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Here's a bit more on the ongoing problems of post-Katrina , post- 9/11, post-Iraq war

The administration has shown little interest in rebuilding New Orleans or other areas decimated by hurricane Katrina and the inadequate response of FEMA and the Bush elitist regime. Meanwhile civil liberties are being slowly chipped away under the Bush/ Cheney regime. So they call all critiques and dissidents unpatriotic . The regime insists torture , renditions , massive surveillance , the dismantling of the Separation of Powers and the Separation Church and state are all absolutely necessary .

Springsteen: Banned-"Protest Music " 2

Springsteen: (Banned by Clear Channel). Dissent is Patriotic. "Protest Music" is Patriotic.

One of two from Crooks and Liars' "Protest Songs." Months old, but just as important today as then. Part three = "Make Games Not War."

Lawyer Arrested During Housing Protest

Isn't this odd a lawyer on the side of the poor - he should be seen as a hero as someone with personal integrity ; as someone with core moral and ethical values. But no he is seen by the media and many Americans as another rabble-rouser and malcontent . He doesn't represent Lawyers in general since most lawyers in America or Canada are only interested in supporting the ruling class at all cost no matter how degenerate and mean spirited the ruling class is . Besides most of the upper middle class has no interest in the poor or the working poor or the homeless since they see them as lazy, stupid, ignorant and as persons of little consequence in the grander scheme of things. The only time the Middle Class and the rich give a thought to the poor is at xmas or Thanksgiving when the well-off donate a few cans of soup to the Food-Banks or Soup Kitchens . They are dead set against paying a few dollars more in taxes to help out the poor or others. The Credo which arose in the 1980s is now entrenched in our society that there are winners and losers and the winners have no obligation to the so called losers.


New Orleans Protest-post Katrina -a national disgrace
Dec. 21, 2007 CNN

Note CNN blames the protesters for the brutal actions of the police. The reporters don't even consider for a moment that the people of New Orleans who are going to be directly impacted by the city's policies should have a right to attend the council meetings and have a say. Since most of these people are poor and or homeless CNN like much of the American media characterizes them as being rabble- rousers or trouble makers. Then CNN refers to the issue of the demolition of the Projects but doesn't give the numbers . The mistaken conclusion CNN comes to is that all of those in the housing project and the homeless in New Orleans will get comparable or better housing than they had before . So the Media doesn't see what the problem is or why these ungrateful people are protesting.

But the impression given by CNN does not tell the whole story. If the city were intending to replace those public housing units with an equal number of low rent housing units as in private houses then there would not be much of an issue. The problem is that the city is demolishing some 4,500 apartments in public housing to be replaced by only 850 single family dwellings. So what are the other 3,650 other families to live . Under the bridges in parks or tents . Is the aim of the municipality, the state and the federal government mainly to push more poor people out of New Orleans . Is the new and improved New Orleans only for the Upper Middle Class and the rich. This is in fact the conclusion which lower income or poor and homeless New Orleaners have drawn from what has and is happening in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina.

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