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McCain/Palin Campaign of Fear & Divisiveness Fueling Hate, Racism & Right-Wing Conspiritorial Thinking

Anyway before getting down to business as it were let's begin with a funny bit by John Cleese

John Cleese on Sarah Palin

McCain campaign of fear and divisiveness engourages misconceptions and outright lies about Barack Obama .McCain campaign has done little or nothing to dispell these wild accusations and rumors . Palin in fact seems to be going out of her way to encourage this nonsense and fueling various conspiracy theories involving Barack Obama. It would be funny if it was not so dangerous especially in a time of economic crisis and uncertainty.

Obama has been accused of : being related to a known terrorist,or friends with a domestic terrorist, or Obama is a terrorist connected to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein,( Obama shares the name Hussein with Saddam Hussein then the logic goes they are related; while the name Obama and Osama sound so similar there must be a connection) Obama his detractors claim is anti-white , anti-Christian ,a second stringer, a Muslim, a socialist, a communist , the anti-Christ - Some go so far as to suggest that somehow he may have been involved with the 9/11 attack -

Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign - 13 Oct 08

From Al Jazeera

Racist Ohio resident, Mike Lunsford, hangs an Obama effigy from a noose in a tree
Oct. 17, 2008

Reports of vandalism at ACORN offices:
Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments
" The incidents came the day after McCain warned in the final presidential debate that ACORN's voter registration drive "may be perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history" and may be "destroying the fabric of democracy." "

So here's a little Reality Check on McCain's relationship with the so called " EVIL " ACORN organization.

" Up until recently John McCain saw ACORN as an ally "
Rachel Maddow : MCain & ACORN ACORN ACORN... look at the shiny distraction...
October 15, 2008

Has the McCain/Palin campaign's Hate Mongering and attacks on Obama led to violence against ACORN which has registered some 1.3 million new voters. McCain is upset that ACORN had the audacity to believe in " democracy " and the right of all American citizens to be registered to vote. The next hurdle will be for those new voters to actually go to the polls and vote. For some reason McCain and Palin are in a rage over the idea that a large number of Americans will be exercising their right to vote. Again it reminds us of the rage expressed in the 1960s by white supremacists over organizations operating in the Deep South working to register Black voters and to insist that they be permitted to vote. Americans that is especially white Americans are suffering from collective amnesia and do not like to be reminded of their violent and racist history. And it appears the McCain/Palin campaign has no problem with re-igniting this racist past.

The McCain/Palin campaign has even suggested that Barack Obama is somehow responsible for the current financial crisis in America. They claim for instance that the reason for the morgage crisis is due to an affirmative action housing program which allowed low income blacks and hispanics to purchase homes they could not afford and when they could not keep up with these mortgage payments this led to a mortgage crisis. This is utter nonsense but since when have the ultraconservatives & the racists been interested in facts. They believe that the crisis in part was engineered to destroy white Christian America in order to create a black dominated America. Some go further with this insane conspiratorial logic to posit that it would be a black Muslim dominated America. With such conspiratorial thinking being propageted by some within the McCain/Palin campaign there is a great danger that this sort of propaganda & rumor & whiper campaign against Obama may lead to further acts of violence against Obama or his supporters or any organization which is believed to be connected with the Obama campaign.

This danger is further increased when there is a campaign to characterize Obama as not being a real American, as being a Muslim who is anti-Christian and anti-white and that Obama is an Arab and a communist . Next thing you know those campaigning against him will be suggesting that Obama takes part in Voodoo rituals consuming the blood of white Christian children similar to the infamous Blood Libel which for hundreds of years was an accusation against the Jews. If this sort of nonsense is not corrected who knows what the result will be on election day or after Obama becomes president. There are those in the McCain campaign and its supporters it appears who would rather encourage hate and division in America than accept the fact that Obama is a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States. So they sow the seeds of hate. It is also odd that the Republicans and conservatives and ultraconsrvatives are always going on about how Americans whatever their political differences in times of crisis must unite behind whomever the president happens to be. These conservatives have called American citizens Traitors if they speak out against the Bush administration's policies and especially if they speak out against the war in Iraq.

ACORN Office Vandalized After McCain Comment
Steven Rosenfeld October 17, 2008.

McClatchy Newspapers is reporting that ACORN offices have been vandalized and workers threatened after McCain attacking the group in the last debate.

Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments

By Greg Gordon McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON - An ACORN community organizer received a death threat and the liberal activist group's Boston and Seattle offices were vandalized Thursday, reflecting mounting tensions over its role in registering 1.3 million mostly poor and minority Americans to vote next month.

Attorneys for ACORN - short for the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now - were notifying the FBI and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division of the incidents, said Brian Kettenring, a Florida-based spokesman for the group.
Republicans, including presidential candidate John McCain, have attacked the group repeatedly in recent days, alleging a widespread vote-fraud scheme, although they have provided little proof. It was disclosed Thursday that the FBI is examining whether thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications submitted by some ACORN workers were part of a systematic effort or were merely isolated incidents.
Kettenring said that a senior ACORN staffer in Cleveland, after appearing on television this week, got an email stating that she "is going to have her life ended."

A woman staffer in Providence, R.I., also got a threatening call from someone who said words to the effect that "we know you get off work at nine," and then made racial epithets, he said.

McClatchy is withholding both of the women's names because of the threats.
Separately, vandals broke into the group's Boston and Seattle offices and stole the group's computers, Kettenring said.

The incidents came the day after McCain warned in the final presidential debate that ACORN's voter registration drive "may be perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history" and may be "destroying the fabric of democracy."

Friday, October 17, 2008 by The Capital Times (Wisconsin) Common RNC Launches Negative Robo Calls Campaign by Samara Kalk Derby

The John McCain-Sarah Palin presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee began a negative robo call campaign Thursday attempting to strengthen a tenuous link between Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama and former radical Bill Ayers.

The call, which has been received locally, goes like this: "Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC, You need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's home, and killed Americans."

It continues: "Democrats will enact an extreme leftist agenda if they take control of Washington. Barack Obama and his Democratic allies lack the judgment to lead our country."

The attack attempts to switch the focus from the real issue -- the economy, says the state Obama camp.

"McCain's campaign has admitted that the economy is a losing issue for them, so he's chosen to launch dishonorable and dishonest attacks like this," said Obama Campaign for Change Wisconsin spokesman Matt Lehrich.


and the good news is :
The Los Angeles Times Barack Obama for President

Friday 17 October 2008 by: The Los Angeles Times
He is the competent, confident leader who represents the aspirations of the United States.

It is inherent in the American character to aspire to greatness, so it can be disorienting when the nation stumbles or loses confidence in bedrock principles or institutions. That's where the United States is as it prepares to select a new president: We have seen the government take a stake in venerable private financial houses; we have witnessed eight years of executive branch power grabs and erosion of civil liberties; we are still recovering from a murderous attack by terrorists on our own soil and still struggling with how best to prevent a recurrence.
We need a leader who demonstrates thoughtful calm and grace under pressure, one not prone to volatile gesture or capricious pronouncement. We need a leader well-grounded in the intellectual and legal foundations of American freedom. Yet we ask that the same person also possess the spark and passion to inspire the best within us: creativity, generosity and a fierce defense of justice and liberty.
The Times without hesitation endorses Barack Obama for president.

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