Monday, November 06, 2006


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Anyway Bush has now made torture of detainees legal & Americans & Canadians don't see this as a real problem or an issue to be discussed or debated . So everybody is just fine with hanging people by their thumbs , beating them as close to death as possible or just " water-boarding " them or just a little harmless sodomy which seems odd for people who are so homophobic but there you go. So it seems the Bush administration is planning to build more prisons at home & abroad for all the detainees they expect to be arresting in the future & possibly all American Arabs & Muslims if they can swing it . And a few Americans might protest but most have already been conditione by years of relentless Propaganda to view all Arabs & Muslims as the enemy & as the representatives of Satan or the Anti-Christ . Or the supporters of Bush see Arabs & Muslims as a little less than human & this helps ease their consciences . Its like having the KKK in power except the enemy are not Jews & blacks but Arabs - can you tell the difference I can't . I thought human rigts were to apply to everyone & not just those who are most like ourselves or whatever group we happen to identify ourselves with .

Like any society that feels threatened we need our scapegoats or other upon which we can pour out our bile or venom or anger onto.

What is surprising about the Bush administration is how blatant they are about what they are doining are are going to keep doing . And Bush has also made it against the law for a detainee to speak about the details of their interrogation or where they are or what they have seen to their lawyer- if they ever see one - or to their families or friends or the Media or the Red Cross or any Human Rights Watch groups for they might reveal details which might not be in the interest of National Security . So BIG BROTHER HAS ARRIVED.

Bush has also passed legislation so that he & his lackeys can just decide who is a danger to America & send out their secret police to pick up just about anyone they suspect or whom they do not like . They can disappear anyone they wish to in the same way they helped or approved of " disappearing " torturing & assassinating people who were using arms or who just criticisized the regimes in El Salvador or Gautemala or Chile or Argentina or even in Franco's Spain or Iran under the ironfist of the Shaw or the ultra right wing government of Israel And the public responds with deafening silence since most people seem to believe anyone who is arrested must be guilty of something .
So everyone is suspect now. If someone criticizes what the Bush Regime is doing they could be seen as giving aid & comfort to the enemy . This pleases their spokes people like Glenn Beck Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh & The Washington Post & The New York Times as we watch the slow death of the Free-Press in America .

Under Stephen Harper & gang things are not much better in Canada as our media have been co-opted to a greater or lesser extent by the Neo-Cons & the Radical Religious Right & combined with the average Canadians deep-seated racism which is now rising to the top & the racists can now openly say what many Canadians have always believed .

My belief is that for a brief peiod of time our society appeared to becoming a more just societ & one that was less racist & bigot but maybe because people wanted to appear less racist because to voice their real opion this would not be " politically correct " and so our so called enlightened society has returned to its primal roots of fear & hatred of the " other" in the same way it had been considered reasonable to be Anti-Semitic til the Holocaust finally awoke our better instincts .

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