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" Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man."
Thomas Paine

" I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy."
Thomas Paine

... Thus any form of sympathy , any form of compassion; was a a demonstration of weakness . If an SS man felt these emotions come to him; it was a sign that the enemy had succeeded in deceiving him . " ( Auschwitz , Rees p. 8 )

" the SS members were conditioned to despise their own feelings of concern when , for example, they witnessed the beatings of an inmate. They were taught that any lingering of compassion was caused by the trickery of the victim. As " enemies of the state " these cunning creatures were said to use any method- not least an appeal to pity of those who held them captive -in an attempt to pursue their malicious goal. The memory of the " Stab in the Back " - the myth that Jews and communists had plotted behind the lines cause Germany to lose World War I- was never far away , and fitted perfectly into this vision of a dangerous but concealed enemy . "( Auschwitz, Rees , p. 8 )

From Shootings to Gassing Vans & Gas Chambers

Note for all those ignorant idiots & holocaust deniers NeoNazis Skinheads & other demented low-lifes who think the SS Einsatzgruppen were such a brave & romantic group.
What is so brave & honorable about killing children & old people and unarmed men & women.

Soviet movie "Come and See" (1985) about nazi atrocities.

Requiem pour un massacre/ with music & no sound
August 13, 2006- Montage from Russian movie " COME AND SEE " 1985
Montage du film d'Elem Klimov, musique d'Henryk Gorecki. Einsatzgruppen en Biélorussie, 1943.

Babi Yar Requiem
January 21, 2008
Monument for Babi Yar. Babi Yar was a ravine in Kiev where, in 1941, the Nazis' rounded up, stripped, shot, and pushed 100,000 Jews (and others) into the pit, then covered it up

The following is an odd bit from NBC news in 2007.
The massacres committed by the S.S. Einsatzgruppen/ Special Forces or Death Squads was well known by the time of the Nuremberg trials of the 1960s -Many people did not want to believe how utterly depraved and barbaric these so called members of the Master Race really were. People also don't like to face the fact that many of the local populations were quite willing to help murder their neighbors who were Jews or Gypsies or any whom the German Nazis considered worthy of death.

Anyway like most Americans the reporters at NBC only know what they learned about the Holocaust from hollywood movies such as Schindler's List or Sophie's Choice . What they want to believe is that only a few Germans took part in these killings and not that hundreds of thousands actively participated in the killings while millions who knew helped round up Jews and others to be deported or killed. It also took a fairly well informed bureaucracy to make sure that the trains ran on schedule and that everything ran like clock-work. For what does a bureaucrat care if they are helping to ship food to people or soldiers or Jews to Auschwitz. For them it is just more paper work to be completed.

Holocaust in the Ukraine ( Patrick Desbois ) from NBC NEWS

The horror of the Nazi slaughter of over twelve million people which included some six million Jews is beyond comprehension for most people. Those who were the targets of the Nazi Killing Machine were mostly civilians that is non-combatants . These were not soldiers killed on the battlefield . Those murdered by the Nazis included the elderly and children and pregnant women and women with small children.

Unfortunately even today there are those who defend the Nazis and the SS and characterize these brutal cowardly and insane demented killers as if they were brave heroes. What bravery is it that shoots or gases an infant or a two year old child or an eighty year old frail man or woman.Yet today once again in Russia and Croatia and Germany Poland these Neo-Nazi thugs are on the rise once again. They wrap themselves in their national flags and talk of their homeland and how they must deport or exterminate all so-called foreign elements (people) from their precious Homeland. And there are always those politicians or even religious leaders who will use such fanatics to further their own personal agenda ; the gaining of power, influence, some twisted version of respect or wealth etc.

Anyway not all the Jews or others targeted by the Nazis were killed at the various labor camps or death camps.Large numbers in fact were killed by shootings , by starvation, by disease by being worked to death. Many died in the transport trains or on forced marches or died in the over-crowded Ghettoes from hunger or disease. But make no mistake all of these deaths were as a direct result of the Nazis Policies. One of the reasons I mention this is that those who deny that the Holocaust never occurred or has been widely exaggerated often focus on what they see as contentious issues such as the Gas Chambers, Gassing Vans , the Crematoria and say six million Jews could not have all been killed in the Death Camps but their reasoning is based on a complete misrepresentation of the facts and outright fabrications and a denial of the validity any statements by the witnesses of these atrocities whether the witnesses are Jewish or Russian, or Polish Catholic or a former member of the Waffen SS.


Behind the advances of the German army during the war were four Einsatzgruppen – special German commando units. Each consisted of 500 to 1,000 men. Their job was to follow behind the German army, round up all the Jews in the newly conquered towns, and kill them.

The Jews would be herded to the outskirts of town, often to anti-tank trenches. Sometimes the Jews would be forced to dig their own graves.

The Nazis would line them up, and force the Jews to undress. Then they would shoot them over the trenches. In one incident lasting 3 days, over 52,000 men women and children were killed outside of Kiev, in the Babi Yar forest.

We have testimonies of people who were shot and fell into the trenches, but were not killed. They waited until night, when the Germans were gone.

Then they clawed their way out of the pile of bodies. Those who were lucky – who were not killed by the locals – lived to tell their story.

