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Native Americans Welcome Illegal -Immigrants & Guilt By Association :Sean Hannity's Nefarious Friends

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Pilgrims V Native Americans
Ku Klux Klan - Fatwah on Obama
Racism: Sean Hannity's Associations : NAZI Hal Turner, & White Supremacist Bob Grant
& Bill O' Reilly & John McCain Fear The Browning of America

Anyway , one of the important or hot button issues in America has been that of immigration and illegalimmigration It is estimated that there over twelve million illegal-immigrants in America most of them are from Latin America. Americans are divided on how to deal with the illegal-immigrants. Some think the US government should just round them all up and deport them . This is much harder than it sounds. Others want to develop a more humanitarian and compassionate way to deal with illegals such as guest worker permits and some sort of path to full citizenship.

For some Americans Part of the solution is to put more guards on the border and build a wall between Mexico and America to stop more illegals getting in. It reminds one of the Berlin Wall which kept East Berliners from escaping to the West. Are Americans willing to go as far as the Soviets did in gunning down those who try to breach the wall. Are Americans willing to gun down men women and children fleeing from Mexico. Should Mexican authorities gun down those who try to cross over into America or arrest any who try to sneak back into Mexico. What if Mexico in retaliation shut down its border to prevent Americans from attempting to go into Mexico.

Unfortunately the issue of illegal-aliens has become fertile soil for American anti-immigration organizations which are fueled by racism & White Supremacists & nativists. Once racism or ntivism is added to the mix the issue becomes a real battleground so that on American TV and other media what we get are people on different sides of the issues shouting at one another.

Funny bit on Illegal Immigration- Native Americans v Pilgrims

From: SuperNews WWW.CurrentTV, May 3, 2006
The Great Immigration Debate of 1621

McCain & Bill O' Reilly play the race-card that is to say they fear Barack Obama if he becomes president would have policies which would not over-all favor white Americans.For instance they argue Barack Obama would have a more liberal policy in regards to illegal immigrants and to immigration policy in general. But isn't a liberal type immigration policy supposed to be one of America's greatest achievements Bring me your huddled hungry masses etc.( Yikes!Poor Bill O what to do now Obama is President-elect)

Bill o'Reilly fears that Obama and the liberals are going to destroy white male dominance and this terrifies him. He truly believes that illegal-immigration is part of a liberal plot to change America from having a White Majority to having a non-white majority. O'Reilly fears that blacks, hispanics, asians etc. would become the majority.

Bill O'Reilly "I'm a White Supremacist!" April 10, 2008
Note McCain doesn't correct O'Reilly on his racist comments

Sean Hannity & NAZI Hal Tuner Guilt By Association
& bit on KKK Grand Wizard 's Fatwah

Funny bit about Sean Hannity & his association with a self-proclaimed NAZI. The question which is being asked is if Hannity should be judged by a past association. Hannity is not being accused of anything but Hannity flips and shouts at the screen.

Sean Hannity reveals his hate for Barack Obama!!
In another night of attacking Barack Obama over his associations, Sean Hannity was confronted about his past relationship with white supremacist Hal Turner. First Hannity denied knowing Turner, then he said he had long ago banned Turner from his show. Then, in a tacit admission, Hannity said "I'm not running for president."

In this clip Hannity wants to argue that Barack Obama is playing the race card by suggesting that if he loses it is because a large segment of the White American population were racist who couldn't bring themselves to vote for a black man. But Obama's point was that conservatives would use any means necessary including " Fear Mongering" and suggesting that a black man could not be trusted or that Obama was a " secret Muslim " or a " Domestic Terrorists " or whatever his oponents might dig up - As the campaign went on in retrospect this is exactly what the Republicans did running a rather distasteful angry somewhat racist campaign and it backfired or had no tangible effect depending on how the issue is looked at. Many of the conservatives and Republicans are still trying to figure out what went wrong and whom to blame.In this instance before the outcome O'Reilly is suggesting ,in case Obama wins, that many Americans just to prove they are not racist voted for Obama and that black Americans made sure they voted as a block.

Bernard Goldberg and White Power Hannity Lie and Smear

Hannity tries to preach hate to fellow FOX anchor and fails april 10, 2008
Frank Luntz was a guest on Hannity and Colmes, Hannity tries to get Luntz to agree that Obama is anti-american and a racist but His own guest anchor does not agree.

From Democracy Now we get more on Sean Hannity's connections with the Far Right:
Bob Grant has his award revoked
Democracy Now Rush Limbaugh & Hannity

And the radio trade magazine Radio and Records has decided to revoke a lifetime achievement award to New York radio broadcaster Bob Grant. Grant had been scheduled to receive the award in March. Critics of Grant said he had a long history of airing racist propaganda on the airwaves. He has repeatedly called African-Americans savages and sub-humanoids. In 1992 Grant described Haitian refugees as "swine" and "sub-human infiltrators" who multiply "like maggots on a hot day." Grant once said then-New York Mayor David Dinkins, looked like "the men's room attendant at the 21 Club." Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have publicly defended Bob Grant. Hannity said "There's no doubt in my mind that Bob Grant is a great, great pioneer of free-speech radio

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