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Olbermann: Tea Party Madness and 9/12 DC Rally Created & Promoted By Fox News

First a word on The Birthers still hanging in there-facts have no meaning for these people- But what is interesting about this idiotic conspiracy theory is that Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh etc. keep harping on it while issuing disclaimers that they have doubts about the Birthers claims and then go on to say why doesn't Obama produce what they consider a proper Birth Certificate- I guess with his photo and fingerprints and DNA sample attached along with those of his mysterious family . That crazy Englishman David Ike says Obama is one of the Lizard People who control the world odd Beck and Dobbs haven't offered up this Conspiracy Theory as well.

Irony Is Dead Sept.22
Irony Is Dead: Fox News Exec Urges Staffers To Be "Fair" And "Impartial"

More on 9/12 March & values Voter Summit:

9/12 DC Rally Manufactured by Faux News

Keith Olbermann exposes the manufactured Faux News event called the 9/12 rally which wasn't even attended by its primary cheerleader: World's Worst Glen Beckerhead. Also covered is the Values Voters rally and the valueless keynote speaker Billo-the Clown.

These Shock Jocks are only interested in ratings and bigger salaries from Rupert Murdoch and other UnAmerican super rich white men. note if they were more upfront that in fact they are partisan and believe in economic, social, and religious conservatism this wouldn't be as much of story as it is. It is their claims that they are real investigative journalist who will follow the facts and the truth where ever it may lead them that is troublesome and dangerous because of the influence they have on a segment of the American population who are angry and disturbed by the changes that have been taking place not just in the past year bu in the last forty years to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Anti-war movement, feminists etc. and 1970s Roe v Wade 1973. These rich white guys who act like philanthropists pour money into the media and into various Faux Grassroots organizations such as the "tea Party Movement ' or the 9/12 Project. But they are not true philanthropist since they are donating money to protect their own interests. They are only concerned about their own profits from their media empires and their investments in the health/medical industry or in Big Pharma, Big Coal, Big Oil. They will use any arguments they can no matter how false or illogical and make appeals to people patriotism, their values, their religious views , their prejudice and greed and bigotry whatever will get them more more followers. Glenn Beck is still fudging on the numbers and the tone of the 9/12 Projects march on Washington which was not Grassroots but rather manufactured by Glenn Beck ,Fox News and self-interested corporations who are concerned about their bottom line-ie profits before people , profits before quality of life for the average American.

Chris Wallace still whining about Obama snubbing Fox, yet calls White House "thinned skinned"

This whole silly season of Tea Party madness and the insanity at Town halls and the 9/12 Project were staged events from the get-go.The organizers including Glenn Beck keep trying to convince the media and the American public that all of these events were the result of grassroots populist uprising but they were not. Just as the Values Voter Summit was an overtly above board organized event which the organizers never tried to misrepresent so these other events were more covertly organized events. Like The Summit the Tea Party Town Hall mob scenes and the 9/12 Project March on Washington were not part of a populist grassroots bottom up uprising.Those who organized these Faux Populist events in order to get support fed the media and the nation with anti-Obama propaganda. They encouraged various right-wing conspiracy theories about Obama and in some cases they were the one's responsible for manufacturing and creating and promulgating these conspiracy theories. These included the Birthers the erroneous suggestion that Obama was not born in America and therefore not just an outsider but a usurper who had no legal right to become president. Then there was and still is the claim that Obama is a secret Muslim out to transform America into an Islamic state with strict Shira law and that Obama will lend America's military might to spread Islam around the world.

For others Obama is part of some socialist, fascist or elitist New World Order conspiracy. The NWO conspiracy has been around long before Obama became president . It can be traced back to the "cold war" in which the argument was that the Soviet Union was engaged in an ongoing struggle to make the whole world into a Communist state. But it can also be traced back to the establishment of the United Nations or the earlier League of Nations as the beginnings of the New World Order.

Anyway according to these conspiracy theories about Obama or those in power and the super-wealthy in the United States and the rich and powerful have positioned themselves around the globe in positions of authority and influence in order to create the New World Order.

As we have discussed before the New World Order and other such conspiracy theories are similar to the bogus and dangerous and deadly charges made against the Jews. Since being anti-semitic is not as acceptable in our society those who believe there is some nefarious conspiracy taking place behind the scenes have shifted the emphasis to other groups.Though sometimes some conspiracy theorists merely use certain code words such as International Bankers as code for Jews. Or notice when Fox News or various spokespersons talk in terms of the tentacles of the Bankers or the socialist or liberalism reaching out entangling the whole nation and or the whole world in this massive NWO Conspiracy.

There is a bit of Irony or what might be called "projection" on the part especially of the Religious Right since they have been for the last three or four decades preaching to their followers that they have to by stealth if necessary slowly but surely take control of every institution in America to then make America into a Christian Nation. Dr. Francis Schaeffer in the 1970s to the early 1980s preached about such a tactic and strategy for Christians to embed themselves in local, state, and national organizations to create a Christian nation. Since then religious leaders such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Randall Terry , Gary Bauer and organizations such as Moral Majority Inc., the Heritage Foundation, The Chalcedon Foundation, Coalitiion On Revival (C.O.R.) groups such Real Women Inc. or Focus on The Family,or anti-abortion Pro-Life organizations such as Operation Rescue have continued with this ongoing struggle to make America into a Christian nation one PTA or School Board one state etc. at a time.