Over 1,500,000 people were killed in this way.

and from The Jewish Virtual
The Mobile Killing Squads

After the German army invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, a new stage in the Holocaust began. Under cover of war and confident of victory, the Germans turned from the forced emigration and imprisonment of Jews to mass murder. Special action squads, or Einsatzgruppen, made up of Nazi (SS) units and police, moved with speed on the heels of the advancing German army. Their job was to kill any Jews they could find in the occupied Soviet territory. Some residents of the occupied regions, mostly Ukrainians, Latvians, and Lithuanians, aided these German mobile killing squads by serving as auxiliary police.

The mobile killing units acted swiftly, taking the Jewish population by surprise. The killers entered a town or city and rounded up all Jewish men, women, and children. They also took away many Communist party leaders and Roma (Gypsies). Victims were forced to surrender any valuables and remove their clothing, which was later sent for use in Germany or distributed to local collaborators. Then the killing squad members marched their victims to open fields, forests, and ravines on the outskirts of conquered towns and cities. There they shot them or gased them in gas vans and dumped the bodies into mass graves.

On September 21, 1941, the eve of the Jewish New Year, a mobile killing squad entered Ejszyszki, a small town in what is now Lithuania. The killing squad members herded 4,000 Jews from the town and the surrounding region into three synagogues, where they were held for two days without food or water. Then, in two days of killing, Jewish men, women, and children were taken to cemeteries, lined up in front of open pits, and shot to death. Today there are no Jews in Ejszyszki. It was one of hundreds of cities, towns, and shtetls whose Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. The rich culture of most of these Jewish communities was lost forever.

The killing squads murdered more than a million Jews and hundreds of thousands of other innocent people. At Babi Yar, near Kiev, about 34,000 Jews were murdered in two days of shooting. Only a few people in the general population helped their Jewish neighbors escape. Most people were afraid that they too might be killed.

The massacres of innocent men, women, and children in Babi Yar and other towns were not the crimes of hoodlums or crazy men. The executioners were "ordinary" men who followed the orders of their commanding officers. Many of the killers had wives and children back in Germany. Propaganda and training had taught many members of the mobile killing squads to view their victims as enemies of Germany. Some killers drank heavily to dull their thoughts and feelings. In addition, when they described their actions they used code words like "special treatment" and "special action" instead of "killing" or "murder" to distance themselves from their terrible crimes.


January 20, 1942: The Wannsee Conference set a new course for how the Nazis would deal with the Jews. Wannsee is a suburb outside Berlin. It is where the "Final Solution" was decided, the Nazi plan for the complete elimination of the Jewish People.
"Shopping" List

The drafted document contained sixteen signatures from all the upper ministries of the German establishment. Of these sixteen signators, eight had PhD’s. By the way, Poland was divided up into six governments; all six of the German / Polish governors had PhD’s. Of the concentration camp officers, 43% of them had either MD’s or PhD’s. One of the Einsatz Gruppen commanders, Ohlendorf had a degree in law by age 21. He was a genius. Goebbels, the propaganda minister, had 3 PhD’s. He was a brilliant intellectual.

Ask the question: Does "education" equal "morality"? The answer should be obvious.

The plan drawn up at Wannsee was for the murder of eleven million Jews. One of the last things Hitler did, just before committing suicide, was to apologize to the German people for not finishing the job.

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State clip 1 of 5
The rest of the clips are at AUSCHWITZ: THE FINAL SOLUTION BBC clip 1/5 gothgod at youtube

So I was wondering who built the vans? Did some corporation make a buck selling mobile killing machines ? What shame that a private corporation should make profits off of the deaths of others-is it any different than those who produce Napalm or cluster bombs or nuclear bombs all meant to kill civilians as well as combatants -

At almost every stage of the Nazi killing machine from the forced labor camps to the rounding up of the Jewish population and other Nazi targeted groups to the mass shootings to the deportations to the Gas Chambers there were those who made a profit or benefited in some economic manner. This included the citizens who were moved into the newly vacated homes or took over the businesses of those who had been transported or killed to the corporations and industrialists who were able to tap into the cheap labor of those imprisoned by the Nazis to those industrialists who supplied whatever the Nazis needed from munitions to Gas Chambers and the ovens for the crematoria to the plundering of the personal valuables of those interned or killed. Even many members of the SS themselves profited though according to their own code of conduct they were not supposed to profit financially. Doing their duty for the Fueher was supposed to be its own reward. So they too were no better than any other corrupt officials within the Nazi party itself.

"The gas vans were supplied to the Einsatzgruppen and to the Chelmno death camps in November-December 1941. The killing in Chelmno began on December 8, 1941. By the middle of 1942, about thirty gas vans had been produced by a private car manufacturer, the Gabschat Farengewerke GMBH, Will=Walter Strasse 32-38, Berlin. "

and : The gas-van is a special product of the Third Reich, it is a van with a gas-tight cabin/container-box/superstructure mounted on its chassis/understructure used to kill people by the motor-exhausts led into that cabin. The designation was coined only later: "Gaswagen [Gas-van] - that was the common word only afterwards/later".

In the contemporaneous documents the designation doesn't arise. There the words Sonder-Wagen, Sonderfahrzeug, Spezialwagen and S-Wagen ,Special van, special vehicle; are used. In a letter dating from April 11th 1942 with hindsight to camouflage the word Entlausungswagen [delousing-van] is used...

Jewish Virtual Library: From Shootings to Gas Vans

Jewish Virtual Library

Also see TV series narrated by Linda Hunt Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution at PBS.Org

And see
BBC TWO, January 2005

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For more on this matter here are some books I would recommend :

Carsten, F. L. : The Rise of Fascism , pub.

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A History , Pub. 2001.

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