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Obama & America Once Again Makes Excuses for Israeli War Crimes : "The Actions Of Israel Are Sanctioned By God"

Anyway the conflict in Gaza or the Situation will remain long after a cease-fire is accomplished just respite til the next Israeli Action.

- Israeli War Crimes in Gaza- does Obama care or is Israel untouchable in America
- Bombing the UN Compound in Gaza City - Israel's response " oops sorry about that chief" no real remorse since Israel (like the United States and Canada) sees the UN and all humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations as the enemy-
- Israel may be willing to accept cease-fire before Obama is inaugurated- they don't trust him to defend them no matter what
- though Hillary Clinton defends Israel unconditionally is anyone surprised -
- Attitude of Americans and Canadians towards Palestinians just more racism-
- " All actions of Israel are sanctioned by God" just like all the actions of President Bush and his gang of fanatics-
- Ehud Olmert, Evangelical Christians , End-Times Armageddon and Eretz Israel redrawing the borders according to Yahweh's promise in the Torah ???
- Arabs and Muslims have no rights since they are not favored by God

As Obama's inauguration gets closer Israel appears to be more willing to negotiate with Hamas for a cease fire. The Israelis are unsure of what Obama might do in regards to the Israeli Gaza conflict and so are getting ready to stop the fighting. The Israelis may also have achieved most or all of what they expected to achieve in their disproportionate attack on Gaza. So the US, Canada and other Pro-Israel nations and organizations have once again played their part in giving Israel the time it needed to fulfill its goals . So was this just part of Israel's strategy all along to bomb and invade Gaza and do as much damage as possible before Obama becomes the President of the United States.

Did Israel fear that an Obama administration might just criticize Israel fro a disproportionate response and for committing War Crimes and Crimes against humanity. It appears President Obama will still Kow Tow to the Israelis as the majority of US Presidents have done since 1948.

As I have said before if Obama were to insist on investigations and possible censure of Israel for War Crimes then he would have to do the same in regards to the Bush Regime in its War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and this would mean not just criticizing the Bush administration but also those who went along with the perpetration of these crimes including the Pentagon, the US Military , the intelligence agencies ,the bureaucrats and attorneys who rubber stamped these various illegal activities the torturers , the mass murderers who work for the US government. Besides he wants every American to hold hands on Tuesday and forget the past . Is that all he has to offer just a feel good presidency or will he go after the criminals who damaged America's reputation over the last eight years.

see: On Day of Heavy Fighting, Moves Toward Gaza Peace
Israel continues its military offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip as diplomats in Cairo suggest tentative progress in their efforts to reach a cease-fire.
By Griff Witte Washington Post Foreign Service Jan. 16, 2009

Did Israel intentionally bomb the UN Compound in Gaza city. Once again the Israeli forces show their disdain and distrust of the UN and other humanitarian aid organizations working in Gaza. Was Israel's intention to destroy humanitarian aid supplies to rob the Palestinians of material aid as in food, medicine and fuel in order to increase the suffering of Palestinians. Did they accidentally on purpose hope to obliterate the compound depriving the Palestinians of aid and silencing the criticisms of UN personnel by any means necessary. It is obvious to most of the world that Israel is losing its propaganda war in its conflict with Gaza . It is only the US and Canada that now stands behind Israel and believes that Israel has the right to crush Hamas by any means necessary.

In fact many Americans and Canadians have developed a rather racist view of the Palestinians and Arabs in general so that it is now almost impossible for them to see the ordinary citizens of Gaza as being human beings with the same rights as other people. Even the children are just seen as future evil terrorists bent on the destruction of Israel and Western Civilization. Yet we pretend to be so" liberal" and "enlightened" but in the end we are no better than those who came before us. All our talk of pluralism and multiculturalism and other ideals don't seem to amount to much when it comes to the Palestinians as we cheer each bomb that is dropped upon the people of Gaza. Nor do we shed many tears for the 600,000 to 1,000,000 killed in Iraq and Afghanistan or the tens of thousands abused and tortured in America's Gulags in those countries or in other parts of the world. All of it appears is to be shoved down the Memory Hole forever as America once again gets away with War Crimes and murder .

