhammad speaks about human dignity and that all are equal no one is superior to another.
He believed for instance that the community or state had the responsibility to take care of the poor, the infirm ,orphans and widows. )

But it can quickly become a slippery slope .

So one goes from questioning the headscarf and burqa to should there be a mosque in your neighborhood to should the Qur'an be banned -if as some do compare the Qur'an as much the same sort of propaganda as Mein Kampf then one questions whether it should be banned or not permitted in schools or not displayed in bookstores .
Or Qur'ans could have warnings on their covers like one does with toxic products may destroy your mind, your life turning into a religious fanatic going door to door like a good little Zombie shilling for Islam competing with the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses or local Evangelicals standing in front of your house or apartment building using a Cleansing Prayer to banish the Demons from your home and from your family's souls- (personally I never found these people threatening or maybe they too are part of an ancient conspiracy begun by Muhammad to take over America and Canada (not so much).

Or one could insist that the Media not speak in favorable terms but if so there should be a disclaimer or warning indicating that in reality the Qur'an is a dangerous book.

Or we could insist on equal time just like the Creationists or Intelligent Design crazies whenever Darwin is mentioned in the Media in Hollywood, in the schools and the pulpits . Well at least once they take power . They are out of power at the moment and that's when they can become unpredictable.

Liberals and Progressives should ask themselves is the road they want to take.
If they instead just add to the criticisms of Islam and all Muslims they merely increase the noise which adds to this toxic climate of fear distrust and anger.
Their silence emboldens the Islamophobes and their Know-Nothings

Yes even liberals or progressives can drift towards such prejudices bit by bit.
It becomes difficult to resist an idea which has become ubiquitous -TV, Radio, newspapers, Internet to websites, blogs, Tweeter, Facebook, YouTube and the pulpit, in government , the military etc.
Anti-Semitism was spread in the same way for over two thousand years of a constant drumming of the Churches preaching hatred and fear of the Jewish People claiming they are all guilty of Deicide killing Jesus.

Now the new target is Islam which is being demonized in the same way as the Jews or Native Americans or Africans who were needed as slaves or the People of the Philippines or Mexicans and so on.

The racist in this case Islamophobes will use any tool or trick in the book -the manual for racists such as appealing to issues which would increase their numbers so they appeal to the concerns of various groups from Evangelical Christians to secularists, to ethnic groups to finding issues which would pique the interests of liberals and progressives.

For instance after hearing about how women in some Muslim countries are treated such as in Afghanistan or Iran . Women in some countries are treated as second class citizens or are viewed as mere property they have few if any rights - Note not all Muslim countries impose such draconian laws.

But the damage is done whenever someone lumps together all Muslims as they extrapolate from these disturbing and immoral incidences of misogyny and human rights violations thereby perceiving all Muslims as behaving in this manner and believing that their religion gives them justification for their injustices .
There are Christians who interpret the Bible as telling them to go to war to mass murder a million Iraqis or two million Vietnamese or carpet bombing towns , villages, entire cities in the name of God to destroy Evil Islam .
If Islam is Evil and of the Devil or the Anti-Christ or a soulless people who do not value life in the way that Christians and Westerners do.

Islamophobia Racism in Canada
At Islamophobia Watch.com
see more entries on Islamophobia in Canada at Islamophobia Watch

OTTAWA — Racist graffiti has marred a sign marking the future site of a mosque in Barrhaven. The messages – "F*** Muslims," "Ragheads Go" – and a swastika were spray painted onto the sign at 3020 Woodroffe Ave., near Claridge Drive, between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Ottawa Citizen, 30 April 2010

Canada Free Press an extreme right-wing publication and Website blames Muslims for the rise in Islamophobia and distrust and hatred of all Muslims. But the author avoids the fact that there were those hyping hatred of Muslims long before the so called Ground Zero Mosque was proposed.
If much of the angst over Islam and Muslims is based upon over generalizations and guilt by association or collective guilt and ignorance about Islam it is up to cooler heads to to calm down the mobs who may be ready to take these issues and the conspiracy theories of the Anti-Muslim extremist seriously and take the next step performing acts of violence or calling for special laws to curb the rights of all Muslims in America , Canada and Europe.

