Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chile The Other 9/11: US Backed Coup Murders & Tortures Thousands

The Other 9/11 American overthrow of Chile's Democracy. Each year we are reminded about the horrors of 9/11 . This was indeed a horrifying moment which will stay with us for many years to come.
But as the tributes are made there is a sense of moral blindness on the part of Western Nations and the crimes they have committed against their own citizens or those of other nations.

There are for instance few tears shed in Canada or the United States for the 600,000 to 1,200,000 dead in Iraq or the hundreds of thousands who are dying in Afghanistan. But our compassion does not extend it appears beyond our own national borders or beyond what has once again become Christendom. But there is nothing new in this so here's a bit about another Mass Murder or Massacre of innocent people. Of course now as then our excuse is that we are at war and the Theater of War includes the whole Globe as it were.

It is a strange fact that Americans in general know little about the history of their own country when it comes to its involvement & interference in the domestic affairs of foreign countries. America has not always been on the side of Freedom and Democracy. More often than not America since the end of WWII has been on the side of opressive & repressive regimes that were more akin to Fascism than to Democracy. America's Mass Media & its schools & universities for the most part teach the blatant lie that America has always been on the side of Freedom, Justice & Democracy , America itself was built in large part upon an Economy based on the Institution of Slavery. After the American Civil War the South did not grant these former slaves equal rights or equal opportunity or even the appearance of Justice or the right to vote, The South maintained Racial Segregation & White Supremacy and Power through the use of Jim Crow in its thousands of Legal niceties which they refered to as THE LAW. When the purpose of a law is merely to oppress a whole people then it is an insult to the very notion of Justice. Don't tell that to the average lawyer who spends a life-time defending the oppressors in our society from the racist police officer or the Private Contractors such as Blackwater in Iraq to the corrupt politicians who inorder to increase their wealth or just for Glory send our citizens off to die in unnecessary and unjustifiable wars to the corporations who have no regard for their employees . There are those Lawyers who's conscience and heart and soul are so twisted and corrupted that they see no harm in defending the same corporations who pollute our air, our land & our water and threaten the very Earth itself. The legions of lawyers are joined by a multitude of bureaucrats and civil servants who also have no interest in questioning the orders from on high having no conscience these orders no matter how absurd or ujust do not keep them awake at night. Or as the saying goes " The Bad Sleep Well ". The good or the oppressed ah not so much.

It is Of course not completely the fault of the Lawyers & the multitudes of faceless bureaucrats & those modern day slaves chained to a desk (so they sometimes claim that they have no choice like Hitler's bureaucrats who also had no choice ??? ) in some corporate behemoth who should be pitied for they are merely carrying out the bidding of the Rich and Powerful and all those who align with them.
It is a the fact that America has had a history of overthrowing democratic regimes which did not bow to American Interests ie America's Corporations. The US can be accused of tasking part in the murder & torture of tens of thousands of people in countries around the Globe from Chile to El Salvador, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Iran Gautemala, Honduras Panama.So torture , murder the use od death squads which havew all been used by the American forces and their allies in Iraq is nothing new for the American military, or its CIA & Special Forces and now it contracts out some of these duties so they can claim they didn't know , they were not made aware of these things. besides whatever a private contractor does; it is none of the business of the Pentagon or the White House or the American people.

By keeping themselves in a perpetual state of adolescent ignorance & arrogance Americans are able to to act as if they as a people and a ntion are far superior to all other peoples and nations.

People made prisoners in Chile when Pinochet took power talk about what happened, and how they were tortured.

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