In the area of late term abortions since the murder of Dr. Tiller there is now only one doctor in the US who will perform this procedure as the Religious Right has shut down one such clinic after another or even shut them down by shooting doctors and staff at abortion clinics or blowing up the clinics themselves. Because of the power of the Religious Right and their Uberconservative fellow travelers in the media and elsewhere many of these incidents are under-reported or just ignored altogether.

For instance in a more recent example the highly acclaimed film "Creation" which is about the life of Charles Darwin though every other western country have agreed to show the film in theaters the distributors have been unable to get any of US film distributors to agree to show the film and they have blamed this on the fact that the United States is the only western nation which questions Darwin's theory of evolution. So at times they have more power than they are given credit for.

Anyway they talk about a one world currency or the devaluing of the American dollar and the use of the US Federal Reserve as steps along the way to the NWO. For instance Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck etc. talk about the non-existent attempts to create the North American Union whenever Mexico, Canada and the US make some form of trade or security agreement. Dobbs and others at times even claim that the reason the US government doesn't do anything about illegal-aliens supposedly flooding into America is that this too according to their convoluted logic is part of the New World Order. The True Believers see the creation of a World Court or international agreements such as The Geneva Conventions, or the Special Conventions on the Abuse and treatment of POWS or the Law of the Sea agreements or any United Nations organization as part of this ongoing plot. These conspiracy theorists claim this conspiracy began according to the anti-Semitic Protocols of The Elders of Zion several hundred years ago or others would say by or with the help of the Illuminati or The Masons or according to others by Karl Marx and Engles and Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud or by the Anarchists or Communists.

So Alex Jones or David Ike or Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck etc. are too savvy to blame the Jews and so they blame "liberals","Secular Humanists" ,some rich elite positioned around the globe who work in concert undermining freedom and democracy to further their own agenda and the pursuit of profits.The only group that I have come across that might fit this characterization is David Cole's Washington based The Family or The Fellowship which does include a number of prominent Americans and a number of world leaders . How dangerous they are is difficult to determine since much of what they do is done in an ad hoc almost haphazard manner. The Family may have had some disastrous effects on American foreign policies and a negative effect in various nations but this still does not mean that this is a well connected organized deliberate attempt to take over the world.

Rep Chris Smith at Values Voters Summit
America is in crisis-never has he been more concerned about the pro-abortion policies coming out of the Whitehouse- and he refers to these policies as the Culture of Death. Obama and Planned Planned Parenthood & other evil liberals are tricking the American people into accepting an increase in abortions. Obama he claims as Joe Wilson said that Obama has lied over and over agian to the American people. He calls the movement to stop abortion as the great civil rights movement of our time. He gets a loud applause.

Romney says not only is abortion wrong but so is sex education and birth control-only abstinence is good. Gays are evil, Planned Parenthood is Evil Obama is pro-abortion anti-life and is part of the "liberal"/ "secular humanist" "culture of death ". So according to Romney it is time for the Good People ie these Bible thumping holier than thou holy rollers and the big corporations to take the country back from the UPPITTY black guy in Washington.He erroneously claims govt funded health care would interfere with people's health care .

Mitt Romney on health care and Tea Parties-prolifenews

Racist Beck & friends yuk it up about racist & violent tone of 9/12 Project
The people attending the rally were egged on by Glenn Beck's steady downpour of hate propaganda aimed at Obama his supporters and all liberals and progressives. Beck over and over again has portrayed Obama as similar to Hitler and other dictators. He makes outrageous incendiary erroneous claims such as that Obama wants to silence all conservatives and outlaw Christianity .Beck claims Obama has instructed FEMA to set up a number of detention facilities to house and work to death all those evil dissidents in America including Glenn Beck of course. Beck has said as has his other fellow travelers that they fear the 3am knock on the door. Again is this too a matter of projection in which they would do this to liberals if they were in power. In fact this seemsto have been their disappointment with George Bush or even Ronald Reagan or Nixon that they didn't roundup all those Unpatriotic liberal peacenics and traitors and placed them in detention camps sent them into exile or just killed them all . So instead they live out this fantasy vicariously as Bush and the CIA and military abuse and torture thousands of Iraqis and military units go and wipe out a whole village just for kicks or in the name of Jesus and eventually kill over 700,000 Iraqis.

Beck has erroneously claimed Obama's health care would encourage more abortions, infanticide and euthanasia.

Meanwhile Beck insists that the majority of Americans do not want health care reform which is not supported by the facts. Of course if Beck, Hannity, Lou Dobbs, O'Reilly, Limbaugh , Savage, Chris Wallace etc. keep up their barrage of misinformation, lies, fear mongering propaganda eventually more Americans may become mindless followers of Beck ala Goebbels . No matter what they say or what their audience believes about them treating them as honest patriotic Americans in the end all these Media Rightwing Divas are interested in is ratings and bigger cheques from Rupert Murdoch and other UnAmerican super rich white men who are only concerned about their own profits from their media empires and their investments in the health/medical industry or in Big Pharma, Big Coal, Big Oil. They will use any arguments they can no matter how false or illogical and make appeals to people patriotism, their values, their religious views , their prejudice and greed and bigotry whatever will get them more more followers. Glenn Beck is still fugdging on the numbers and the tone of the 9/12 Projects march on Washington which was not Grassroots but rather manufactured by Glenn Beck ,Fox News and self-interested corporations who are concerned about their botton line-ie profits before people , profits before quality of life for the average American.
Reichsführer Beck Tries to Deny the Blatant Racism of the 9:12 Klan Rally
(Via ) "[Y]ellow journalism," "yellow people," and hating his jaundiced son- Beck's unfunny denial of racism at 9:12 rallies.

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