Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flip-Flopping McCain; Bill Moyers And Henry Waxman On Corruption in The Bush Regime

And for the coming war with Iran here's a cheerful little song of the future promised to all of us by the American Empire no matter who's the president-

We will all go together by Tom Lehrer

And as for John McCain
"McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare "

May 18, 2008

The Real John McCain

There's no question John McCain is getting a free ride from the mainstream press. But with the power of YouTube and the blogosphere, we can provide an accurate portrayal of the so-called Maverick. We can put the brakes on his free ride!

Since we first released The Real McCain a year ago, our REAL McCain series has garnered close to 2 million views, with over 13,000 comments and tens of thousands more in petition signatures! Clearly, John McCain's record is something the public wants to discuss, and yet the corporate media is doing NOTHING to present the truth. We feel obliged to continue countering the mainstream media's love of McCain. And so we thought it was high time for a sequel: The Real McCain 2.

But what's the real difference between fire bombing a city such as Fallujah which the Americans did and are quite proud of and dropping a small atomic bomb on a city - They attacked Fallujah to avenge the deaths of four private contractors working for Blackwater- but those individuals went into Fallujah without the proper equipment ; without the required number of personnel; they were not even sure where they were and were unaware of how volatile the situation was-
This incident was a screwup and yet in order to bury these mistakes the Bush Regime decided to bury as many of the civilians of Fallujah as possible and utterly destroy the city. This is the scorched earth policy pursued by the Americans in Iraq as it had been the policy in Vietnam. Such a policy or the use of such tactics are counter productive if one is trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi People . The policy as such was a total failure in Vietnam. Though the historical revisionists claim America lost in Vietnam because of the liberal media and those Americans who protested against the war.

Meanwhile Bush , Cheney, McCain , Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton want to expand the war into Iran and Syria .

Bill Moyers and
Henry Waxman One of the few Honest and Honorable men left in America.

Bill Moyers examines U.S. State Department use of independent contractors, including issues of cost, accountability and lack of oversight, using video from hearings and interviews, including Henry Waxman. Government is not holding itself to the standards citizens should expect.

These people and their supporters lie and cheat without any accountability and without conscience. And this is the Brave New World they have created by appealing to the worse impulses of humanity rather than the best.

The Bush administration defends these contractors (Blackwater , Halliburton etc. ) as if they themselves were employees of these contractors . Cheney has done everything he possibly could as Vice President to enrich Halliburton which he had been the CEO for. So whether the Bush Regime is seen as having a positive or negative impact on America doesn't matter as long as Halliburton and Cheney and others managed to make a profit for themselves. As Cheney has shown over and over again he has little or no sympathy for American soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq. What mattered to him and Rumsfeld and other neocons was to be allowed to experiment with their idea of privatizing the war as much as possible and trying to prove that that only a small military force was needed to remove Saddam from power. In the end though Cheney, Rumsfeld , Karl Rove etc. were wrong in their assumptions. As for Bush he is more like their puppet to be used and abused and abandoned once he is no longer in power. Though their supporters believe they are in fact Heaven sent. Profits in the end mean more to these contractors and to Condoleeza Rice, Don Rumsfeld , and Dick Cheney than does the well being of their employees , the troops in the field or the Iraqi People or even the American people. This is the New World order they are imposing on the American people and the rest of the world. And they get pissed off when anyone refuses to buy into their ideology of Greed. It is beyond their comprehension why anyone would criticize them for doing whatever they had to in order increase profits for these contractors and the oil companies and further enrich the wealthiest Americans. And still many Americans buy into this phony form of free enterprise and natural laws of the market place.

and here's Condi lying through her teeth. But of course she could probably present the committee with a hundred page thesis arguing and proving that lying is all a matter of perception and who really knows what is meant by the term lying . As in Known Knowns and unknown knowns Known Knowns and other nonsense ..

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