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Glenn Beck' Hate Project: Phony Populism & Demagoguery & The New George Wallace Part 5

UPDATE: 1:22 & 2:33 PM, Sept. 28, 2009

Hey Glenn Beck is this the sort of "Real American" you are proud of???

Governor George Wallace "A Real American"???
Attempting to block integration at the University of Alabama, Governor George Wallace stands defiantly at the door while being confronted by Deputy U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach.
Date 11 June 1963

"Glenn Beck represents a right-wing twist on old left-wing sentiment, and his populism is less about "the people" than it is about the conservative individuals who resent their taxes being used to aid the lazy unwashed masses."
Quote from gsmartremarks

George Wallace the Segregationists like Glenn Beck was a populist who also used fear mongering tactics and wanted to turn back the clock to the era before African-Americans civil rights were being protected and enshrined into law.Wallace also believed as does Beck and other right-wing Uberconservatives in State's Rights which was merely code word for Segregation and Jim Crow

Racist George Wallace Presidential Campaign ad 1968-

Glenn Beck's twisted populism
from gsmartremarks September 26, 2009

Glenn Beck represents a right-wing twist on old left-wing sentiment, and his populism is less about "the people" than it is about the conservative individuals who resent their taxes being used to aid the lazy unwashed masses.

Poor Glenn Beck never gets a good night's sleep since Obama became president as he is awakened by these images seen in this video which for him is a nightmare a black man in the Whitehouse and Beck's white privilege and entitlement being eroded. Poor guy only makes 23 million a year and still he is angry and pissed off all the time- WTF???

And here's a clip of photos taken during the George Wallace Campaign 1968
George Wallace for President Campaign Rally. Albany New York, U.S. October 10th, 1968.
Adapted from the website

Veteran news photographer Bob Paley captured this turbulent George Wallace presidential campaign stop in Albany, New York, US on October 10th 1968.
The sound track is a creative composite of various events not an actual recording of the Wallace Rally.

Beck Moronically Claims Bush & McCain Were Progressives; & the Country Won't Survive Obama
(Via ) Beck claims Bush, McCain were "progressive," adds that "the country may not survive Barack Obama".

Another list from Glenn Beck warning politicians they are either in or out.
He is upset about obama apologizing or even recognizing that America is not and has not been perfect. Beck I guess is proud of America's heritage including the mass murder of Native Americans the enslavement of a few million Africans proud of America's good old traditions such as Lynchings and men's only clubs for Real Americans such as The Ku Klux Klan or the John Birch Society and the vigilantes the Minutemen.

Glenn Beck - In or Out Political Pledge for 2010 Election. Day 5 of New Republic Series

The individual who created this time lapse film of the 9/12 Project March claims this is evidence that the number of people in attendance was well over 300,000 or more.
9/12 Protest Washington DC Time Lapse Footage 0800 - 1130

**Glenn Beck has graciously linked to this video. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway- I do not represent Glenn Beck. I am not affiliated with Glenn Beck in any way, and NONE of my comments or opinions necessarily reflect those of Glenn, Fox News, or Mercury Radio Arts.**

We have some liberal idiots amongst us who are accusing me of fakery. Obviously they are incapable of performing math or grasping how averages work (it's not surprising that they don't know the difference between net and gross given the financial record of the people they vote for) so I will be nice and hold their hands:

And from a liberal viewer:
Small Turnout Taxpayer March on DC vs Obama's Inauguration!

Liberal Media Hypocrisy Test
PLEASE READ: By the way. MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow averages less than one third the viewers of Glen Beck or Sean Hannity. (Despite having a much better time slot than Glen Beck.)
This video has everything to do with demonstrating media bias and nothing to do with supporting Bush.
Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low:
Visit my blog:

How the Right see recent events. Perception v Reality-The Conundrum

Which is more important or has the most effect facts on the ground, truth or one's perception. As Glenn beck said to Katie Couric in his interview people look through their own particular prism and so see the world in a distorted manner.This was an odd thing for Beck to agree to since it meant that he was admitting to some form of relativism. If our experiences are all relative than what is real or not real. It is a telling remark which allows Glenn beck to make various wild assertions and generalizations and when someone tries to critique what he has said he can always say that's just his perception of things and therefore not necessarily to be taken as gospel. In the same way he says he is not a real journalist (or says he is an entertainer and comedian) but rather just a commentator. But this is a bit disingenuous since he sets up his arguments on his TV program as logical indisputable arguments based upon facts which he has amassed to build his thesis. And we know that a large segment of his audience takes Glenn Beck very seriously otherwise they wouldn't have been attending Tea Party demonstrations and the Town Hall Meetings or taken part in the 9/12 march on Washington carrying signs with sound bites written on them which are traceable to Glenn Beck such as "Death Panels" , "Pulling the Plug on Grandma", comparing Obama to Hitler Stalin, Mao and using terms such as Socialism, Communism , Fascism etc.

