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Torture And Mass Murder And Other American and Western Values

UPDATE: 1:28 PM Feb. 9, 2009.

American Values v their values?
Clash of Civilizations or Just another Christian Crusade
Closing Gitmo merely a symbolic gesture or will Obama free the tens of thousands imprisoned by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere ?
Time for Obama or the The World Court to arrest, indict and imprison Bush & Co. !!!
Will America get away once again for its War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity as it did for its crimes committed in Vietnam and elsewhere ?
Is America above The Rule of Law ?

Onward Christian Soldiers
take up the Cross
there are millions more to kill
for it is God's Will
to crush all unbelievers
echoing through the centuries
shouting God Wills It
and our God is better than your God-

This has been the Christian message for 2,000 years.

Bush Admits Torture Feb 6 2008 - America Turns A Blind Eye?

Will Obama bring these murderous thugs of the former Bush Administration to justice or sweep it all under the carpet. Too many times throughout the history Western Civilization those who have abused their power to oppress and kill and torture others have gone unpunished. According to the Conservative perspective America and the West has been a society dedicated to the principles of justice and freedom . History does not support this view.

The Republicans and their minions are hard at work with their revisionist history of the Bush Era. Bush they claim protected America by going to war in Iraq and killing a million Iraqis and torturing thousands all in the name of American superiority and Christian Values. Christians have been long involved in terrorizing the world From the hunting down of Pagans and heretics by the Christian Church to the unnecessary so called Holy Crusades in which tens of thousands of Jews were murdered followed by the mass murder of Muslims to the Inquisitions to the Witch Hunts to the mass murdering of Native Americans and other Aboriginal peoples elsewhere to slavery and the hundred years of Lynchings in the US to Vietnam to Death Squads roaming Latin America to the shameful brutality and abuses at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and a hundred other prisons . Yet Christians claim that their values and Western values or Judeo-Christian values are superior to non-Christian religions and non-Westerners such as Islam and Arabs etc.

One can only conclude that either Americans and America's allies are not aware of the numbers of people being held as prisoners or they just don't care since those being held are non-Americans and the majority are Muslims and Arabs whom these Christians see not deserving of fair and just treatment. There is also the Evangelical Christian view that Islam is in fact the enemy who are attempting to destroy Western Civilization and Christianity.

To many American Evangelicals Muslims are in fact the minions of Satan or the Anti-Christ.There is little knew about this since Americans and Europeans characterized various Native people in America or Africa or Asia etc. as brutal savages who were the personification of evil and agents of the devil. It of course is easier to slaughter and wipe out millions of human beings if they are seen as mere savages and being without souls who are more like savage beasts than human beings.

Is the shutting down of Guantanamo a mere symbolic gesture. There are less than 300 prisoners in Guantanamo but there are over 27,000 prisoners being held in other secret and not so secret prisons . So the statement we are still waiting for from Obama is that he will shut down all of these prisons. Many of these prisoners were denied their basic rights and were abused and tortured.Many have been held without charges for years. Will Obama do the right thing or just sweep the whole issue under the rug while he makes a few symbolic gesture.

President Obama has state he will shut down Quantanamo prison over the next year. He also claims there will be no more torture or abuse of prisoners.

US holding 27 thousand in secret prisons-2/2 -May 20, 2008

Clive Stafford Smith: US Holding 27,000 in Secret Overseas Prisons; Transporting Prisoners to Iraqi Jails to Avoid Media & Legal Scrutiny

"There is a huge number of [secret prisoners] being held in Iraq, and one of the intriguing aspects of this that doesn't get much reporting is that the US is bringing people into Iraq from elsewhere to hold them there, simply because that keeps [the media and lawyers] away from the prisoners so they can't get any sort of legal rights," reports British attorney Clive Stafford Smith.

In this next clip Alberto Gonzales refuse to give the interviewer a straight forward reply to his questions on torture. Even now Gonzales claims that it is really a matter for attorneys and bureaucrats to decide what constitutes torture. He also argues that the Geneva Conventions and other International Agreements are out of date and therefore quaint . The Rules of Engagement in his view needed to be changed after 9/11. Note how often he refers to 9/11 as justification for America's wantonly inhumane treatment of suspected terrorists and insurgents in Iraq or at Gitmo or elsewhere. As he argue we see that he believes that America does not have to answer to any other country or International body for its alleged crimes. If these people are not held accountable then we in the West and those outside the West can conclude that these Western notions about " human rights " and " Justice " are just a lot of rhetorical nonsense .

Gonzales Geneva Conventions as quaint after 9/11. The US has used 9/11 to excuse and rationalize the use of torture on POWS and to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.
No one is permitted to question American policies in its so called War on Terror after the 9/11 attack.
Alberto Gonzales still can't recall. BBC Newsnight interview, 4th Feb. 2009

And the British government is so fearful of the US that it refuses to release information it has on prisoners being tortured.

As we see in this clip Shami Chakabarti gets emotional about the issue of torture. Supposedly we are not to get upset at the idea that our governments in our name are abusing and torturing people. Those who defend such immoral and criminal acts tend to see it as a merely a philosophical issue or something to be discussed in a cold calculating manner by lawyers and bureaucrats but this issue isn't just some intellectual problem being discussed in a university classroom. The issue is not merely theoretical but rather is about flesh and blood human beings who's suffering and screams are quite real.

"Yes I am emotional about torture SIR!" Shami Chakrabarti SAVAGES UK Minister Geoff "Buff" Hoon over the US attempts to BLACKMAIL Britain into silence over evidence of Torture. February 07, 2009

Binyam Mohamed, a British resident held at the American base, has launched a legal challenge in the High Court in London for documents detailing his treatment to be made public.

However, two judges ruling on the case said that David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, had advised that releasing the documents could lead to America withdrawing intelligence co-operation.

This, it was warned, could lead to Britons facing a very considerable increase in the dangers they face from terrorism.

The judges reveal that the secret documents at the centre of the case give rise to an arguable case of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. It is also disclosed that a British intelligence official may have been present when Mr Mohamed alleges he was tortured. The judgment raises the prospect of criminal charges being brought against British officials.

UK judges accuse US of suppressing torture claim and undermining democracy-Feb. 4, 2009

Britain Colludes with Pakistan to Torture British Muslims

Report (15 July 2008) reveals claims that Britain is colluding with the Pakistani authorities in the detention and torture of British citizens in Pakistan. Both British and American officials have been involved in the interrogation sessions following torture.

Ian Cobain of The Guardian, gives details of the claims that British intelligence agencies colluded with the Pakistani authorities in the detention and torture of British Muslims.

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