Ground Zero Mosque: Beyond insensitive, it is insulting
By Rev. Michael Bresciani Canadian Free Press , August 24, 2010

If carried to extremes the new drive toward tolerance can be just another name for perversion. The old adage about “adding insult to injury” has become an American reality under the divisive policies and socialistic leanings of the Obama administration.

Now those who want to become the bastions of tolerance in America (Muslims) have decided to call Americans who are resisting the mosque, bigots. This doubletalk is not new for the Muslims but it is now a case of whining meets historical precedent and American heritage.

If it could be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that all those who don’t want this mosque in New York are dyed in the wool Islamophobes, reason would compel us to ask the question of how they got that way in the first place.

To be fair, wasn’t it the Muslims who kicked the first ball in this deadly game of someone else’s religion and culture against America? Wouldn’t the attack on the Trade Towers go down as the first home court injury to America? That being preceded by attacks on embassies, shopping centers, transportation systems and other places around the world; so is there some unfounded source for fearing or showing caution about the spread of Islam? Unless you have a very short memory, nothing in our caution can legitimately be labeled “unfounded.”

Let’s give honesty a chance here; there is no chance that this fear was born of bigotry. In a world where the laws of reciprocation (reaping what you sow) are still fully intact should anyone wonder why fear, defensiveness and repulsion are the response to what Islam is introducing to the world or to our nation?

Crusades Redux: Armed Christian Group to Guard Burn Koran Day 24 August 2010 by Garibaldi at Loonwatch.com,August 24, 2010

A group that proudly calls itself Right Wing Extreme has pledged to protect a church in Gainesville , Florida that is planning to hold a Koran burning on 9/11, according to WorldCorrespondents.com, which reports as follows.

“This Press Release entitled “Armed Christian Conservative group to protect church during burning of Quran” was shared to us by Prince Shannon Carson of Right Wing Extreme.

The Christian conservative organization Right Wing Extreme has offered its support and protection for the International Burn a Quran day.

Right Wing Extreme was founded in April of 2009 after the Department of Homeland Security’s report titled Right Wing Extremism.”

Unlike the infamous cross burnings of the Ku Klux Klan which were often staged on the property of opponents to intimidate them, the Koran burning will be held on the premises of Dove Ministries International, with their enthusiastic consent. The only laws that could be used against such an event would probably deal with air pollution rather than objectionable political expression. A case might be made that the Koran burning is a disturbance of the peace.

Unlike the Mohammed cartoon disputeof 2005, which sparked bloody riots, American Muslims have responded to the Dove Ministries provocation with American style media savvy. The Book of Signs Foundation has pledged to distribute 50 free Korans for every copy burned on 9/11. This puts Dove Ministries in a quandary. The bigger and more successful their Koran burning is, the more free copies will be distributed of the Koran.

Most Muslims in America seem to recognize that struggles for the hearts and minds of believers involve arguing and presenting one’s point of view. It is doubtful that a single Muslim will alter or change his or her faith because of the burning of the Koran.

In America, people missionize their religion and their politics. Book burnings of any sort turn people off. The scariest thing to any religious fanatic is the freedom one has in America to practice, change or reject one’s faith.

There are people who get their jollies desecrating the symbol of someone else’s faith, such as Andres Serrano in his infamous “Piss Christ” exhibit, in which he suspended a crucifix in a jar of urine. Most Americans, from devout Christians to avowed atheists and members of non Christian faiths, were disgusted by Serrano’s gratuitous slap at Christian believers. Most Americans feel the same way about the Koran burners at Dove Ministries as well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planned Ground Zero Mosque & The Mosque That is There And America's Growing Hatred Of All Muslims

Mosque At Ground Zero since before 9/11 attacks

The Ground Zero mosque that was there before Ground Zero by Paul Woodward at War in Context on August 22, 2010

If two blocks away from the site of the World Trade Center can be described as “at Ground Zero” then so can three blocks away.

Do those who now object to the construction of a new Islamic center also favor that the existing mosque be removed?

In all likelihood, most Americans who object to Park51 don’t even know that there is already a mosque nearby — one that opened the same year as the World Trade Center and now lacks sufficient space for all those Muslims living and working in the area who wish to gather for prayer. Neither would they know that one of the staunchest defenders of the project is the Jewish Congressman who represents the district, Jerry Nadler.

