Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Naomi Klein - Activists Need to Continue To Put Pressure on Obama

UPDATE: 10:24 August 26, 2008

For instance he could send some of his people out into the streets as observers to ensure the police do not use unnecessary force.

USA Freedom! (UNLESS YOU DISSENT) DemocracyNow.org
(**** also see Scahill video at end of blog.GORD.)

Anyway like a lot of people I would like to really believe that Barack Obama will bring about needed changes in America's national and international policies. And I admit that I too can get swept up in his grand eloquence. But the reality is that once elected president he will need all the support he can get from various activist organizations so he can resist the influence of Big Money, of Big Oil, of Big Coal, of the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex and those who would continue to sell out democratic rights and liberties in the name of security. And part of the reality is that he will be inheriting problems such as the War in Iraq, and a massive debt, and a housing crisis and rising unemployment and rising fuel and food costs which were the result of eight years of mismanagement by the Bush/Neocon Regime. We therefore have to be patient with him to a reasonable extent while insisting on reform and change.

If progressives and other activists such as anti-war movement and environmentalists etc. do not continue to put pressure on Obama after the Democratic Convention & after he is elected president then the corporate elite and Neocons will and make him move to the right.As Naomi Klein points out this is precisely what happened to Bill Clinton when he became president.

So IS Obama going to be forced to move to the Right. All his inspiring speeches and his sincerity may get steam-rolled once the conservative forces begin to put real pressure on him. The problem is that Big Money talks and all those people who made small donations will be discounted if they are not well organized and have a voice in Obama's government. If Democrats just wanted another middle of the road skittish president then they might as well have voted for Hillary Clinton. What America needs is not more of the same but a radical change from where things are at the moment.

Will He Betray His Progressive Supporters
Will he end the war in Iraq and remove all US Troops from Iraq
He Says he will continue the ill-conceived disastrous war in Afghanistan and in fact escalate that war.

Anyway as Naomi Klein points out in recent interviews at The Real News Network that- Activists Need to Continue to put Pressure on Obama.

And here's an item on a more positive note about Barack Obama's reception around the Globe.
Overseas, Obama's a Rock Star. FOX News Host Befuddled.
He is also befuddled by the fact that John McCain is not nearly as popular or as well known as Obama.

****UPDATE:10:35 PM Aug. 26, 2008

Democracy Now with Scahill at Denver Democratic Convention

Are these people correct in believing Obama has surrounded himself with Hawkish Conservative Democrats ??? So is he going to keep troops in Iraq? Will Obama apologize to the Iraqi people for invading their country without provocation?
Will he set free the tens of thousands of prisoners being held in Iraq without being charged or without due process?
Will he put a stop to the ongoing torture and mistreatment of detainees aka Enemy Combatants ? Or is torture and renditions to continue as the American way?
Will he move more troops into Afghanistan to help prop up a corrupt government and to protect the opium crop ?
Will he defend Blackwater and other Private Contracors?
Will he refuse to impeach or arrests Bush and his gang of liars and Mass Murderers or hand them over to the International World Court as War Criminals , that'll bee the day ?

and so it goes,

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