Well what can you expect of a civilization based upon theft and slaughter. Our great Western values did not stop us from wiping millions off of the face of the earth because we needed more room to expand.we wiped out the majority of the aboriginal peoples in North and South America by dehumanizing them depicting them as inferiors , as demonic as the spawn of the devil in the same way we in the West were able to enslave millions of Africans or to treat the people of India and other nations as a little less than human. Now we treat all Arabs, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans and most of the world's Muslims in the same fashion. anything other than I fear that even if Israel were to drop atomic weapons on Gaza the US and Canada would still defend Israel as long as no other nation fired one back.

Israel has shown itself to be unwilling to give up the land which it gained in the six day war in 1967. At that time Israel captured or in its view recaptured the city of Jerusalem which it believes for historical and religious reasons belongs rightfully to the People of Israel. In fact many Israelis believe that they have a right to a much larger area of land which they believe was given to the People of Israel by God as recorded in the Old testament of the Bible . This is what is referred to as Eretz Israel. And it is this notion of Eretz Israel which is still very much at the centre of Israel's wars with its neighbors. If this were not the case then Israel would take measures to force all of the Jewish Settlers out of the areas claimed by the Palestinians.

Israel Strikes a UN Facility - Is it Intentional?
TheYoungTurks/January 15, 2009- Cenk Uygur
Watch more at

In the above clip Cenk Uygur refers to an article by Thomas Friedman New York Times in which Friedman defends Israel's attack on Gaza and the killing of a large number of civilians all to prove Israel is willing to use any means necessary to crush Hamas and to keep the Palestinians in as wretched a state as possible.

" Israel's Goals in Gaza? " by Thomas Friedman at New York Times Jan 13, 2009

See the concise and excellent article by Amitai Etzioni on the question of whether or not anyone is permitted to criticize Israel or is anyone who questions Israeli policy to be silenced for fear of being labeled anti-Israel and therefore anti-Semitic :

"Small Lies, Big Lies, and the Israel Lobby (Part II)"Huffinton Post/ Oct. 5, 2007

1. Is it anti-Semitic to criticize Israel?

If by this one means criticize the policies of the Israeli government, it is no more anti-Semitic to do so than it is anti-American to criticize the Bush administration. Criticisms are part of what makes us free. Indeed few people are as harshly critical of their government as the Israelis themselves. Please don't tell me all these Semites are anti-Semitic.

2. Is it wrong for a foreign power to lobby our government?

Several commentators held that Israel should not lobby Congress, nor should other foreign powers. Some even believe that other foreign powers do not lobby Washington. Actually, numerous nations are lobbying in the good sense of the term: presenting their viewpoints, openly, to the legislators of other nations. The United States often besieges nations to release prisoners, to allow free trade, to stop the shipment of nuclear arms and so on and on. Taiwan is a major player in Washington in all matters concerning our policy towards China. Latin American nations lobby for free trade and foreign aid. The same holds for endless non-governmental foreign groups; from those who seek independence for Kurds to those who lobby for Palestinian statehood.

also see on the Global response to Israel's War Crimes in Gaza:

"Outrage as Israel bombs UN"By Kim Sengupta in Jerusalem/ The Independent/ Jan. 16 2009

Aid workers allege use of banned white phosphorus as Hamas security leader dies in bombing raid on house

Israeli tanks thrust deep inside Gaza City last night as ferocious fighting raged in dense residential areas with terrified families fleeing along streets echoing with gunfire, although many others were trapped in their homes.

Israeli shelling set fire to the UN headquarters, a hospital, a school and a building used by the media, leading to widespread international protests and renewed calls for a ceasefire in the conflict which has so far cost 1,073 Palestinian and 13 Israeli lives. A senior Hamas leader, the Interior Minister Said Seyyam who was responsible for thousands of security agents, was killed in an Israeli raid which flattened his brother's home.