Unlike the rest of the Democrats in the New York congressional delegation, who have said as little as possible about the issue, Nadler has unabashedly supported the congregation’s right to build the mosque.

“It’s only a slap in the face if you think that the people in the congregation are responsible for al-Qaeda,” Nadler said as he sat in his office, where outdated posters, some featuring the Twin Towers, hung on the wall.

A staunch defender of Israel, Nadler said that it is logical that he is fighting for the rights of a Muslim congregation that he said he might very well vehemently disagree with. “Jews, of all people, should know that we have to support religious liberty,” he said. “Because if you can block a mosque, you can block a synagogue.”

Ignorance Islamophobia bigotry The GOP Tea Partiers & Fox News Triumph
What is happening in America is the result of a decade of hatred towards Islam and all Muslims including Muslim Americans.

As Glenn Greenwald points out that America has been committing one crime after another following the 9/11 attack .

By deeming Islam and all Muslims as potential terrorists and thereby demonizing Muslims this then rationalizes whatever America does to Muslims or those defending Muslims.

So torture, murder, abuse, indefinite detention, renditions , killing the elderly, the infirm , children , women and other non-combatants its all OK since Islam is not just mistaken in its views but is "EVIL" according to its detractors .

Islam is they claim anti-Democracy, intolerant of other faiths and is working against Jesus and Christianity . Therefore they suggests Islam is of the devil or the anti-Christ and must be destroyed.

Why is it they overlook any passages in the Qur'an or Hadith which command Muslims to be respectful of Christians and Jews since they "The peoples of the Book" ( Bible ) Muhammad refers to Moses Abraham, David , Soloman and all the prophets of the Israelites as being the Prophets of the same God as the God of the Prophet Muhammad which Muhammad calls Allah. Muhammad refers to Jesus as one of the great prophets . But Muhammad and Islam agree with the Jews that Jesus may have been a prophet but he was not the Messiah or the Son of God. But Buddhists, Hindus and other faiths also deny Jesus' divinity.

So who are the intolerant ones ?

A million innocent Muslims in Iraq have paid the price for the attacks on 9/11 which Saddam and Iraq had nothing to do with it.

"To kill one innocent person it is as if one had murdered the whole of humankind"

Because of this did We ordain unto the children of Israel that if anyone slays a human being-unless it be [in punishment] for murder or for spreading corruption on earth-it shall be as though he had slain all mankind; whereas, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind. And, indeed, there came unto them Our apostles with all evidence of the truth: yet, behold, notwithstanding all this, many of them go on committing all manner of excesses on earth.
Qur'an Sura 5/32

Just by suggesting that America was wrong to go to war with Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan or soon Iran is to be characterized as pro-Terrorists.

Anyone who even suggests Islam is a world religion which deserves respect and is not the fountainhead of all evil will be characterized as anti-Christian anti-Israel anti-Western Civilization as a quisling appeaser and pro-terrorists.

The "Mosque" Debate is Not a "Distraction" by Glenn Greenwald Salon.com Via Common Dreams.org, August 23, 2010

Opponents of the Park51 Islamic community center held a rally yesterday in Lower Manhattan, and a 4-minute video, posted below, reveals the true sentiments behind this campaign. It has little to do with The Hallowed Ground of the World Trade Center -- that's just the pretext -- and everything to do with animosity toward Muslims. I dislike the tactic of singling out one or two objectionable people or signs at a march or rally in order to disparage the event itself. That's not what this video is. Rather, it shows the collective sentiment of those gathered, as well as what's driving the broader national backlash against mosques and Muslims far beyond Ground Zero.

The episode in the video begins when, as John Cole put it, "some black guy made the mistake of looking Muslimish and was harassed and nearly assaulted by the collection of lily white mouth-breathers at the event . . . At about 25 seconds in, he quite astutely points out to the crowd that 'All y'all dumb motherfuckers don’t even know my opinion on shit'." As this African-American citizen (whom the videographer claims is a union carpenter who works at Ground Zero) is instructed to leave by what appears to be some sort of security or law enforcement official, the crowd proceeds to yell: "he musta voted for Obama," "Mohammed's a pig," and other assorted charming anti-mosque slogans. I really encourage everyone to watch this to see the toxicity this campaign has unleashed:

and he notes that opposition to Mosques and Muslim Americans has spread across the United States and this is a toxic and dangerous environment being created fueled by the GOP and Right Wing Media Fox News etc.

