Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Rush Limbaugh Mullah Nancy Pelosi "? Beck" Hitler, Mussolini & Obama "No Difference" ? & Corporations Aren't People

Rush Limbaugh argues that re-election and other self-serving pragmatic concerns are more important than principles or taking a stand. To Limbaugh the game is getting elected and gaining power than doing what's best for the American people or for the nation. Limbaugh using his twisted logic criticizes Nancy Pelosi as some sort of radical extremist for suggesting that principle and doing the right thing should come before concern over re-election.

Media Matters: Rush: "Mullah Nancy Bin Pelosi ... is no different" than those who "convince all these people to put bombs on their kids"
March 01, 2010

Glenn Beck & the tin foil hat gang. Beck and his loyal minions are now convinced that "Democracy" is a bad thing because Obama used the system of democracy to get elected as did his the Democratic Party. Does he want a third party or just one party which is far to the right. What he and Limbaugh & others preach is that America would be better off without this encroaching evil notion of "Democracy". When Bush was in power they were all for democracy but now not so much. They keep calling for bipartisanship yet were not interested in Bipartisanship when Bush was in power with only a slight majority. Then they argued and agreed with President Bush that as Commander in Chief in wartime was the decider and could ignore critics only he and Cheney & Rumsfeld etc. knew what was best for the country even if this meant give massive contracts to their friends. Corruption is good when the Republicans do it but if one democrat is guilty of corruption they argue that all Democrats are corrupt .Basically what they appear to be saying is that the Democrats being in bed with liberals, leftists, progressives are equivalent to the Communist Party and therefore should not be permitted to control the government.
Beck agrees with caller who says "Marx and Hitler and Mussolini" were "modern-day forms of democracy"

And here is another video from Media Matters -Glenn Beck's Anti-Democracy Rant

The US Supreme court being dominated by UberConservatives appointed by Republican presidents from Reagan to Bush 1 & 2 it is therefore not surprising that they believe that Corporations should have the same rights as other citizens and that their rights supersede the public's rights. So regulating corporation in any way shape or form is a violation they believe of a corporations rights. Next as Glenn Beck would like is to outlaw labor unions outright or just change legislation etc. to render them powerless. So a corporation could not be forced to hire minorities or women or be made to pay a minimum wage or any benefits including vacations or working only 40 hour weeks or not permitted to hire children or developing strict safety regulations or environmental regulations since according to Glenn Beck Limbaugh, Hannity & other UberConservatives & the Tea Partiers all these rules and regulations do is interfere with a corporations right to maximize profits at any means necessary. A corporations profits trumps the rights of individual American citizens.

In the end they believe in returning to a 19th century form of Capitalism which existed prior to Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson & FDR the trinity of evil according to Glenn Beck et al. So they wish to reverse all so called Progressive worker friendly legislation and court rulings.

But this also means they want to undo other gains made by women or minorities in the past century. Women they believe should not be paid same as men in order to get them to return to their homes with their daddies or their husbands who are supposed to be according to tradition & the Bible the heads of any household.

David Swanson: Corporations Aren't People

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