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Obama Takes A Firm Stand On Health Care Reform And Will Not Accept The Status Quo

UPDATE: 2:12 PM, Sept. 09,2009

"We came here not to fear the future but to shape it" Obama

Anyway this is more like it kudos to Obama to finally come out fighting and not just appeasing and pandering to the Republicans, conservatives, the Religious Right and the Health Care Industry. So Obama finally takes on his political opponents on health care reform and the health insurance industry. Obama argued finally that health care is needed in order to bring about a furtherance of social justice in America . It is therefore not anti-American or UnAmerican to fight for health care reform. It is in fact an expression of the values and aspirations of America. To do otherwise would indicate that America in general does not care about the well being of their fellow citizens.

Obama takes a stand on health care reform and insists that health care reform is on the agenda and will remain there til there is better and improved coverage for all Americans. He points out that the health insurance industry is "the bad guy" and even the enemy in all of this and must become accountable to the American people and not just act in an arbitrary fashion to increase its profits.

Obama finally had the courage to take on those ideologues ie Republicans and conservatives and members of the Religious Right who 's only objective is to stop health care reform for their own political gain without any concern for what is needed to help out the average American citizen.

Obama points out some of the lies and misinformation being spread about health care reform and that from now on he and his administration will respond to any lies or misinformation being spread and promoted by his opponents .

Another brilliant move on his part when talking about the letter from Ted Kennedy which was not be opened til after his death Obama named some names of those who had helped Ted Kennedy in the past with needed health care reforms John McCain , Grassley, Hatch thereby undermining or at least neutralizing their opposition to health care reform. Because the question becomes are they really against health care reform or merely talking this way because they want to undermine the Obama administration without any concern for the needs of the country. Obama also reminded Americans that health care reform goes back as far as Teddy Roosevelt and has been an ongoing concern for every president Republican or Democrat since then.

Obama Health Reform Address Close - "The Character Of Our Country"

At the close of an address on health reform to Congress, President Obama reminds people: "I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan, than to improve it."

"If you misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out," he adds. "And I will not accept the status quo as a solution. Not this time. Not now."

He also talks about a letter he received from late Senator Ted Kennedy that was written in May, but delivered to Obama after Kennedy's death. In the letter, Ted called health reform "unfinished business" but was confident that "this is the year" that it would pass.

Obama also remarked on when it is necessary for government to step in.

Setting the record straight :Obama points out that "death panels" are a lie as is the assertion that health care would cover Illegal-immigrants and health care would not give coverage for abortions.

Obama: Death Panels Are "A Lie, Plain And Simple"

President Obama says during an address on health reform to Congress that death panels are "a lie," abortions would not be funded under the plan, and illegal immigrants would not benefit, to which an audience member - identified as Rep. Joe Wilson - shouted back, "Lie!"

He also comments that he does not want to put insurance companies out of business. "I just want to hold them accountable."

As a Canadian much of what Obama was saying about the character of the nation and that everyone should have affordable health care just seems obvious. We have had universal health care for some forty years now and we have not been changed into a communist collectivist country. We still have our basic rights and freedoms. Canadians are not told they must give up the notion of private property or ownership . Canadians contrary to what Americans have been told by Republicans and conservatives are not all forced to wear a Maoist style uniform. Canada still has free and fair elections though we have a multi-party system and not a two party system. Canadians are not restricted in their movements within or to travel outside our country. Our health care system is not perfect but it is a hundred percent better than the present system in the U.S.

In Canada out health care system does not have "Death Panels".
No one is told that they won't receive health care because they are old or denied health care because they are poor or because treatments might cost too much. The current health insurance model does these things while finding a hundred different excuses for not fulfilling their contracts with their clients ie cost too much, an unreported pre-existing condition which was either minor or the person did not even know about.

Of course I would prefer it if America would adopt a health care system more like that of Canada's. I also find it odd that so many Americans are concerned that abortion might be paid for by the new health care reform. Once again this goes against women's reproductive rights. But to some extent this has been a factor in fights over health care in Canada. There are many who are hostile to the setting up of abortion clinics in areas where women are at a disadvantaged in getting abortions. Even many so called "liberals" do not approve of abortion clinics.

In Canada unfortunately not all prescriptions are fully covered by our government medical plan and people who have a private plan such as Bluecross discover not everything is covered or only so much per year and Bluecross and other health insurers will do whatever they can to cut people off if they believe the costs outweigh their profit margin.

A more comprehensive health care plan in Canada should cover prescription drugs including birth control . But it should also cover eye care , eye glasses, routine appointments to eye care specialist Optometrists and opthamologists.

It should also cover dentistry so that routine yearly or bi-yearly checkups and cleanings are covered along with necessary fillings and other dental care.

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