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Music Monday MLK & Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" & Leonard Cohen "Who By Fire" Rightwing Propagandist Ollie North Gay Bashing

First a documentary about Haiti-& song REM's "Everybody Hurts"

Video honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nina Simone with a remix version of her classic Sinnerman.

Awesome live version of Who By Fire by Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen at Coachella 2009: Who By Fire (in HD)

Ollie North is now on the Evangelical Fundamentalist Morality Squad . He is A paragon of virtue according to Fox News Even though he committed treason and a number of crimes.

From being a superpatriot who broke American laws by his involvement in the Iran/Contra scandal-the so called Contras were supposed to be patriotic Niguaraguans but in fact many were mercenaries working with the CIA, the US military and the puppet regime of El Salvadore to fight against the Sandinistas. Many of their military actions were against non-combatants and amounted to acts of "Terrorism" going into villages killing innocent civilians, raping women torturing their prisoners etc. Yet many Americans even today depict him as this great hero. But his duty was not just to carry out any action asked of him by the Pentagon or Whitehouse because he swore an oath to the constitution and the Bill of Rights and American law including international laws to which the US government had signed onto. Odd how media conservative personalities such as Glenn Beck are always going on about the founding fathers and the Constitution etc. and yet when Ollie North under Ronald Reagan

When Ollie North treats America's traditions and laws as irrelevant the Conservative Americans & the Religious Right applaud him.When Bush gutted the American constitution and decided unilaterally that International Laws such as the Geneva Conventions no longer applied to America or Americans Beck, Limbaugh etc said that Bush was right to do so.

We can assume that what Ollie north says about Gays in the military merely shows his prejudices against Gays rather than a concern for the US military. Other countries which allow Gays to serve openly in the military have had no major problems because of this policy.

But as has been said before similar arguments were made by Conservatives secular and religious about allowing non-white males to serve in the military. But their arguments simply boiled down to maintaining racial stereotypes about Blacks and other non-whites.

Ollie North: Allowing Gay To Serve Openly Is Tantamount To Letting Pedophiles Into Military

Fox News once again shows its contempt of President Obama-Fox News and other conservative members of the Media still treat Obama as a usurper of the presidency.

Fox News and the conservatives cuts away when Obama is answering questions by the Republicans because they feared it was making the Republicans look bad and making Obama appear rational and sane and that again he has reached out to Republicans to work with him crafting and putting forth legislation in which there is give and take on both sides.

Once again Obama is wrong in believing Republicans and conservatives are willing to look beyond their own ideology and do what's best for America. Republicans are only interested in doing what's best for the wealthy and using the issues of the religious right and anti-immigration extremists for example to capitalize on their support when it is needed. If the Republicans thought they could achieve victory without the religious right and other extremist they would toss them under the bus. Once in power the Republicans tend to ignore a lot of issues which during the election campaign were presented as if they were supposedly core Republican values.

So if Republicans believe that supporting pro-life or anti-Gay organizations and their legislative agenda will help them get more votes that's what they'll do. They are cynical pragmatists who will do whatever they have to in order to attack and undermine any support there is for the current Obama's Deomocratic administration

Fox Cuts Away From Obama-GOP Conversation ThinkProgress
Jan. 29, 2010

FOX News Cuts Off President Obama's QA With GOP-Jon Stewart
Arianna Huffington asks Roger Ailes of Fox News why they cut the feed to Obama's Q & A.BraveNewFilms: In an apparent attempt to censor the President as he engaged in an informative and conciliatory question and answer session with GOP members, FOX News decided to cut off transmission and divert the discussion. This does not inspire trust in news, but represents yet another example of how FOX News manipulates the truth and engages in lies and deception to further their political agenda.

Fox News President Roger Ailes Caught Lying: Defends Glenn Beck's Smears
BraveNewFilms Feb. 02

Appearing for the first time on ABC's "This Week," Ailes said that Beck's often over-the-top rhetoric was politically legitimate, even if it ruffled a few feathers.

John MacArthur - Homosexuality IS Sin in Gods Eyes! Part 2

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