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Col. West Call To Arms & Revolution While Liz Cheney Joins Newt Gingrich Arguing Attorneys Should Only Defend Good People OR Be Black-Listed

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UPDATE & EDIT 4:00 PM & 5:18 PM & 7:24 PM.March 7, 2010

First here's Colonel West joining Glenn Beck and others inciting his audience to arm and muster against the Obama/socialist/Communist UnAmerican administration. Col. West encourages his audience to meet in groups to decide how they will go about bringing down the Obama administration without saying that he rejects acts of violence . So here he is encouraging a revolution or civil war. His message is that Conservative Americans should get their weapons/musket to be ready to use their rifles with fixed bayonets against those who have taken control of America he believes under false pretenses and are therefore the Enemy of The People. If Obama and his administration are ignoring their oath to the Constitution then the citizens have not just the right but the duty to oust them by whatever means necessary.

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West
Oct. 19, 2009
Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West speaking at the American Freedom tour in Fort Lauderdale Florida at the Revolution Nightclub

Sean Hannity & Fox News creates a Narrative for Video that went viral by Col. West
Hannity & Fox focus on the message of self-reliance and Individualism by Col. West and yet ignored the call to arms by Col. West. In the video it is clear that Col. West isn't just bothered or disagrees with some of Obama's policies but as far as he is concerned President Obama usurped the presidency and is surrounded by the "Enemy Within" who need to brought down by any means necessary. But this part of the speech Hannity ignores . But it is the call to arms with fixed bayonets is more likely the reason the video went viral.

Neither Col. West nor Hannity bother to add any caveats to their position on Individualism & self-reliance . They ignore that there are some citizens who do need help from the federal or state government. West & Hannity one assumes believe that if someone is physically or mentally disabled that is not the concern of the federal or state or municipal governments or any other institution . So what they decry are laws about equal access such as building wheel chair ramps etc. If a child is under nourished or abused that is also none of the governments or the communities business. As Glenn Beck & others in the conservative movement have made clear is that the idea of community or society are views which are anti-thetical to American values.

Lt. Col. Allen West on Hannity Dec 15, 2009

Republicans & the Conservative Movement in America are Fear mongering against Muslims and anyone who dares to stand up for the rights of Muslim Americans . They argue for instance that any attorney who represents someone accused of terrorism should not be permitted to be employed by the US government and I presume be black-listed so that no Corporation or Law firm should to employ them or if employed they should be fired on the spot.

These attorney's according Dick Cheney and his evil spawn Liz Cheney wants to apply the McCarthyism of "Guilt By Association" So much for Americans welcoming to its country the huddled masses , the persecuted and the hungry etc. Nah they only want white Christians and maybe a few Jews to be allowed into the country.

Americans are bit loony about all this . For instance "Real Americans" think it is suspicious for people in public places to speak any language besides English. So if they want to speak another language they must do it in private at home with the curtains drawn I guess.

Keep America Safe: Who Are The Al Qaeda Seven?

The Young Turks takes on Unamerican s Liz Cheney Dick Cheney & Glenn Beck
Even Conservatives Agree -- Liz Cheney is Un-American-March 5, 2010

and Rachel Maddow does not disappoint and does a brilliant satirical piece on Liz Cheney that anyone who defends Terrorists are by Association Guilty of giving Aid to the enemy .

Looks like Dick Cheney & George W. Bush are part of Al-Qaeda - Just Check with Liz Cheney 's "Keep America SCARED" March 5, 2010
Maddow jokes that the DOJ, JAG, The Supreme Court etc. all infiltrated with Al Qaeda Attorney's bureaucrats & legislators.

see: End Notes-- and from YouTube user ProtectSouthOssetia
March 05, 2010on Liz Cheney & Al Qaeda in America:

and here's Newt Gingrich sowing the seeds of dissent, resistance and the overthrow of Obama's government by any means necessary. Victory or Death. This seems to be a call for Americans to arm and muster to join militias & patriot organizations such as The Oath Keepers or Alarm & Muster, Patriotic Resistance etc.
He tells conservatives that it is their duty to replace over 513,000 federal employees plus the 9th circuit court and any liberals, progressives or radicals which have positions anywhere in the federal government.

Gingrich says they must CRUSH and eradicate any such radicals whom he finds objectionable. And yet Gingrich compares Obama to Stalin, or Hitler or Mao but it is Gingrich who wants to have his own form of cultural revolution by which only "Real Americans" are left to be free-all others will have their freedoms restricted or eliminated as they do in countries such as Haiti, El Salvador or Afghanistan based upon religion, race or ideology. Only those who belong to American community organizations such as the Rotarians and the Knights of Columbus, the John Birchers, Young Americans for Freedom etc. should have their rights protected.

No atheist, agnostic or Pagan or Non-Christian or Non-Jew need apply. In his Barvew New World corporations, small businesses , landlords etc. should hire and fire or rent to or sell a house to whomever they wish and to discriminate against whomever they wish.