Glenn Beck also claims he does not support either political party but his ideology is to the far right and includes many of the values being pushed by the Republican Party and the Religious Right ie anti-abortion, pro-family, that America is a Christian nation or ought to be and he is hostile to feminism and Gays and the very idea of pluralism and multiculturalism, he believes in a smaller government and in less taxes is in favor of Capital Punishment and supports State's Rights over the Feds and is in favor of America being designated English language only and has a hate on for anything smacking of Godless Liberalism and Beck believes that America is being invaded by a horde of immoral, disease ridden illegal-immigrants which could destroy traditional America and that America is the best country in the world or could be if the government would abandon all those socialist policies such as funding public education and other pernicious programs.

So the left being biased against Republicans and George W. Bush saw everything Bush did through that prism. So Bush wasn't that bad but did what he thought was the best for the country.Therefore according to this view the Bush Regime 's actions were not criminal or self-serving but rather deliberately misunderstood by the left. Now with Obama in power the left defends Obama while the right sees him differently. The question becomes are Obama's supporters just seeing what they want to see and so are delusional or are Obama's detractors seeing President Obama and his policies as they really are or are they seeing them through an ultra-Right wing prism and so when it comes to Obama they are delusional. Part of the problem with this thesis is that it puts forth a false rigid dichotomy of either or when the events we perceive are more complicated than just black and white. But the Uberconservatives whether the secular conservatives or the Religious Right tend to view the world in these terms as black and white, right and wrong good and evil. As Bush put it after 9/11 countries are either with the United States or they are against the United States. So any country which does not give some aid to the United States in its Global War on Terror is therefore America's enemy. So France for instance became one of America's enemies to the point that France became a punchline and a derogatory term. French Fries became Freedom Fries- this is the height of nonsense yet it was encouraged from the highest office in the country.

Another related issue has to do with the Right's perception of liberals and progressive and those on the left. For instance if large rallies or demonstrations were held by those opposed to Bush's policies and 200,000 demonstrators showed up the media would downplay the numbers and claim that tens of thousand took part in that demonstration. The left would then be accused of inflating the actual numbers and so that demonstration and others were not taken seriously. The Right would call these liberal or leftists merely a noisy marginal fringe group since they only represented an insignificant number of American citizens.

Now consider this for instance the conservatives & Republicans claim there were over one million to two million people who took part in the recent Glenn Beck /Tea Party 9/12 Project March on Washington. Much of the media and liberals say that the supporters of the march inflated the numbers and that in total there may have been only 75,000 who took part in this march. This creates a bit of a conundrum for both sides. So Glenn Beck the organizer of the 9/12 project cries foul and says the liberal media is deliberately under-reporting the number of participants .

During the Bush era people who took part in anti-war marches accused the media of downplaying the actual numbers at these marches or ignored such events all together. The media would bury such stories or argue that these anti-war and anti-Bush demonstrators represented a small radical fringe element in American society . Meanwhile the right wing drive-by media were dismissive of anyone who criticized Bush's policies and called them traitors. So possibly because of projection or their own experience working in or with the media those on the right have come to believe the media cannot be trusted because they tend to follow the party line of whomever is in power. So it is according to them a matter of "common Sense" and logical that the media could not be counted on to report the truth about the 9/12 march or other right wing demonstrations because the media tends to favor whomever is in power. This is a bit odd because many on the right during the Bush era claimed the Media was disproportionately liberal and to the left. While those on the left claimed the media was too far to the right and tended to be dismissive of anyone or of groups which opposed Bush policies from the Patriot Act to the use of torture to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

And as the Media during the Bush era under reported anti-Bush protests so it is difficult to convince those on the right who oppose Obama's policies that now suddenly out of the blue as it were the Media might act independently and in an impartial manner in their reporting on the activities of the Conservatives calling them a fringe group of nutters as the media once described those who were against George W. Bush.

I know it sounds a bit convoluted but I believe it is a valid point that we need a program or mechanism set up so that some of these issues could be resolved using non-partisan independent individuals or groups to determine on a practical level how many people were at a particular demonstration or how many people died in a war as in the Iraq War or The Vietnam war etc. Unfortunately there are those on either side of an issue who have their own agenda which at times distorts their perception and leads to a misrepresentation of the facts.

On the other hand we should also try to understand how those on the other side who have a different political or ideological view perceive events. So for example here is a video dealing with media bias but of course the question quickly arises about whether the video and how it was put together also represents a bias this is an issue which anyone making a documentary film for instance at some point in the film making process has to face up to.

Amanda Terkel: Confronting Glenn Beck Sept.15, 2009

from Americasfuture and Think Progress asks Amanda Terkel, blogger for ThinkProgress, how progressives should respond to the Glenn Beck phenomenon. Beck is the Fox News host who helped drive the right-wing, anti-government "teabagging" protest in Washington on September 12, 2009. Terkel has written a number of articles that not only expose the ugliness of Beck's rhetoric but also detail how Beck's faux populism lines up with conservative money interests. Terkel says that progressives cannot afford to be silent while Beck creates a political atmosphere in which green jobs champion Van Jones is fired from his job in the Obama administration and the Senate acts to cut off funding for ACORN.

Stay tuned next post on Glenn Beck and his racist views embedded in his allegiance to Mormonism LDS-

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