David Bromwich argues that the current action in Gaza by Israeli forces will just lead to more terrorists being created and continue the cycle of unending violence in the Middle East.But the question is does Israel really want the violence to end before it finally achieves its objectives of redrawing its border so that it includes more territory than it was given by the UN in 1948 and retains much of what it took in the Six-Day War in 1967.

"Self-Deception and the Assault on Gaza"> by David Bromwich/ Huffington Post/Jan.16, 2009

What prompts the fantasy that you can "kill all the terrorists" without sowing the seeds of new terrorism? Partly, the fantasy comes from the idea that any civilian deaths you cause will be forgiven; but, much more, it derives from the secondary fantasy that civilian deaths will go mainly unwitnessed. They will be recorded as numbers, perhaps, but they will pass out of the awareness of the world. That is not the way things work, of course. There are people in the world -- not hundreds, not thousands, but hundreds of millions -- who feel more closely allied to the killed than they do to the killers.

"Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return." In every culture and every civilization, to kill the innocent is evil. 50 civilians who live in a neighborhood where one terrorist has built a hidden sniper's nest are understood to be innocent. If you kill the fifty, you have done something worse than not killing the one.

Yet to put it like that brings up the revaluation of state terror that entered our language with the Sharon-Bush doctrine first propounded in 2001-02. According to the Sharon-Bush doctrine, if you harbor a terrorist -- that is, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of a terrorist -- you are yourself as blamable as the terrorist and are as appropriate a target of destruction. This, no matter what the impediments on your freedom of movement, no matter how innocent you may be of knowledge about the terrorist, no matter how much your toleration of him may have been driven by fear.

and he concludes:

...The creation of a Palestinian state has been postponed now for more than 40 years while the Israeli settlements have expanded. Why should any witness of the pattern be expected to follow the Israeli reasoning from good intentions to misfired actions, when the pattern of the actions, reading backward to the intentions, so plainly seems to indicate that annexation was always the stronger motive? Read backward from effects to probable intention and the assault on Gaza looks like the last postponement, the one after which nothing further need be said or done. Yet when it is carried off in so confused a state of imagining, with a queasy mixture of paternalism, perverted compassion, and a baffled nostalgia of solidarity, such as are audible in the above statements by Livni, Olmert, and Barak, one realizes that nothing after all has been resolved by this war.

Is it possible to look forward without illusion? For we do know what actions like Israel's lead to; we, Americans as well as Israelis, know from our recent history. From the imposition of state terror in one generation spring the soldiers of guerrilla terror in the next generation. Those to whom evil is done, do evil in their turn. Just as the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza brought on the Second Intifada, and just as both of these, together with the American footprint in Saudi Arabia, were a substantial motive in the making of the September 11 attacks, so the present attacks in Gaza, backed by America's financial and political support and America's F-16s and Apache helicopters, are nursing hatreds for a new round of terrorism to come. The assault on Gaza endangers the security of Israel, and it endangers the security of the United States.

And here's another article pointing out that Gaza is like a concentration camp in which its citizens are living out their lives in misery without much hope of bettering their situation in the future. Americans and Canadians just see the Palestinians as Islamo-Fascists who deserve whatever punishment is meted out to them by the Israelis and if they protest or fight back they are once again condemned as evil,barbaric,and uncivilized unlike the Israelis and their fanatical supporters.

"Gaza Is a Concentration Camp"By Ellen Cantarow, AlterNet.Jan.16,2009.

Gaza is an immense concentration camp -- 1.5 million people squeezed into 140 square miles hemmed in on all sides by 25-foot-high walls separated by a vast expanse of bulldozed earth. The 2005 "pull-out" left Gaza still controlled by Israel from air and sea, its entries and exits prisonlike mazes electronically controlled and under constant surveillance. Bombing it, assaulting it with tanks and Uzis, is like shooting animals in a pen. The claptrap about "pinpoint" accuracy and "avoiding civilians" is a lie so flagrant, so transparent, that any child -- certainly any Gaza child -- could grasp it.

