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Joe Scarborough Revisionist History & Holocaust Shooter Is A " Birther" & Hannity Pals Around with Racists

In April when the Department of Homeland Security issued a report noting the possibility of an upsurge in violence from the Right the Conservatives, Republicans & their Media spokespersons went a little crazy claiming the report was really a way to give Obama the legal cover to attack anyone who disagreed with his policies. The Report was referring to extremist on the right who might be disgruntled because of the bad economic situation & that an African-America was president.

Joe Scarborough Engages In Revisionism On His Criticism Of DHS Report

(On June 12 2009) Referring to a DHS report on "rightwing extremists," Joe Scarborough stated that "what upset most of us ... was the fact not that they were targeting right-wingers, it's that they were targeting veterans." In fact, when the report was made public, Scarborough not only criticized it for what he said was its "targeting veterans," but also stated that "they're going after conservatives first."

Rachel Maddow Holocaust shooting suspect is a birther
Von Brun antisemite, Holocaust denier, white supremacist is also a Birther . Birther's like Rush Limbaugh & Michael Savage other conservatives believes Obama was not born in America & is therefore not eligible to be president.

Joan Walsh of went on the Bill O'reilly show to discuss the the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. She actually was naive enough to believe she could have a rational discussion with O.Reilly about Tiller & the abortion issue. But as she discovered O'Reilly just used the segment to reiterate his attacks on Dr. Tiller whom he has often referred to as " Tiller the Baby Killer " and says Tiller executed babies etc.

Why I went on "The O'Reilly Factor" by Joan Walsh at, June 12, 2009

...I started calm. I acknowledged that late-term abortion is the most angst-producing of all reproductive rights issues, but it only accounts for 1 percent of the abortion in the U.S. -- and most of the women who do it have heartbreaking reasons. I tried to make the point, repeatedly, that it's sad that there are two versions of reality on this: the O'Reilly version, where Tiller is a killer, and worse, a profiteer, and the feminist version, where Tiller is a hero, because he performed this legal but rare procedure in dire circumstances for women who were diagnosed late in pregnancy with aggressive breast cancer; for a 9-year-old girl, raped by her stepfather, who didn't know she was pregnant; for women who found late in their pregnancies that their babies had brain and heart deformities that would kill them early in their lives, but not without a lot of surgery and suffering.

If I'm sorry I did the show -- and I'm not yet sure I am -- it's only because of one thing: He used me to try Dr. Tiller again, postmortem. He brought out uncorroborated stories he claimed he'd never shown before: a 13-year-old girl (I couldn't see her or verify her story) who claimed Tiller killed her baby and had her deliver it in a toilet. He featured psychiatrists who from a distance challenged Tiller's findings that women were in danger if they delivered late-term babies. He continued his "profiteering" charges, claiming that Tiller charged $6,000 per abortion; I said, "Bill, you've always said it was $5,000, so that's interesting! And I know he did some for less and pro-bono." I think that's when he cut me off and denied that, but I'm not sure. But, jeez, it did get worse. He also accused me of calling him "a vile accomplice" to Scott Roeder, and I jumped in, "I called you vile, but I never called you an accomplice." On both these recent shootings I've made clear the responsible parties are the shooters, I told him. Woo-hoo! We'll see if it airs.

...At the end, I threw several things at him I expect will be cut, but I'd be thrilled to be wrong. (UPDATE: I was wrong.) They are all factually correct. I mentioned O'Reilly's attacks on liberals like Rosie O Donnell, Janeane Garofalo and Michael Moore for whipping up possible violence against the right. I also talked about O'Reilly's tragic previous connection to the slaughter of liberals, almost a year ago, by wingnut Jim David Adkisson. It's chilling. Just like Scott Roeder, unbelievably -- is there really a God? I believe there is but sometimes there's precious little proof -- Adkisson shot his prey in a church. He'd railed against "liberals," repeatedly -- and police found the collected works of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage in his house.

O'Reilly shut up as I made those last two sets of points, and so if I had to bet what would be cut, it would be that. Oh well, I tried...

As the clip shows O'Reilly is still unconcerned & unrepentant about the murder of Dr. Tiller. If O'Reilly's incendiary & over the top rhetoric had anything to do with the murder of Tiller he doesn't care. O'Reilly is still crusading against Dr. Tiller and other abortion providers. It should be note that is the obvious that O'Reilly is not just against late term abortion but all abortions since he refers to abortion as killing, as murder as execution. As I have said before there is little if any room for compromise between the pro- choice & pro-life groups. On this issue and many others over which social conservatives and the religious right are concerned there is no room for compromise . They want to ban all abortions and to force their theocratic policies on all Americans. For instance they believe Gays should not just be prevented from marrying but also Gays should not be granted equal rights. They also believe that Creationism or Intelligence Design should be taught in the public schools & in university. The Right believes the media & the government should reflect these conservative religious views.

Joan Walsh De-Balls Bill O'Reilly-June 13
Show aired June 12, 2009

Hannity criticizes Obama for his association with Bill Ayers but he does not like it when anyone refers to his association with White Supremacist Hal Turner-
as for his criticism of Reverend Wright as hating America Hannity's hero Jerry Falwell has also said similar things saying 9/11 & Hurricane Katrina were God's way of punishing America for its evil behavior

Hannity & Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson-March 28, 2008
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Sean Hannity uses Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson to make Hannity's racist arguments - that black people are far left socialist lazy liberals who don't want to work & want the government to pay their bills- meanwhile he says Black Americans are racist against whites.
Rev Jesse Lee Peterson Says Barack Obama Was Elected By Mostly Black Racists & Guilty White People

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says -Slave ships were like over crowded airplane being in second class - He syas thanks to God & the white people who enslaved his ancestors - Does he believe this ? So is one to conclude that the only black Americans permitted in the Republican party must show their gratitude for being slaves & for segregation & lynchings etc. -these were obstacles placed by God so Black people could justly struggle to better themselves -so White people are not guilty of doing anything wrong to black people since it was all part of God's plan.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Thanks America for Slavery

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