Friday, July 09, 2010

GOP Says BP Is The Victim & Taxpayers Should Pay Costs Of Cleanup BP and Obama Regime's Restrictions on media coverage!!!

First a word from BP's defenders who believe government has no right to insist BP clean up the gulf and that investigating the disaster the Government has no right to even say that BP may have broken laws or broke its contract obligations to the American people.

Besides the US GOP ( Grand old party -Republican Party) & Neocons argue the mess in the gulf is not that bad and only COMMIE THUGS are concerned about the environment or the health and welfare of the American citizens in the Gulf.

And they tell us REAL AMERICANS support big business unconditionally . It is UNAMERICAN to criticize any business or corporation or CEO.

This is odd you see since Corporate bodies are to be treated as persons and as American citizens according to the US Supreme Court-( SCOTUS - Supreme Court of the United States)

Michelle Bachmann TAR BALLS -July 8, 2010

Tar balls of death have landed everywhere in the Gulf of Mexico. July 08 2010. More is certain.

The culprit, the Republican party, spent decades in bed with Big Oil, Big Banks, Big anything for money.

Without a single scruple, nor a whole brain between them, masters and stooges, sabotaged human advancement. Mutilating generations on Earth on behalf of greed.

OBAMA''S BP SHAKEDOWN #1 TRAGEDY cries Texas Republican Joe Barton on behalf of his corporate financiers.

Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, calls president Obama's action to insure BP pays its victims, extortion. Senator Johen Cornyn (TX) agrees and so does Newt Gingrich, a prominent leader of the Tar Balls aka Republican party.

Clips from PBS NewsHour, NBC, Rachel Maddow and the Ed shows, AP, Fox News and YouTube.

A video by Jon Ber.

BP and govt put restrictions on media coverage!!!

Obama admin bans press from filming BP oil spill areas in the Gulf

andd so it goes,

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