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Obama Surge In Afghanistan Is Larger Than He Says & Blackwater/ Xe Services

Blackwater Xe Services -American Mercenaries Roam Iraq and Afghanistan as out of control Cowboys shooting at anything -killing innocent Civilians - Just like the 7th Cavalry which mass murdered unarmed American Indians- slaughtering men , women , children- As all Native Americans were seen as the enemy who had to be exterminated now the Americans once again in Iraq and Afghanistan as they did in Vietnam have declared these areas "Free Fire Zones" and all Iraqis and Afghans are the enemy -even though it is the Americans and its allies who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan destabilizing both countries and making a bad situation worse.
As has been argued before if the Bush Regime had viewed terrorism as a policing matter then they should have gotten the help of other countries to hunt the members Al Qaeda instead of blowing the shit out of Iraq.

BlackWater mercenaries slaughtering unarmed civilians...
Maybe soon people will insist on these type of patrols on the highways in Canada and the United States. It is still the view of a vast majority of our populations who believe that police or soldiers only shoot at or kill or torture those who are guilty.
Posted dec. 30, 2009
Note: Video reposted & will probably be removed one the CIA or Blackwater notice it.

Rachel Maddow with Jeremy Scahill

Blackwater/XE Carrying Out Secret Missions In Pakistan

Published on 11 December 2009 by Stan Shyshkin in Security News

President Obama 's increase in troops to Afghanistan does not include thousands of private contracors including Mercenaries.

Jeremy Scahill discussing the increase in private contractors including Mercenaries such as Blackwater/Xe Services.

Shadow Surge - U.S. Militant Contractors In Iraq - Part 1

December 27, 2009

Currently in Afghanistan, there are 121,000 U.S. contractors and 68,000 U.S. troops. As a result of the coming surge, another 30,000 troops and 56,000 contractors are expected. But

U.S. lawmakers are afraid that the mistakes that plagued military contracting in Iraq will be repeated in Afghanistan. Will the shadow armies be required to protect the Afghan civilian

population? What are the chances that military contractors could cause major damage to Americas mission in Afghanistan? Will the Obama administration be able to prevent the waste ,raud and abuse seen in Iraq?

In a globalised world, perhaps it was inevitable that private companies would become major players in diplomacy. But the fact is that contractors are doing the job that the State Department, Pentagon and C.I.A. once did on their own. Recently the CIA announced that it had stopped using Blackwater (now known as Xe Services) to conduct raids and other special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but some press reports say Xe Services are still at the center of a secret program in Karachi, Pakistan, where they plan assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda members, among other operations.

Part 1 with Jeremy Scahill

Part 2, Jeremy Scahill

There are a number of issues raised here besides the fact that President Obama appears to be juggling figure in the same way as Bush and Cheney. But it also means that President Obama is still permitting Blackwater to work for the US. But Blackwater has been discredited . if there were justice in the US or if the International Community had any clout Blackwater and other Mercenaries would be held accountable for their actions.

Another important point is that Blackwater personnel earn a great deal more money for doing what an American soldier could do. So on the issue of not enough troops to wash dishes or prepare food well maybe if US soldiers were paid a competitive wage that is something comparable to these Mercenaries maybe there wouldn't be such a problem with recruits. But that'll never happen-the American People claim they care about their troops then why is it they never demand better wages and benefits for soldiers or that they be given equipment as good as Blackwaters'.

More background on Blackwater:

Baghdad Blackwater Massacre


from bravenewfilms
September 17, 2007

Rick Jacobs speaks about Blackwater on KNBC news.

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