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Rumsfeld: U.S. Needs Another Terrorist Attack & Support The Troops???

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The belief amongst the Neocons and the Republicans and the Religious Right and Bush and McCain is that Americans and Canadians and even Europeans have become too complacent and are losing their edge in fighting Global Terrorism . So what is needed is another big terrorist attack to wake everybody up. I'm sure most people think the world is a better place after 9/11 and the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Though the two events are really not connected. Well in the mind of the mad geniuses of propaganda ( Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol , Cheney, Rumsfeld , Colin Powell , Tennet, Condi )these events are made out to be related . These mad geniuses working overtime claimed that Saddam was somehow involved with 9/11 or Al Qaeda or with some other terrorist group or some bad or evil bit of mischief etc. And when the facts say otherwise just ignore the facts that is if you are true patriot. According to the Bush Regime and the True Believers only traitors would dare claim Saddam wasn't involved in 9/11 or financed Al Qaeda .

Rumsfeld on the need for another terrorist attack on U.S.

That's Why They Hate Us
Noam Chomsky

And here's a couple of videos and articles on how Bush and the Neocons and the American people don't believe in supporting the troops.

Well actually to be fair the people of America or of most nations like the parades and John Wayne movies and all the GI JOE Machismo and all that crap but they don't want to give the troops a pay raise or pay out a lot of money for better training, better protective gear or better rifles or food or water or living quarters- besides if they want all that they should join Blackwater or some other Mercenary Organization of Private Contractors.

From Brass Check

How George Bush Supports Our Troops

Barack Obama/ Jim Webb vs John McCain -Veteran GI bill

George Bush and his loyal followers are uninterested in the physical and psychological well being of soldiers once they return from Iraq. And by the way for all his talk John McCain has also voted against bills that would give more help to Veterans.

And it seems the American people though they support the troops don't want to actually see photos or videos of the soldiers who have been killed in Iraq arriving stateside in boxes or body bags. The people don't want to hear about soldiers torturing POWS or raping Iraqi girls and women . They also don't want to hear about how women in the American forces or working for Private Contractors are sexually harassed or assaulted by their fellow male soldiers or contractors .

As the credo of our generation the Baby Boomers goes " we don't think about thing we don't want to think about " some take this as a positive trail rather than as a state of denial or as Monty Python put it " Always look on the bright side of life " which means to never feel much of anything except happy and positive. This is similar to those who have an uninformed attitude towards living in the moment or the now. This does not mean you vacate the premises when something painful happens. You know your dog dies or your parents die or a friend dies .

The narcissistic " baby boomers " think each death of someone close to them is meant as a lesson for them to learn from. Claiming God or Nature or Buddha or Karma Kills to teach you a lesson - and You say you're not self-centered . If you are human then such an experience is sad and painful and possibly overwhelming .To those who like George Bush who are dead inside it is just another awkward social event to get through. Most Boomers haven't felt much since 1970 or so. Since then they began focusing on how to get ahead and who they would have to screw one way or the other to get ahead and they haven't looked back since and so they've taught their children to give up on any silly ideals and do what they have to to be successful since nothing else counts in our materialistic , selfish narcissistic, nihilistic society. It was supposed to be Teach Your Children Well and to have a decent code to live by and not just screw you...

Veterans Attest to PTSD Neglect by VA

Wednesday 21 May 2008

by: Maya Schenwar and Matt Renner, t r u t h o u t

Recently released documents from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are further proof the VA has failed to adequately address the crisis in veterans' mental health care, according to a former VA employee turned veterans' advocate.

In March, Norma J. Perez, the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) coordinator at a VA facility in Temple, Texas, wrote an email (PDF) to her subordinates stating: "Given that we have more and more compensation seeking veterans, I'd like to suggest that you refrain from giving a diagnosis of PTSD straight out. Consider a diagnosis of adjustment disorder, R/O [ruling out] PTSD ... we really don't ... have time to do the extensive testing that should be done to determine PTSD."

Paul Sullivan, the executive director of Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), the veterans' rights organization which brought the lawsuit, said the Perez email exemplifies a larger trend. "The bottom line is that VA under the Bush administration has dropped the ball. The email sent by Perez proves our lawsuit was correct - VA is short staffed for mental health care and VA intentionally misdiagnoses veterans in order to save money. VA was illegally and unconscionably turning away suicidal veterans in need of emergency mental health care. We are asking the court to order VA to stop this outrageous practice," Sullivan said.

New VA documents obtained exclusively by VCS using the Freedom of Information Act indicate the VA is only paying disability benefits for PTSD to 33,247 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, although 67,717 have been diagnosed with PTSD. According to Sullivan, VCS is calling for an investigation into this apparent discrepancy.

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report in September 2007 stated that the VA's "lack of early identification techniques" led to "inconsistent diagnosis and treatment" of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. According to the GAO, early diagnosis is essential in preventing PTSD's consequences - which could be deadly.

...Suspicions about the VA's motives for misdiagnoses flared up over a year ago, when a series of news reports revealed many of the 22,500 soldiers diagnosed with "personality disorder" since 2001 were actually suffering from PTSD. Taken in conjunction with a rising suicide rate among veterans, the reports sparked a flurry of investigations and Congressional hearings.

"My concern is that this country is regressing and again ignoring legitimate claims of PTSD in favor of the time and money saving diagnosis of personality disorder," said Congressman Bob Filner, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, at a July 27 hearing. "I want to know how the VA deals with veterans who have been labeled with a personality disorder. Does the burden fall on the veteran to prove that he or she doesn't have a personality disorder? Will such a diagnosis prevent the veteran from receiving health care once initial VA coverage ends? What extra barriers does this veteran face?"

Misdiagnosed vets are not only often deprived of proper treatment, Filner noted; they also miss out on condition-related benefits and subsidies. PTSD has attracted a lot of legislative attention over the past year, and new funding may soon become available for veterans with that diagnosis. Moreover, special programs geared toward PTSD are already in motion at many VA facilities, and vets without an official diagnosis are not eligible for those treatments.

For Iraq veteran Joe Wheeler, a delayed VA diagnosis meant two years of paying for his psychotropic medications out of pocket, at a time when his tenuous mental health made it tough to hold a job. Wheeler's doctors immediately diagnosed him with PTSD, but without an official VA acknowledgment of his condition, he was left without benefits.

For instance that great Patriot and true Humanitarian Bill O'Reilley claims that if a vet is homeless and has psychological problems or using drugs then the Department of Veterans Affairs or other agencies can not be responsible for such a person. You have to realize that Bill O and other Bush supporters don't believe in mumbo-jumbo liberal jive about post-traumatic whatever to them it is just a matter of being a coward or too lazy to work expecting a handout and people to cry big tears etc. The compassion of Neocons and the Bush true believers and the McCain fascists is just non-existent. As for Hillary don't get me going...so that it for now...

So in case you missed it ...to mark Memorial Day in the USA

Bill O'Reilley John Edwards & Olbermann on Homeless Vets
Bill o'Reilley thinks they don't exist and later amends his statement saying these guys are mentally ill and are abusing drugs and so to Hell with them-

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