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Glenn Beck Shoot POWS In The Head /Tea Party Insurgency Growing & Coral Ridge Ministries Alarmed By " Obama's Radical Commie Agenda"

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Glenn Beck's Militant Vengeful Mormonism/Christianity "Kill Em All "
This they call Real American Justice -no need for trials just more waterboarding & then Summary Execution
Glenn Beck on Captured Enemy says "Shoot Them In The Head"

Well things haven't changed since Bush/Cheney Regime wanted to Bomb Iran as did Condoleeza Rice & Karl Rove and the Neocons and now the Neoliberals have joined the War Party who like to give out contracts to the armaments industry and of course private contractors such as Blackwater/XE. For all we know most of the so-called unrest in Iran is being stirred up by black ops CIA agitators spreading misinformation and a lot of cash to anyone willing to demonstrate against the Iranian Regime-maybe there are those who are sincere but once the US attacks and possibly invades Iran's sovereignty like Iraqs, Afghanistan, Pakistan will disappear.

"If we give Hillary Clinton some more time she will be blaming Iran for global warming as well..."

"Obviously the statements that she has been making over the past couple of days are quite dishonest, the fact is the United States has to deal with Iran on a rational basis otherwise it will get itself nowhere."

Quote by Mohammad Marandi, a political analyst at the University of Tehran, dismissed Clinton's comments.
From article in Al Jazeera "Clinton Ramps Up Rhetoric on Iran"
Analyst: 'Given Time' Clinton Will Blame Iran 'for Global Warming'
Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, has said that Iran is heading towards a "military dictatorship" and warned it poses an international threat.

So its not just the Klown Glenn beck who characterizes Obama as a "commie radical"-these extremists views about Obama are spreading through & being promulgated by the Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalist movement.

And Beck Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity etc. are all part of this right wing propaganda machine. They blame Obama for everything that gone wrong in America from a failed war on terror strategy to the deficit etc.

Rev. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries Pressuring subscribers to donate money so they can get the word out and finish the documentary being made about how radical Obama is: The Most Radical President in US history.

anyway this was part of the notice sent to email subscribers to their alerts -
(joining such groups can be advantageous for critics such as myself of such groups)

In a recent article in the UBERConservative Washington Times we get another anti-Obama article for revving up more right wing hostility anger a group of 80 prominent conservatives are preparing to release their Manifesto and action plan as they raise the alarm over what they consider to be Obama's radical agenda.

Conservative manifesto makes bid to reunify by By Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times.com,Feb. 15, 2010

This is particularly important now, since we are facing the most concerted and comprehensive attack on the nature of our society and government in an effort to transform it based on a socialist model," said Mr. Bopp, who founded the first-of-its-kind Republican National Conservative Caucus within the RNC.

The statement asserts that each one of the nation's "founding ideas is presently under sustained attack" and that the nation's "principles have been undermined and redefined in our culture, our universities and our politics."

The manifesto presents as a framework for action what it calls "a constitutional conservatism" to unite "all conservatives through the fusion provided by American principles."

This constitutional platform is meant to remind "economic conservatives that morality is essential to limited government, social conservatives that unlimited government is a threat to moral self-government, and national security conservatives that energetic but responsible government is the key to Americas safety and leadership role in the world."

...The statement says it "informs conservatisms firm defense of family, neighborhood, community, and faith" — a nod to social and religious conservatives, who have swollen the ranks and given political power to the movement.

Aside: yes I also subscribe to the free alerts from the Washington Times-it gives one a perspective of how extreme the right wing in the USA actually is.

According to a new study The Tea Party Movement is growing and becoming more militant as they are attracted to certain conspiracy theories according to this article in the new York Times . It is also clear that they are being egged on media personalities such as Glenn Beck. But if he is just a "Clown" why do these people put any credence or faith in what he and others say. Glenn beck and others have already told people to prepare and get more guns telling them that for some reason there would be riots and civil war.

Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right By DAVID BARSTOW
Published: February 15, 2010

The Tea Party movement has become a platform for conservative populist discontent, a force in Republican politics for revival, as it was in the Massachusetts Senate election, or for division. But it is also about the profound private transformation of people like Mrs. Stout, people who not long ago were not especially interested in politics, yet now say they are bracing for tyranny.