He also said in this speech on Nov. 17, 2009 basically the same thing as Liz Cheney did last week that any attorney who represented any Incarcerated Terrorist suspect should not be employed by any department in the US Federal government. They should be drummed out of the core if they belong to JAG and their names published as if they were child molesters.

To him and Liz Cheney attorneys should only be permitted to fight cases on behalf of good Christian or Jewish defendants who are innocent and who are in fact "Real Americans" that is White and religious. So all Public Defendants are to be regarded with suspicion. Maybe he prefers Glenn Beck's solution to captured terrorists "just shoot them in the head". So given his reasoning that if you are captured and incarcerated by the USA's military or the CIA, FBI or other members of the US government police forces that you are guilty as charged so lets just apply this to civil courts and police forces in America who also claim that they only stop and search suspicious people who are 99% guilty of something. For instance i once threw a rock on a dare through a school window therefore because I was and am guilty of this action I should have been locked up for life spending my days working with other inmates on a road-gang all chained together which is one of those sights which brings a smile to Gingrich's face as does looking at the lurid obscene photos from Abu Ghraib or watching torture tapes of accused incarcerated terrorist .

and from YouTube user ProtectSouthOssetia
March 05, 2010on Liz Cheney & Al Qaeda in America:

A furious effort by Liz Cheney to label seven Justice Department lawyers who previously defended Guantanamo detainees as terrorist sympathizers appears so contrary to the American legal tradition that it puts her at odds with the man responsible for getting her father elected vice president.

Back in January 2007, Ted Olson -- then a lawyer in private practice but previously a lead counsel in Bush v. Gore and solicitor general of the United States -- co-authored a short article for Legal Times in which he called efforts to demonize detainee defense lawyers as antithetical to American values.

"The ethos of the bar is built on the idea that lawyers will represent both the popular and the unpopular, so that everyone has access to justice. Despite the horrible Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this is still proudly held as a basic tenet of our profession," Olson wrote.
"When government officials are called 'war criminals' and when public-interest lawyers are called 'terrorist huggers,' it not only cheapens the discourse, it scrambles the dialogue. The best solutions to these difficult problems will emerge only when the best advocates, backed by weighty resources, bring their talents to bear. And the heavy work of creating solutions for these complicated issues can only move forward when the name-calling ceases."

Olson co-by lined the piece with Neal Katyal, now the Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States and himself a defender of Gitmo detainees' rights. Katyal won a key Supreme Court case challenging the legality of President Bush's military commissions.

The 2007 article specifically addressed remarks from a Pentagon official who, at the time, had called out firms by name for doing legal work on behalf of Gitmo detainees.
Over the past week, Liz Cheney's group, Keep America Safe, has launched a prodigious attack against the Obama Justice Department for hiring lawyers who, at one time or another, did legal work on behalf of terror suspects. Branding the group the "Al Qaeda Seven", Cheney was able to browbeat the department on Wednesday into releasing the names of the lawyers.

But on Wednesday evening, Aaron Harison, the executive director for Keep America Safe, released a statement demanding to know "whether lawyers who voluntarily flocked to Guantanamo to take up the cause of the terrorists are currently working on detainee issues in President Obama's Justice Department."

A spokesman for the department insisted that it would "not participate in an attempt to drag people's names through the mud for political purposes."

And while some Republican lawmakers, including namely Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), have fully embraced Keep America Safe's effort, others in the GOP have been more skittish.

Olson himself couldn't be reached for this post. But his January 2007 article does give some guidance as to how he would respond to Cheney.

"One of the wisest things the administration did after Sept. 11 was to permit lawyers to do their jobs in defending detainees," he and Katyal wrote. "From the enormously talented judge advocates general who directly represented Guantánamo detainees to the hundreds of private practitioners who took on individual cases, they have upheld our best principles by providing a vigorous defense. Patriotism is believing that the American system, not whim and insult, will reach the right results."

Liz Cheney Group, Keep America Safe, Questions Loyalties Of Justice Department Lawyers (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post | Nick Wing
Keep American Safe, the brainchild of Liz Cheney released a new video Tuesday challenging the loyalties of Justice Department lawyers who "represented or advocated for terrorist detainees" during the Bush administration.

The video entitled "Who Are The Al Qaeda Seven?" shows an image of an Investor's Business Daily headline that reads "DOJ: Department of Jihad?" and singles out DOJ lawyers who represented terrorist suspects as well as Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder.
This video is the latest in a series of attacks from the group, which has repeatedly knocked heads with Holder.

Last month, the concern overflowed into the Senate when Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) called on Holder to name all Justice Department lawyers who had previously represented detainees.
This video is the latest in a series of attacks from the group, which has repeatedly knocked heads with Holder.

Last month, the concern overflowed into the Senate when Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) called on Holder to name all Justice Department lawyers who had previously represented detainees.

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