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Ann Coulter Spewing Hate Speech Against Jews, Gays, Muslims, Progressives ,Hispanics, Blacks Part 2

UPDATE: 11:57 March 25, 2010.

Here's a satirical song for Ann Coulter.
Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song

From: barelypolitical
Created by Ben Relles Vocals: Leah Kauffman Lyrics: Leah Kauffman, Rusty Ward
Director: Tom Small

This Week Ann Coulter To Muslim: "Take A Camel"

March 23, 2010
Ann Coulter tells a Muslim woman to take a camel instead of an airplane. Coulter Speech Cancelled at University of Ottawa Full Video
Ann Coulter tells a Muslim woman to take a camel instead of an airplane.

Coulter Speech Cancelled at University of Ottawa

Ann Coulter and her supporters believe she has the right to say whatever she wants. No one therefore has a right to censor her. Yes if she were delivering an academic style lecture rather than preaching racism, and hate for various groups Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, the poor , the sick, . Now if this was presented purely as a comedy act some of it might be excused but she claims to be an expert on a number of issues and on American History and the History of The Middle East & Japan and China etc.But in Canada we have laws regarding Hate Speech which applies to anyone no matter their ideology. But it seems the Stephen Harper government appears to believe that only those who disagree with their Neoconservative government's policies etc.

News agencies and various groups have brought up the case of UK MP George Galloway who was refused entry to Canada.. It didn't occur to them that this might have been seen as an insult to the UK . The other part of the bizarre nature of this Canadian policy was that the United States which is usually seen as more cautios than Canada allowed Galloway into their country. So even the Americans weren't buying what Stephen Harper and the Conservative government were selling.
MP George Galloway was not permitted into Canada because he delivered humanitarian aid to Gaza. Canada supports Israel in its attempt to starve the Palestinians in what is now a walled in Ghetto with gun boats guarding the shore line. They couldn't just come out and say that so they claim that Gaza's government under Hamas which came to power through the ballot Box are all terrorists we are told. Therefore any one giving aid to Hamas is supporting terrorism whereas Galloway argues that he was giving aid to the people of Gaza he can't help if their government is Hamas. So anyone giving aid to Gaza including ICRC Red Cross or The UN or NGOs even Christian ones would be violating Canadian law and should also be kept out of Canada.

Odd how these Neocons are always going on about having a real democracy requires an elected government yet reject the results if they are no willing to give into all of America's or the West demands.

We were also told there were WMDs and Iraq would be a cake walk as they took out of power Saddam whom they had put into power as their puppet but things change. Eventually the dictators you support may break the rules. Then The West rides in to rid the world of a nasty dictator or clean up a mess that they helped to create ie Shah of Iran, General Pinochet.. We have always been at war with Eurasia etc.

Ann Coulter is a propagandists not a scholar spreading hate about certain groups all of whom she demonizes as about to destroy Americafrom within and without. There are progressives /liberals and Muslims , Gays, Hispanics ,Blacks who are the enemy within. The enemy without is noot just Muslim Extremists but rather Islam and all Muslims. She uses various epithets or sterotypes such as Gays are "Faggots" and Arabs are "Rag Heads" & "Camel Jockeys" "barbaric" "Stone Age tribes" "Fanatic" "Deceitful" "Cunning" . She calls Islam a false religion and is not just dismissive of Muhammad but is crass and crude calling him a pediophile, a con man, a huckster, a sex addict, a butcherer of men a blood thirsty warrior etc. So ridding the world of Islam is the only way in her view to stop terrorism which means stopping Islam.

She agrees with The Tea party Anti-Obama anti-Health Care Reform insensitive barely human conservatives who mocked a man with Parkinsons Disease-Ann Claims Jesus would do the same and it seems Canadian Neocons including Stephen harper agree. Their Jesus carries an M16 and has little time for the whinning of the poor, the lame, the sick, the meek and the disenfranchised- That's her brand of Americanized Winner Take all Christianity.
Polite Anti-Semitism
Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song
The song here refers to Ann Coulter's remark that Jews need to be " perfected " by becoming Christians.She does not see that this attitude towards Jews is one of the oldest forms of Christian anti-Semitism .It is the belief that Christianity supersedes the religion of Judaism with the coming of Jesus as the Christ & Messiah.

Ann Coulter - Attack and Kill Islamic Society
On MSNBC, Ann Coulter fervently supports attacking and killing of Islamic society in all countries where Islamic fundamentalism exists. Says civilian collateral damage is OK and parallels Islamic fanaticism with Nazism

Ann Coulter explains why its better if women didn't vote

Ann Coulter : The Fascist Right

freedomlost2007 October 16, 2007
Kids say the darndest things and so does Ann Coulter. I don't see how the "right wing" can let her say she speaks for them. She doesn't speak for me....does she speak for you? I consider her damagi...
Kids say the darndest things and so does Ann Coulter. I don't see how the "right wing" can let her say she speaks for them. She doesn't speak for me....does she speak for you?
I consider her damaging to National Security because she labels all that disagree with her as being Anti American and I would be ashamed to belong to any church that offers their altar up to let this woman speak her hatred of mankind.

Has Ann Coulter Been Harsh on Canada?

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