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For all their self-righteousness I see nothing of JESUS OF NAZARETH in this laughter over abused & dead prisoners of war. The Jesus of Bush & Falwell & the Religious Right has little relationship to the JESUS any of us know from the Bible & Sunday School. Their Jesus is a Macho Guy in a business suit carrying a sword or an M16 rifle.

These pictures tell the story of what America World Domination is all about & they send the message to all nations & peoples that this is what happens if you are too critical of US foreign policies.

Sometimes the horrors the world presents to us is too much for us. This is how I felt after I went looking on the net for images of the War in Iraq & what I found was quite disturbing. I had resisted looking at such pictures before this it was like opening Pandoras Box all the Furies were were then thrust upon an unsuspecting world.

The images of dead American soldiers & dead Iraqi civilians should remind us that war is a bloody & gruesome business. The War in Iraq becomes more abhorrent to us when dead Iraqi civilians or any non-cabatants are desribed by President Bush & his advisors as merely being " Collateral Damage". Whatever the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs the taking of their lives should be taken more seriously than the way in which the US military & administration under George W. Bush views these deaths . They seem to mean nothing to them or their Neo-conservative supporters who see all non-Americans as expendable. Their callous indifference shows a rather darkside of American culture.

It seems to me that the United States has become a menacing Rogue Nation invading a country under false pretenses . Then they terrorize the Iraqi public through intimidation with the use of their overwhelming military power. If they have to they will reduce every city in Iraq to rubble as they did to Fallujah. This they will do to help free Iraqis & lead them down the road to democracy this is they say is their true motivation but I question this . The Americans then go further by abusing & torturing & even killing those whom they imprison which they justify by claiming all those arrested are terrorists. The presumption of innocence plays no part in the confinement & treatment of these prisoners. The prisoners are denied their rights not only under International Law & the Geneva Convention but even according to US civil law. These prisoners are denied due process. Many have never been allowed even a phone call or have been denied their right to an attorney or the right to know what the specific charges are for which they are being held. Families & friends of these POWS are not informed of what has happened to them even when they have tried to find out they are told little or nothing. And there is always the threat that those who get too outspoken about these matters maybe incarcerated on trumped up charges. Even within United States this sort of intimidation is taking place.
See for instance: the arrest & indictment of Professor Steve Kurtz the THE FBI'S ART ATTACK By Lynne Duke
Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, June 2, 2004 etc.

This explains in part why the Americans are refusing to keep a tally on killed Iraqi civilians. If they do talk about the number of dead civilians they tend to play down the numbers of dead civilians. They reassure the people at home in America that few civilians have been killed. The spokespeople for the administration have claimed that there may have been 20,000 civilians killed since the conflict began two years ago . But human rights watch groups put the number of civilian dead at over 100,000. But Americans don't want to know the truth or they simply just don't care.

Besides the American public has more important matters to worry about. They are too worried about Reality-TV like American Idol Survivor & the Apprentice
& the trial of Michael Jackson . During the Rawanda Genocide Americans were obsessed & fixated on OJ Simpson & the Clinton Sex scandal so the death of 850,000 people in Rawanda barely made the news. As CNN would inquire but how many Americans were killed in Rawanda if no Americans then there is no story !!!

But why should we be surprised it is the same old story wherever the US has intervened they have had no regard for the very people whom they claim they want to help. Of course now they have divided the world into two distinct camps:of those countries & peoples who support American military actions wholeheartedly & those on the otherside who are the enemiies of America who disagree in any way with the Americans & are seen not only as the enemy of America but also of what they consider True Christian principles & Free-Enterprise & the American Way of Life.

But the view of the world held by Bush & his supporters is deeply coloured & darkened by their religious beliefs that these are the end times & Armageddon is imminent along with the Rapture of the true believers of Christ. They,therefore, believe that everything they do has been sanctioned & given the stamp of approval by their vengeful God.

I will in future discuss in more detail the belief system of George Bush & the Religious Right & how it affects internal politics & foreign affairs.

For shocking & disgusting stomach turning pictures see:

The Memory Hole/pictures of military personnel wounded

Pictures of Civilian Victims in iraq war

(what we are not supposed to see)

There a number of these sites some of the pictures are quite graphic & from what I hear Neocons get a kick out of this stuff. These are NOT PHOTOS FROM SOME HORROR MOVIE OR HOLLYWOOD ACTION FLICK this is the real world stripped to its bones. Is this the TRUE FACE OF HUMANITY ???

Anyway enough of politics for now
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