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Olbermann Gets Inside Glenn Beck's Head OMG ! & Fox News Plays The Victim

Keith Olbermann Slams Glenn Beck's "Communist" Rockefeller Center(see Endnote & "SURREALIST MEXICAN ARTIST FRIDA KAHLO & MURALIST DIEGO RIVERA" at Gord's Cafe

TYT & Crooks N' Liars - Most Egregious Clip
February 29, 2008

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Death Panels Euthanasia Shadow Government ACORN Radicals in the Whitehouse
Birthers Obama=Hitler or Stalin
Rise Of The Conservative Media

Sean Hannity
Bob Beckel schools pawns Hannity calls Hannity's show an anti-Obama opinion show & not journalism.
Hannity , Beck., O'Relly want it both ways when they are called out on a peice of misinformation or outright lies they say well its just their opinion. Then they turn around and claim they are the only network which has all the facts and understands what Obama's agenda is. Glenn Beck doesn't just give out his opinion but tries to back it up with power point presentations and his Conspiratorial Blackboard where he finds connections where there are none.

Its the old Butterfly Effect-so everything is connected and somehow Obama ACORN Kevin Bacon the Rockefellers & the illuminati are all part of the New World Order which is orchestrated by Hitler who's in a wheelchair in his HQ lair under a mountain .

Sean Hannity's New Slogan "Not White House Approved" fair enough since up until Nov. 2008 Fox News was the echo chamber for the Bush /Cheney Regime for eight years.During that time they call the other networks biased, anti-Bush and Unamerican. Now they think its OK to not agree with the White House and to even poke fun at the President & engage in an all out smear campaign. Then after telling one lie after another or base their opinion on innuendo, rumors & Far Right & Far Left crackpot conspiracy theories & then claim they are reporting the news.

O'Reilly says Obama is trying to take away Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. He argues that people have the right to dissent - he didn't say this when Bush was in power-

It was Glenn Beck of Fox News who organized the 9/12 protest and their coverage was a sham . Claiming there were a million people there when there was less than 100,000. Meanwhile Fox gets caught managing & orchestrating the news.
FoxNews "Reporter" Rallies a Protest Crowd

The Young Turks-Sept. 21, 2009


Olbermann's critique of Glenn Beck is on target except I wish he had used the moment to discuss the historical details surrounding the Rockefeller Mural which was created by one of the twentieth century's greatest artist Diego Rivera . Diego Rivera was a Mexican and a Marxist revolutionary. When he was commissioned by Rockefeller to create the mural in its original design was not supposed to be as overtly political but then Diego Rivera added a portrait of Lennon.

The mural was supposed to be an homage to American Labor and industry as the basis of America's success. It was not in the Rockefeller 's view a homage to Karl Marx or to the Fascist Mussolini. In this sense the mural was to be a celebration of American exceptionalism. Glenn Beck didn't bother to read about its real history or the Bios of Rockefeller or Diego Rivera. Rivera was an artistic Genuis but he was a Marxist and he claimed"principled" but it was less todo with principles than to do with his own ego that he and Rockefeller came to be involved in this controversy, As we see this clip which is fairly accurate Fried Kahlo tells him to just make the changes and move on. If he had Rivera could have created a number of other great works of art in the United States therby influencing the artistic community and enlightening the general public about the state of modern art but his ego got in his way.

Diego Rivera at Rockefeller Center (Frida).AVI

Diego Rivera's Man at the Crossroads 1934 at PBS Culture Shock

By 1930, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera has gained international favor for his lush and passionate murals. Inspired by Communist ideals and an intense devotion to his cultural heritage, Rivera creates boldly hued masterpieces of public art that adorn the municipal buildings of Mexico City. His outgoing personality puts him at the center of a circle of left-wing painters and poets, and his talent attracts wealthy patrons, including Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. In 1932, she convinces her husband, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., to commission a Rivera mural for the lobby of the soon-to-be-completed Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Flush from successes in San Francisco and Detroit, Rivera proposes a 63-foot-long portrait of workers facing symbolic crossroads of industry, science, socialism, and capitalism. The painter believes that his friendship with the Rockefeller family will allow him to insert an unapproved representation of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin into a section portraying a May Day parade. The real decision-making power lies with the Center's building managers, who abhor Rivera's propagandistic approach. Horrified by newspaper articles attacking the mural's anti-capitalist ideology, they order Rivera to remove the offending image. When Rivera refuses, offering to balance the work with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the opposing side, the managers pay his full fee, bar him from the site, and hide the mural behind a massive drape. Despite negotiations to transfer the work to the Museum of Modern Art and demonstrations by Rivera supporters, near midnight, on February 10th, 1934, Rockefeller Center workmen, carrying axes, demolish the mural. Later, Rivera recreates the frescoes in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City, adding a portrait of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., in a nightclub. Rivera never works in the United States again, but continues to be active, both politically and artistically, until his death in 1957.

His surviving murals, such as The Detroit Industry Murals, installed in the Detroit Institute of Arts, are treasured as 20th century masterpieces. Rivera's work is also in the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, co-founded by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller.

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