There have been eight military assaults on Gaza since 2004; blockades started in 2005, and then a siege of medieval proportions in 2006, punishment for Gazans' having elected the wrong party for Israel and its U.S. patron. By December 2008, Richard Falk, special rapporteur on the Occupied Territories for the United Nations, reported an overall Gaza malnutrition rate of 75 percent, a childhood anemia rate of 46 percent and a devastated infrastructure...

This latest war -- called Operation Cast Lead -- is the "holocaust" promised by Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai last spring when he said Israel would create a shoa if Qassem rockets kept dropping on Israeli towns like Sderot. Shoa, Hebrew for holocaust, is a serious word denoting the extermination of an entire people. Vilnai embarrassed the Israeli government, and no official has used the term since.

also see article by Richard Falk the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories in which he attacks Israel for its human rights violations in Gaza against the Palestinians:

Understanding the Gaza Catastrophe by Richard Falk / Huffington Post/Jan. 2, 2009

also see on the religious dimensions of the Israel/ Palestinian conflict:

"Evangelicals and Israel Theological Roots of a Political Alliance"By Donald Wagner Public, 1998

and also see the Canadian website: "Christian Action for Israel"

and on the United Nations treatment of Israel according to Pro-Israel Christian Evangelicals who believe that the UN hates Israel and is out to destroy Israel so it is no wonder Israel wantonly targets UN facilities in Gaza :

The United Nations and Israel /"UN Planned State of Israel as a Still-Birth "By Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator July 11, 2002

As for the willingness of Israel's leaders to accept a two state solution or giving up Jerusalem which they illegally took in 1967 :

Olmert when he was mayor of Jerusalem vowed that he would never hand over Jerusalem to the Palestinians and that eventually he hoped to rebuild the Temple Mount.

see for instance :

"500,000 Israelis Swear Faithfulness to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem"

Yesterday evening, 8 January 2001. 500,000 Israelis -- secular, religious and ultra-religious -- stood in front of the Temple Mount and the Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem and in a very exciting historical moment together swore faithfulness to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

They swore in the name of the nation of Israel what their forefathers swore thousands of years ago in the same place: "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember you, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy." (Psalms137:5,6) This was the climax of an historical event and demonstration which occurred at a very critical time in the history of Israel when so many enemies of the G-d and people of Israel want to take the Temple Mount and Jerusalem away from us and make it no longer Jerusalem -- the mountain and city of the G-d of Israel -- but an Islamic Al Quds.

It was no accident that this event took place at the same time that President Clinton stated in the United States that he will do everything he can to see that Israel will be divided and that a "Palestinian State" will be created in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the most Biblical areas of the land of Israel, and that its capital will be on the Temple Mount and the Biblical Jerusalem, named Al Quds, under "Palestinian" sovereignty. It is only G-d Who caused this demonstration to be held at the same time as President Clinton was making his evil, anti-godly statement.

and : "Judea, a second Jewish State"

Jewish society is deeply split. On one hand, many Jews believe that preserving Eretz Israel within the boundaries of the Promised Land is the Jews' utmost obligation. That Jewish opinion is valid, since it is based on Torah, and some degree of adherence to the Torah is that which makes Jews Jews. Other Jews, mostly secular-minded but some deeply religious Jewish people as well, believe that no Israeli territory is worth the life of a single Jew, since the commandments were given the Jews for life, not for death.

Both kinds of Jews have many other valid arguments. While Jewish adherents of the Eretz Israel argue that only acquiring all the Promised Land fulfills the Jewish nation’s destiny, the opposing Jews just as reasonably point to the practical impossibility for Israel of attaining the goal of Eretz Israel in the foreseeable future after Israel transferred Sinai to the Egyptians. Israel conquering Jordan and Iraq to the Euphrates is a long way off. If Jews cannot fulfill the covenant promise now, why kill a lot of Jewish and Arab people and spend a lot of Jewish money for the Arab territories, which have no value in themselves and, except Sinai, lack significant defense value for Israel? Jewish opponents of the Eretz Israel-now goal believe that economic growth of Israel unhindered by Arab-Israeli war would be a better source of Jewish national pride, prevent emigration from Israel, and attract Diaspora Jews to Israel.

and see: Messianic Israel Alliance

and so it goes,

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