...The intense animosity toward Muslims driving this campaign extends far beyond Ground Zero, and manifests in all sorts of significant and dangerous ways. In June, The New York Times reported on a vicious opposition campaign against a proposed mosque in Staten Island. Earlier this month, Associated Press documented that "Muslims trying to build houses of worship in the nation's heartland, far from the heated fight in New York over plans for a mosque near ground zero, are running into opponents even more hostile and aggressive." And today, The Washington Post examines anti-mosque campaigns from communities around the nation and concludes that "the intense feelings driving that debate have surfaced in communities from California to Florida in recent months, raising questions about whether public attitudes toward Muslims have shifted."

...The Park51 conflict is driven by, and reflective of, a pervasive animosity toward a religious minority -- one that has serious implications for how we conduct ourselves both domestically and internationally. Yesterday, ABC News' Christiane Amanpour decided to let Americans hear about this dispute from actual Muslims behind the project (compare that, as Jay Rosen suggested, to David Gregory's trite and typically homogenous guest list of Rick Lazio and Jeffrey Goldberg and you see why there's so much upset caused by Amanpour). One of those project organizers, Daisy Kahn, said this during her ABC interview:

This is like a metastasized anti-Semitism. That's what we feel right now. It's not even Islamophobia; it's beyond Islamophobia. It's hate of Muslims, and we are deeply concerned.

...If Park51 ends up moving or if opponents otherwise succeed in defeating it, it will seriously bolster and validate the ugly premises at the heart of this campaign: that Muslims generally are responsible for 9/11, Terrorism justifies and even compels our restricting the equals rights and access of Americans Muslims, and more broadly, the animosity and suspicions towards Muslims generally are justified, or at least deserving of respect. As Aziz Poonawalla put it: "if the project does fail, then I think that the message that will be sent is that bigotry and fear of Muslims is not just permitted, it is effective."

That's exactly the message that will be sent, and that's what makes this conflict so significant. Obviously, not all opponents of Park51 are as overtly hateful as those in that video -- and not all opponents are themselves bigots -- but the position they've adopted is inherently bigoted, as it seeks to impose guilt and blame on a large demographic group for the aberrational acts of a small number of individual members. And one thing is certain: if this campaign succeeds, it will proliferate and the sentiments driving it will become even more potent. Hatemongerers always become emboldened when they triumph.

...The animosity and hatred so visible here extends far beyond the location of mosques or even how we treat American Muslims. So many of our national abuses, crimes and other excesses of the last decade -- torture, invasions, bombings, illegal surveillance, assassinations, renditions, disappearances, etc. etc. -- are grounded in endless demonization of Muslims. A citizenry will submit to such policies only if they are vested with sufficient fear of an Enemy. There are, as always, a wide array of enemies capable of producing substantial fear (the Immigrants, the Gays, and, as that video reveals, the always-reliable racial minorities), but the leading Enemy over the last decade, in American political discourse, has been, and still is, the Muslim.

That's why the population is willing to justify virtually anything that's done to "them" without much resistance at all, and it's why very few people demand evidence from the Government before believing accusaitons that someone is a Terrorist: after all, if they're Muslim, that's reason enough to believe it. Hence, the repeated, mindless mantra that those in Guantanamo -- or those on the Government's "hit list" -- are Terrorists even in the absence of evidence and charges, and even in the presence of ample grounds for doubting the truth of those accusations.

And there's no end in sight: the current hysteria over Iran at its core relies -- just as the identical campaign against Iraq did -- on the demonization of a whole new host of Muslim villains. A population that is constantly bombarded with tales of Muslim Evil (they want to kill your children and explode a nuclear suitcase in your neighborhood) will be filled with fear and hatred -- sentiments always exacerbated during times of economic strife and uncertainty -- and very well-primed to lash out. That's the decade-long brew that has led to this purely irrational, hate-driven demand that they not be allowed to desecrate and infect the Sacred, Hallowed Space of Ground Zero (the religious terminology used to talk about 9/11 is both creepy and no accident). This "debate" over Park51 is many things. An inconsequential "distraction" from what Really Matters is not one of them.

