Monday, July 23, 2007

Buffalo Springfield & Tommorow Belongs To America....part 2

And here's Buffalo Springfield performing " For What its Worth " with images from the intense & gritty war film Hamburger Hill

Anyway here is part 2 of my poem Tomorrow Belongs To America...a work in progress

so we've become the occupiers
we are in our safe bubble
we who live in the Green Zone
covering the continent
keep our life-style
so all's well with the world
while over-zealous soldiers die
on the streets of a foreign city
trying to prove their loyalty
but no one knows why -

from Lincoln & Jefferson
from freedom & justice for all
to the rule of the few
from the Great Awakening to Billy Graham & Jerry Falwell
has America finally got the sort of government they dreamed of
the one they deserve & want
as they march triumphal into history
singing " On ward Christian Soldiers "
since their Messiah or Prophet has arrived
from the oil rich lone star state in a stretch-limo
to whom the one-true-God speaks
wielding the sword of the righteous hand of God
all who who do not support America are in the hands of the Anti-Christ
for years Americans held to their belief of being Superior to all other nations
& now they wish to prove it
as they wait for the hand of God to intercede on their behalf
emerging from the fog of war
America was Exceptional
America was superior
America was GOD'S chosen nation
America was the new Jerusalem ( as Britain once was )
America was to fulfill its manifest destiny
America was (or is) the apogee of Darwinian Evolution
America could do no wrong
America is where everyone wants to be
& everyone wants to be an American
& tomorrow belongs to America
& a million sing in unison
I fear this is but a dream
new Nazis singing ' Tomorrow Belongs to Me '
& I wish to wake up
but the years drag on
& the wars drag on
& the soldiers get angry & fed-up
& act out their fantasies to escape the insanity
becoming sick & twisted
as the machine crushes their humanity
some go into hiding
some wound themselves
some just kill themselves
some return broken
some in body
some in mind
some in spirit
some are just silent
what tales to tell
not fit for the dinner table -

& no one wants to know
the nuts & bolts of ruling the world -

ps. See & hear Arcade Fire doing their version of The Clash's " The Guns Of Brixton " at YouTube
(embedding disabled):

Guns of Brixton
or go to gords cafe at to view interview with Arcade Fire -

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