These people are part of a significant undercurrent within the Tea Party movement that has less in common with the Republican Party than with the Patriot movement, a brand of politics historically associated with libertarians, militia groups, anti-immigration advocates and those who argue for the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

Urged on by conservative commentators, waves of newly minted activists are turning to once-obscure books and Web sites and discovering a set of ideas long dismissed as the preserve of conspiracy theorists, interviews conducted across the country over several months show. In this view, Mr. Obama and many of his predecessors (including George W. Bush) have deliberately undermined the Constitution and free enterprise for the benefit of a shadowy international network of wealthy elites.

Loose alliances like Friends for Liberty are popping up in many cities, forming hybrid entities of Tea Parties and groups rooted in the Patriot ethos. These coalitions are not content with simply making the Republican Party more conservative. They have a larger goal — a political reordering that would drastically shrink the federal government and sweep away not just Mr. Obama, but much of the Republican establishment, starting with Senator John McCain.

In many regions, including here in the inland Northwest, tense struggles have erupted over whether the Republican apparatus will co-opt these new coalitions or vice versa. Tea Party supporters are already singling out Republican candidates who they claim have “aided and abetted” what they call the slide to tyranny: Mark Steven Kirk, a candidate for the Senate from Illinois, for supporting global warming legislation; Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, who is seeking a Senate seat, for supporting stimulus spending; and Meg Whitman, a candidate for governor in California, for saying she was a “big fan” of Van Jones, once Mr. Obama’s “green jobs czar.”

and here's another interesting and more recent article and review of Jeff Sharlet's book about The Family/The Fellowship run by Doug Coe and sponsors the yearly must attend Annual Prayer breakfast in Washington DC which Obama Biden Hillary Clinton attended but why-This group has been involved in various scandals and acts as if it were the "Hidden Hand" behind the power in the USA government and the governments of other nations ie Uganda-which has a death penalty for Homosexuals and Indonesia where the government has been responsible for some 300,000 deaths etc. They do love their dictators- but the love of dictators and strong men seems to be part of the American mindset from supporting Pinochet in Chile, Saddam in Iraq, the Shah of Iran before the people rebelled & America for decades supported the South African Apartheid Regime- like many Westerners they believed the native Africans neede to be guided and controlled by the Superior White Europeans/ Africaaners etc.

The Family:Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American PowerBy Northwestrain, VIA Information Clearing House, Feb. 15, 2010

"Politics & Imagination" -- The FAMILY, by Jeff Sharlet

The goal of the Secret Fundamentalist cult is to turn the US into a Theocracy followed by the whole world. Just a simply little goal – and as usual with cultist only the supreme leader is able to speak directly with their God. Democracy is messy. This Fundamentalist cult has a history of seeking the powerful politically and corporate leaders. Their idea of creating Christ’s heaven on earth is using the existing power structure.

Jeff Sharlet takes us from his first encounter with the Family and then backward in time to the roots of this Dominionist religion. If you were raised in one of the many American Christian Fundamentalists sects you will no doubt be familiar with much of the religion-speak. But forget about the Jesus of the New Testament and his beatitudes, of caring for those less fortunate than ourselves. The very wealthy corporatists aren’t interested in welfare and social security. Their version of God smiles on the rulers and leaders. The reason people are poor it is God’s will and it is the fault of the poor, they have been bad and are evil. The gilded era of America is when the missionaries to the top tier of the wealthiest began their form of American Fundamentalism. These missionaries are not interested in spreading democracy. The reign of Jesus on earth will not be through democracy in the view of the founders of this brand of Christians.

The problem is that this Dominion over the world brand of fundamentalist has a vision of their perfect world. There are several different versions of God’s Kingdom on earth according to the different evangelical fundamentalist sects, each has their own path to their perfect world. Free will or choice doesn’t enter into their perfect world. Independent women, or women’s view equal human rights to those of men isn’t part of the perfect world of the Dominionist’s world view. Women can and have been used a soldiers to further the goals of these Secret Fundamentalists.

It wasn’t Sharlet’s goal to write about the Domination of women by men, but that thread runs through his book. This is not surprising since ALL fundamentalist religions have as a foundation belief that women are evil and must be controlled or dominated. In some fundamentalist religions women who do not comply with the patriarchal rulers demands are eliminated. Wealthy women, especially widows who willingly fund the spread of the Dominionist fundamentalism are promised a special place in the new kingdom of Jesus on earth. These women have fallen for the oldest con in the world – the promise of heaven and “life everlasting.” This is one of the code words that fundamentalists use, which others who are believes, recognize instantly. These code words are spoken by politicians to let voters know that these politicians are working for goals specific to the Fundamentalist movement. GW Bush used code words, as have other politicians...

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