The arguments of those against the Ground Zero Mosque are dismantled in this article By Haroon Siddiqui.

Siddiqui: No grounds for ‘mosque’ hysteria by Haroon Siddiqui at The Star.com August 22,2010

The raging controversy over the “Ground Zero Mosque” is quintessentially American: free of facts and logic and unapologetically exploitative of emotional issues in the tradition of bare-knuckled partisan politics; yet also an occasion for responsible leaders to call on fellow Americans to live up to their highest ideals, despite the lingering trauma of 9/11 and the ravages of an economic crisis.

As he points out those planning the Mosque are not shady characters or would be terrorists :

...The initiators of the project are not “radical Islamists” and “jihadists” but rather Manhattanites, through and through.

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, who came to the U.S. as a child from Kuwait, is a graduate of Columbia University. A follower of Sufism, that mystical branch of Islam, he has been called “a Muslim Deepak Chopra” by someone who meant it as a compliment.

Rauf condemns violence, denounces anti-Semitism, attends Seders. He’s vice-chair of the Inter-Faith Center in New York. He did say that “the U.S. policies were an accessory to the crime” of 9/11 but has since been an adviser to the FBI and also helped the State Department promote the U.S. in the Muslim world.

His wife, Daisy Khan, sits on a board of a 9/11 memorial and museum.

The project developer, Sharif al-Gamal, was born in the U.S. and was injured on 9/11 delivering water bottles to emergency crews that fateful day.

...Opponents of the project have advanced several arguments.

• “The mosque” is an affront to the memory of 9/11 victims and should not be anywhere near the site.

This is based on the premise that all Muslims are collectively guilty for Sept. 11. This racist narrative — meant to deflect attention away from American foreign policies — has it that Muslims have not condemned terrorism enough, though they have, repeatedly and forcefully, and been the greatest victims of terrorism. Obama acknowledged both those truths when defending Park51.

• Why can’t “the mosque” be moved elsewhere?

The answer has been that doing so would be to concede to falsehood and discrimination. Besides, how far from Ground Zero would be far enough?

This is a political, not a religious matter. There’s nothing holy about Park51. Muslims can pray anywhere, in a clean space. Ironically, it’s the World Trade Center site that’s being bathed in sacredness. As a Republican contender for a House seat from West Virginia said: “Ground Zero is hallowed ground to Americans.”

• The West need not be nice to Muslims as long as Muslim countries persecute their minorities, such as Coptic Christians in Egypt, Baha’is in Iran, Chaldeans in Iraq, etc.

In other words, since they are awful, we should be as well. Democracies should behave like dictatorships.

• The project’s $100 million funding is suspect — the money may come from Saudi Arabia (15 of the 19 murderers of 9/11 were Saudis).

This innuendo is being circulated just as the U.S. is secretly negotiating a record $60-billion defence contract with Saudi Arabia. Saudi money is halal for armaments, haram for mosques.

• An inflammatory argument has been that all mosques, or most of the 1,900 ones in the U.S., are breeding grounds for extremism, terrorism and terrorists.

This theme has emerged in opposition to mosque projects in California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, New York state, Texas and Tennessee.

... The protesters include:

• Neo-cons and evangelicals hypercritical of Muslims. They bring in tow a handful of “ex-Muslims,” such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and known Islamophobes, such as Dutch politician Geert Wilders. They say that the real problem is Islam itself, Qur’an being so full of violence. (They have obviously never fully read the Bible.)

• Tea Party malcontents looking for scapegoats at a time when there’s little economic hope, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not going well — wars that for them were all about kicking ass.

• Obama haters, especially the fifth of Americans who believe the myth that he is a Muslim.

These groups are noisy but marginal. This is the opposite of Europe, where Islamophobia has gone mainstream. In North America, it is still held in disdain.

For more on Islamophobia and its cadre of bigots see Loonwatch .com and Islamophobe page at top of page.

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